Miranda Cosgrove Gets Schooled

Miranda Cosgrove Gets Schooled

Miranda Cosgrove shimmers in a one-shoulder LBD as she arrives at the Get Schooled Conference and Premiere hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Viacom held at the Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening (September 8).

The 16-year-old iCarly cutie tweeted from the event, saying, “Talking to some teens about staying in school!”

Miranda will be heading off to NYC soon to take part in the 2009 MTV VMAS which will air live from Madison Square Garden on Sunday, September 13 @ 9PM ET/PT on MTV.

10+ pics inside of Miranda Cosgrove getting schooled…

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Photos: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures
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  • princess

    you mean radio city music hall?

  • Valeria

    I like her show and all… but don’t you guys think that she looks like Michael Jckson??? :S:S

  • Jason

    @Valeria: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liev

    She looks beautiful
    Love her show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sweetiepie

    interesting, that a child who doesn’t go to normal school and who gets money no matter if she stays in school talks about staying in school… i don’t think that the teens take her serious.

  • curb

    She is kinda strange looking, but extremely gorgeous as well. It’s weird.

  • lucyhale’sfeet

    She needs to work out some.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ruby214 yasha

    I totally agree with sweetiepie :)

  • =)=)=)

    how come they picked her 2 talk 2 teens about staying in school when she herself didnt??? some rolemodle she is !

  • =)=)=)

    and ya she kinda looks like him i always thought about it but she is realy ugly sorry 2 say but its the truth ! and her new single worst ever !!

  • jesse

    She is completely gorgeous and I heard she is a straight A student. Why wouldn’t teens look up to her. I can’t get straight A’s and going to school is all I do.

  • Britney

    So beautiful :]

  • Hannah

    The only reason she doesn’t go to school is because she gets tutored on the set of her show because she doesn’t have time to go to normal school. She still does school work. She gets straight A’s. She’s a good role model. She might look kinda like Michael Jackson but still you don’t need to be mean about it. She can’t help the way she looks. She looks a lot better than what most people do.
    Stop hating.

  • caroline

    ummm… Honey, get some tan…

  • morgan

    She has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. I wish I had I did

  • debbie

    I love Miranda she is prob the #1 role model. She couldn’t be any prettier.

  • Q

    Miranda is beautiful and a great role model. >_<

  • Naomi

    It is easy to achieve straight A’s when you are being home schooled, and due to the fact that you have one on one time with the teacher. I bet if these starlets were at a real highschool they wouldn’t have so many A’s. I find it ridiculous for her to be telling teens to stay in school when she herself has ‘technically’ never been to school.

  • Korrah

    This girl is so pretty! It’s a natural king of beauty. She doesn’t need loads of makekup or even a tan. haha.

  • Korrah


  • mirfan

    You can tell she is super smart. Love her she really is a natural beauty

  • britney

    Miranda went to Elementary School in a real school she said that on jimmey kimmel

  • harper

    Miranda Cosgrove is a great role model. She never dresses slutty or dances on a hooker pole or dates guys way older than her.

  • britsaun

    It is really strange how Naomi has commented on virtually every Miranda Cosgrove article despite the fact that her opinions. Why would you keep checking the news on someone you don’t like? Find something else to do

  • Tooty

    I love her dress!!!!

  • angeliz

    she s great and beautiful!!!!

  • lisa lisa

    I absolutely love the way she dresses. She is so pretty & has great style!!!

  • ^w^

    lol she kinda looks drunk

  • kstewandmirandacrockx

    @britsaun: I agree, find something productive, because that’s just sad.


    she’s beautiful !

  • http://twitter.com/luckydii Diana

    shes the best

  • ad smith

    such a babe, love her

  • kstewandmirandacrockx

    Btw, some people here are trying to sound all smart when they say, “oh, she’s not even in school!” but you’re not.

    When she says ‘staying in school’ she means continuing your studies. Miranda does study, but some teens drop out and never touch a text book again (not literally).

    So seriously, if you were trying to sound smart, you just sounded like a dumba**.

  • kstewandmirandacrockx

    @caroline: I think she looks beautiful nonetheless, so wtv.



    totatly agreed with the michael jackson.