Vanessa Hudgens Covers Allure October 2009

Vanessa Hudgens Covers Allure October 2009

Vanessa Hudgens looks absolutely breathtaking on the October 2009 issue of Allure magazine.

The 20-year-old brunette beauty opens up to the beauty magazine about her own beauty secrets, her sweet tooth and boyfriend Zac Efron. She shared about her relationship with her High School Musical sweetie, “I’m happy; we’re all good.”

After her photo shoot on Long Beach, New York earlier in the year, Vanessa nibbled on an orange saffron cupcake. Yummy!

The October issue of Allure hits shelves later this month.

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    OMG. she is really really pretty…

  • Alex

    That is a beautiful picture

  • hititquitit

    awe she’s gorgeous; love her [:

  • MAsbonita


  • Helen

    YES! ugh ive been wondering for weeks if she was going to have this cover or a Teen Vogue cover..i guess i got my answer..and i LOVE IT

  • 00zanessa4life00

    im so gonna buy the magazine…although iv never herad of it xD
    shes just the prettiest person on earth!!

  • sara12

    love this girl

  • ladysdsandiego

    holy hell she looks absolutely breathtaking!

  • Jess!

    gorgeous!! I love her♥

  • ashlee

    awesome that she’s on such a fabulous magazine!!!!!!!

  • sjk

    Stunning! She just get more beautiful!

  • ashlee

    allure is a very prestegious beauty mag.

  • gaby

    god shes gorgeous!
    zac is so lucky to have her. and shes so lucky to have him. :]

  • Bia

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMG…. wooow. she’s just so perfect. gorgeous. happy for her. allure is great.

  • Jo

    Yes for Allure!

  • Lee

    omg so damn beautiful *-*
    i’m missing so much her

  • ZV lover

    YAY NESSA!!!!

    She looks soooooo pretty!!!!
    I Love You Vanessa!!!
    You Rock! <33

  • vanessa fan

    It is breathtaking..!
    She looks gorgeous, sexy, and even more words that can’t even describe how great she looks on the cover of Allure!
    Her and zac make THE hottest couple ever!
    I mean, she’s drop dead gorgeous and he’s down rght sexy!
    So amazing…

  • camii

    WOW she looks HOT !! :b
    Soo stunning !!!!

  • Jess!


    Like @ashlee: say…. is a allure is a very prestegious beauty mag.

  • Nikki

    gorgeous!! she is soo perfect.
    love her so much *-*

  • luishenrique


  • http://iasrg Jay!

    She’s sooooo pretty! I wish I had her looks!

  • Mz.Identified

    hhhhuuubbbbbaaaa hhhhhhhhhuuuuuuubbbbbbbaaaa!
    dang i wish i can be like her!

  • maria

    Just love this cover…’s sexy, flirty, and smokin’……and it’s just her gorgeous face!!! WOW!!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Stunning. Just…stunning. …Gorgeous. Fantabulistic !!! Vanessa should be voted Most Beautiful Woman for the year. :D

  • pix

    So PRETTY! Can’t wait to get the magazine.

  • V-HUD #1 fan

    She looks drop dead Gorgeous

    I’m straight I’m not bi or gay but she looks sexy

    and i dont get it Why is allure a prestegious magazine

  • rissa

    wow. definitely drop dead gorgeous. she’s one of the most beautiful women out there. wow. i’m glad she and zac are happy and perfectly fine. =)

  • LG


  • Carol

    You are right breathtaking!!
    She’s so perfect….gorgeous!!

  • may

    mmm she looks gorgeous…i love her sooo much!!!

  • soffi


  • vancrazed

    Van…you so deserve this..good for you girl!! ugh..she is absolutely beautiful.

  • laura daniela

    She just took my breath away. She’s gorgeous, poised and mature. Gotta love her¡

  • soffi

    I miss her!

  • Morengirla

    Wow allure , gr8 step for her , she’s looks hoot I think i’ll buy it

  • Anna

    freaking stunning.<3

  • the fame

    cant wait to buy the magazine, she looks great like always

  • soffi

    love you hudgens, the most beautiful girl alive ♥

  • http://zanessa NATHALIA

    I’m losing accounts accounts magazine covers this year?
    one more dazzling than the other
    your boyfriend must be very proud

  • ana

    i love you vanessa,you are the best

  • heat

    She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Can’t wait for the issue!

  • marisol

    she is gorgeous so I love her and Im missing Zanessa

  • 00zanessa4life00

    well iv never heard of it because im from germany!!
    we dont have this magazine here in germany!!
    but right now im in canada and im gonna buy it!!
    V ROCKS <3

  • Jordan

    She is soooo hottttttttttttt :)

    But I need some Zanessa pictures :(

  • vanessa


  • Rickii

    DIVA <3

  • roxana

    Jared is right, V is just breathtaking…no wonder Z put his eyes on her, i dont blame the guy, this is why he looks so in love and i heard she is even more beautiful inside, so she just has that perfect combination i wish i had. im so buying this Allure issue, i too want to learn and know her beauty secrets :P anyway im glad my goddess is in the same town as Efron so he can watch out for her-4 years live in love zanessa. And Ocotber is Z’s b-day month what a GORGEOUS gift for him :)

  • roxana

    btw is she actually wearing a bra on this magazine cover??im even more jealous now…

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