Ashley Tisdale Gives an Extreme Makeover

Ashley Tisdale Gives an Extreme Makeover

Ashley Tisdale poses with carpenter Paige Hemmis as they give the Hampton Family of Green County, Missouri a new home in an upcoming episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The 24-year-old hard hat hottie lended a hand plus her carpenter father Mike Tisdale to build a brand new home for Chris and Niki Hampton, a couple who took in their four nieces and nephews in addition to their own two children. All eight of them lived in a cramped one-bedroom, one-bath cottage.

Ashley even performed a concert after the home had been built for the entire carpentry team and neighborhood!

The “Hampton Family” episode will air Sunday, October 4th @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

20+ pics inside of hard hat hot Ashley Tisdale

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Photos: Mike Wingo/ABC
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  • carol


  • http://none jasmine

    aww she has the biggest heart in the world! i love her!!!!

  • carol

    SHE’S AMAZING !!!!!!!! hahaha S2

  • Daniel

    she’s great! :D

  • Renata

    She’s an amazing person, that’s why i love her!

  • Flor

    she has such a huge heart!

  • lara

    soo cuuuuuuute! I love her, she’s a queen ♥

  • Letícia

    aww *—* Ashley with Paige and Ty! I love this TV show, so amazing! And ashley looks so great :D She is so sweet and so her daddy. Ash is such a great person, I cant wait to watch it!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh Ashley.. how I love her,, She looks sexy with the hard hat. :D Just saying. But helping out a family in need is so awesome. GO ASHLEY !!


    awwww Ashley <3
    i love her so much!!!!
    she’s so sweet :)

  • lucia

    I love her
    she so cute

  • jonasfreak

    She is the sweetest girl ever!! <3

  • bep

    It’s so sweet what she did for the family! And I love this show. Can’t wait to see her on it!

  • ZJ207

    wow. she’s so sweet <3
    i can’t watch it! hopefully someone will post it on YouTube!!!

    and btw people, don’t forget to keep voting for Ashley here:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • janet

    That’s really nice of her. You don’t see that Disney love-taking-naked-pictures-of-herself doing nice things like this.

  • Emily

    Awww I think that she is a really good person…She is really sweet
    I ♥ you Ashley….YOU ROCK!

  • Kezza

    lets not forget the oprah thing that zac and van did janet

  • Kezza

    lets not forget thats oprah thing that zac and van did janet

  • ashpha

    Just wonder why some stupid fans will bring somebody’s name to start a trouble. Cant we not focus as to who is the subject being brought on here. If you dont like a person avoid yourself bringing up far out issues. Grow up immature peolple.

  • ZJ207

    People. Let’s get back to Ashley on Extreme Home Makeover! :) lol

  • emele

    Wow not just a beautiful person on the outside

  • masquerading

    she’s really nice! I love her to death! <33333

  • masquerading

    @emele: exactly!!!!! :)

  • Kat

    Cant wait to see that, it airs the day after my brithday! wooo hehe

  • Flor

    @janet: i totally agree, that’s the difference between ashley and vanessa, vanessa has just a bautiful face, ashley has it and SOOOOOOOOOOO much more, she love what she does and has a big heart :D

  • girl m

    ashley u such a great person and i love vanessa hudganes and zac efron

  • ZJ207

    Do you guys think it will be available on YouTube? … :/ I really wanna watch it! :P lol

  • Mel

    That’s really nice of her and her family to give back to the community a little bit. =)
    I wish she could have been at the taping for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last month though! =P That would have been awesome

  • TotalyTizzy

    I love Tizzy <3
    She rock

  • musicgirl

    @Flor: okay that was rude?! im not trying to start trouble but come on…. vanessa is not ”just” a beautifull face!

  • dany

    she’s fantastic !! ashley is soo sweet ! I love her !

  • Catia

    please sing this

  • Catia

    please sign this

  • ZJ

    @musicgirl: They are both great girls! And if you know it, don’t start a fight!! it’s not worth it!

  • musicgirl

    @ZJ: I didnt start a fight i just told her that what she said was really rude! you dont have to be a vanessa but dont say bad things about her in a ashley post! this is about Ashley!

  • iliana

    you are right musicgirl.ok guys keep voting for asley. ( , ) xoxo

  • nina caplan

    i want to see that episode sooo bad

  • LG

    Yeah and Vanessa never visited a dying girl. Seriously somebody does something nice no need to bring anybody else up especially if you’re wrong. And if V is just a pretty face how come she gets reviews of how talented she is?

    Anyway it’s cool that Ashley and her dad are helping out a family.

  • =)=)=)

    vote 4 miley on realy people !!! and ash & v r both gr8

  • kate


    because she filming you idiot. You don’t see Ash visiting sick kids in hospital do you so get alife

  • zz

    ashley’s sucha helper!!! she’s awesome!!

  • Flor

    @kate: remeber when she got punked by ashton kutcher? what was she doin? visiting hospital. she didn’t know she was baing filmed. so shut up you!

  • joy

    lol it’s so funny to see how riled up little girls get. They have hospitals in Canada don’t they? She could do something to help there. But I’m sure she wouldn’t do it unless there were cameras around to get her some attention.

  • awurbii

    The immaturity that some of you people possess is ridiculous. Ashley is doing a great thing by helping out this family and Vanessa has done her own fair share of charity work. Why some of you have to come on here and create drama over nothing I have no idea. You sound stupid because you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Let it go and stop bashing the both of them for nothing. Let’s give the Ashley fan’s the repsect of not talking about this any longer and actually have conversations about the person in the post.

  • ZJ207

    @awurbii: You are my hero =] lol hahaha

  • http://justjaredjr Tiana

    oh yeah she is gonna be on the movie Eclipse.:)

  • iliana

    please guys stop talking wores thing about ashley. she is beatiful and have a great haert thats why i am her fans . please vote for ashley . she is now number 2 and number 1 is wonder girls so please vote for her because wonder girls have so much fans and i say because i know . wonder girls won artist of the month (a catagory that ashley too was in) so please vote for her. she deseve it . she have a great heart and she is beatiful inside and outside. xo

  • iliana

    oh sorry i forget the web is .

  • http://yahoo taylor

    ashley tisdale is my role modle she is my fav star u rock ash im trying to be just like u peace out

  • masquerading\

    I can’t wait to watch this episodE!!!!