Ed Westwick: I Want Zac Efron's Body

Ed Westwick: I Want Zac Efron's Body

Gossip guy Ed Westwick is determined to rival Zac Efron in not only the heartthrob arena, but also the body arena.

A source close to the 22-year-old British-born actor tells Life & Style mag, “After seeing new pics of Zac in magazines, Ed‘s determined to get cut like him. Ed has no muscles or definition and really wants to improve his body.”

Ed‘s workout routine has changed a bit too. Word has it that his personal trainer is working more weights into his training. He also shared that he might want to make the big move to the Big Apple soon, saying, “You don’t really have to leave your apartment for anything. You can have it in the click of your fingers, which can make one lazy.”

Who wouldn’t want to look like Zac?

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  • http://www.twitter.com/l_ireys l_ireystwigh

    zac is way better than ed, he has everything and i love him :xoxo FOLLOW ME: http://www.twitter.com/l_ireys

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    everyboy wants to look like zaccy he is one off the hottest mans alive!!!!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    he can never be compared to zac ! ed is too full off himself !! zac is sweet, down to earth ONE OFF THE HOTTEST MANS ON EARTH AND HE IS SUPER TALENTED UNLIKE ED!!

  • pop86

    Poor Zac, the tabliods and blogs must really miss him. They are dropping his name all over the place. First Megan then an internet rumor, now this. poor guy.LOL

  • i love Vanessa

    Everyone wnat to be like Zac, because he is perfect!!
    And WAY better Than Ed.

  • http://in-love-with-zacefron.blogspot.com/ ILOVEZAC

    Zac is the hottest men alive …!!
    heeway looks better then Ed…!!!
    he is the hottest men alive …!!
    avery one wont to looks like Zacy …!!! <3
    i love him sooo much …!!!
    Zacy forever …!!!! <<33

  • teamhudgens

    ZacEfron is the best <3

  • http://cullen-wamqires.twilight-vampire.com/forum.htm Vann

    Of course he wants to be like Zac. But, he can’t Zac, becouse Zac’s way better, and waay hotter!

  • hanna

    Whut? That is the weirdest piece of celeb news ever? He was looking at a picture of Zac and said that? He didn’t just think to himself, “I should work out?”

    These things are so retarded. I mean, who hasn’t looked at a picture of a celebrity and thought they like to look like that. The difference is that most Americans don’t have the money/time/inclination to make it happen with personal trainers and lots of exercise.

  • gaby

    zac is the best. :]
    the perfect guy with the perfect body. :]

  • rachel

    That sounds like a lot of bullshit.

    Ed has said several times that he doesn’t work out. And he is already so sexy that he doesn’t need a 6 pack.

  • Jen

    Yeah who wouldn’t want to look like Zac

    From head to toe. But…… sorry Ed you don’t look like Zac, at all. It’s obvious to me that you think that you do and all that you need is his body to complete the look. Just give it up. Nope not even close.

  • katie

    You can’t believe anything Life & Style says, come on. Though I wouldn’t blame him if he did say it ;) They are both gorgeous =)

  • http://paulmcgillfans.com Princesspea

    I want PAUL MCGILL’s body. There’s nothing sexier than his gorgeous abs, pecs, and arms. Dancers have it right.

  • Faith

    WHOA that’s totally gay

  • nikki

    hahaha, he was looking at a SHIRTLESS picture of zac efron and said that, hmmm gay?
    well who cares i am sure he turns most guys gay haha!

  • nessy

    who don’t Want ??
    he’s body is awsome
    everybody wants his body :)

    ps:I’m from turkey :)

  • amy

    yeh zac’s so hot, who doesn’t want to be as hot as him!

  • ashley

    If Life and Style ever publishes a true story I’ll start a weight lifting routine. And I weight lifting weights.

  • mishyB

    GOOD LUCK ON THAT ED… Zac is simply fit.

  • Cynthiia

    ZAC IS HOT !!! and he is better than Ed

  • lara

    yeah right like you could believe that

  • Jack

    Make sure you notice there is no quote from Ed mentioning Zac at all. It is just a ‘unknown’ source…

    It is amazing how magazines can spin a whole story about something they have no proof of the actor or person saying.

    Do not believe everything you read.

  • ms

    Ed is ugly and even if he got the body ! he will never be compared to zac !!

  • ms

    Ed Westwick is ugly .. I don’t get it why girls like him in GG !!! he is just an ugly looking .. and he is not even comparable to zac !! Ed stay away from zac please !!!

  • daniela

    i dont think this is real by the way ed is already hot without six pack, maybe hes training but he didnt say nothing about zac

  • bibi


  • ZV lover

    Someday he will get there…. Someday.
    Sorry hun, but it’s gonna take a lot of time to get even close to Zac.
    Hottest man alive!!!
    You rock <33

  • lara

    guess what my source just told me you are a douche…
    Ed Westwick doesnt need 6 pac to look hot..he doesnt need to show his skin, he is still the hottest thing on TV…he is too cool to waste his time at the gym to get the Ken look..

    Jealous much? Yes you should be

    Haters to the left

  • lilly

    Ha!! I want Zac Efron’s body too. I want it next to me, on top of me, under me, all over me. I want it so that I can kiss it, lick it, rub it, hold it, and do all sorts of yummy things to it. He is just so Zexy.

  • stephanie

    omg i love ed cause incase uall didnt notice he can act unlike zac efron whos always doin those pretty boy movies like high school musical and 17 again he really really cant act

  • hi!

    whoa, okay, no comment. what the heck? thats just totally weird. he saw a pic a zac and said to himself “ooooo, his body’s hott, now im gonna work out”? nope, i dont believe this.

  • lila


    Ok, wow. o___O

  • Annie

    ♥ Everybody wants Zac Efron’s body :D he’s so hot and beautiful ♥ i love him

  • http://www.yahoo.com ashpha

    Such statement is coming from a source only. If ever, its true there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe he’s just inspired to do his own thing for physical confidence purposes. Give this guy a chance anyway.

  • brad

    @lilly: OMMGGG i wanna do all those things to zac efron too! :) HES TO HOT!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    @lilly: LOL !! Aw, your too funny. ..But then again, I would so wanna do that too. Lol. Who wouldn’t !? I mean, look at Zachary’s body. DAYUUUM. Plus, Ed doesn’t even have those amazing blue eyes Zachary has. *siighs* …At least I don’t think Ed doesn’t. ..Never really paid attention to him.

  • lilly

    Oh, I beg to differ. Zac is a wonderful actor, besides being a triple threat. What about Hairspray? Have you seen him in Miracle Run? He was great. And wait until Me and Orson Welles hits the theaters in November. If you are too obtuse to already know how good he is, then MAOW will show you.

  • chrisleo

    This story is OBVIOUSLY fake! There’s no way Ed would want to look like Efron, he would lose all his fans then who love him exactly because he doesn’t look like Zac Efron!

  • yay!!!!

    that ed has always freaked me out.
    and that haunting movie he did made it worse.

  • sheree

    Wow some of you guys are real haters. If he wants to get fit leave him be. He is already hot all he wants to do is get healthy and improve his body. I would take him either way. He is sweet and very down to earth, as we all know Zac is. I love them both.

  • jade

    Not being rude ZAC AINT GOT A BODY , YOU ALL KNOW UVE SEEN BETTER , PPL ONLY THINK HE IS HOT COS HIS FAMOUS HE AINT ALL THAT.p.s im a 17 yr old girl , you’ll be suprised at how many agree.

  • http://www.youtube. Alexya
  • http://www.youtube. Alexya
  • zanessaforever

    i loveeeee zac;~/
    zac forever

  • ANNE from Holland

    Zac is the best!
    Ed’s right!

    love efron forever. <3

  • love

    who wouldnt want to be zac? I bet robbert pattionson wishes he was zac! i would if i were him. ha

  • j

    This guy is LAME but i do like his accent

  • Karen


    Whether the story is true or not or whether Ed is sexy the way he is or not, a nice six-pack certain wouldn’t hurt! It would make him way BETTER than how he is now.

  • http://www.youtube. Alexya