Hannah Montana Diabetes Episode To Hit Airwaves

Hannah Montana Diabetes Episode To Hit Airwaves

Remember that one Hannah Montana episode about diabetes that never aired? Well, it’s finally hitting the airwaves on Disney Channel.

JustJaredJr.com can report that “Uptight (Oliver’s Alright), the episode which concentrates on Oliver’s (Mitchel Musso) diagnosis with diabetes will air on the channel 10 months after it’s original release date.

In the episode, when Miley (Miley Cyrus) and Lilly (Emily Osment) learn that Oliver has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, the misguided pair become the “food police” at Traci’s (Romi Dames) Sweet 16 party. After a very strange evening, Oliver puts an end to their meddling ways and misconceptions and they ultimately learn that, with the support of their friends, they can navigate any challenge.

The episode was set to air last November, but after viewers who had issues with the episode saw an early version, it was pulled without notice. The episode will air Sunday, September 20th @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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Photos: Dean Hendler/Disney Channel
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  • Vicki

    I think it’s good their finally airing it.

  • ally

    Go Miley, Emily & Mitchel! You guys rock!

  • anna

    i thought it was re-shot?

  • Gabrielle

    I’ve seen it already!

  • Kata159

    I’ve seen it already i don’t get why it’s releasing only now… anyways that’s a good episode. :)

  • brittany

    no offense but i bet miley help with the subject matter for when her and nicholas were dating. she prolly did it bc she thought hed like that. and if thats a pic from the episode….i like hannah’s wig better like that. its ugly now. but i bet its old and mileys hair is dark from the breakup wiff nick in2007

  • Kayla

    I read elsewhere that it was reedited and changed, so it isn’t the one originally previewed.



  • =)=)=)

    that show is the best ! ya hope it wins and miley is anazing i luv her so much ! 2 me that show is the best one in disney !

  • Prih

    in Brazil it was on air last year…I saw it!!It’s a really great episode ^. ^

    Miley Brazil loves you!!Come here please!!

  • tan

    the show is awesome i love hm hope it never ends i love her songs all of them miley and hannah love them both!

  • tan

    and i like her hair now ! havent u guys noticed that every disney star changed her hair ?? and made it shorter or changed the colour ??

  • =)=)=)

    miley love from kuwait we so love u !

  • Roasher

    I thought the episode was re-shot..
    and in that episode.. miley uses
    an old hannah wig.. waa! I want the
    re-shot episode!

  • Roasher

    yeah.. it was premiered on Disney Latinoamerica.. and in Brazil..

  • ashytisdale123

    I love “Hannah Montana” and I like the fact that they have such a deep episode. :)

  • Jessica

    Excuse me, but how are they gonna do that?
    It’s gonna be totally wierd?

    2. It was a season 2, which means Hannah’s wig is different.
    3. it was still a season 2, so it’s a different opening credit?
    4. just wierd .. I liked the episode, but it’s to darn late to air it.
    Reshoot it!!!!

  • huge nick jay fan

    I saw it last year I hope they made it better cuz it sucked

  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat

    I heard that parents of Type 1 diabetics didn’t like the way they “sugar-coated” (probably bad choice of words!) the handling of the disease. Maybe they have made it more accurate now. It’s odd that they will have Oliver having Type 1 diabetes and then never mention it again in any other episodes. It’s a disease that you have to deal with every time you eat and other times during the day/night.

  • angela

    Do they mean no sugar sugar? coz it did air

  • .


    Yeah that’s what I was thinking. It’s not like they can diagnose a character with a serious disease and then not follow up with it in later episodes. I wish they weren’t focusing on the disease either and instead focused on the fact that kids eat too much high fructose corn syrup and soda instead, but oh well.

  • http://www.crookedbrook.com/embroidery.htm Bordado

    i cant stand Hanna or Miley whatever you want to call her

  • jess love jb

    Why are they going to air this? I dont think this episode should be of hm. but of jonas sience nick dose have diabetes.

  • omg!!

    i love hannah montana ! and all of the cast ! miley the most !

  • Jonasbrothers

    FOLLOW @jonas_resource


    even my mom loves hannah montana ! its the best show ! i love milei and looks like its gonna be gr8 !

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/whazeem jimmy

    Why didn’t they show it in the first place? World is sure full of sensitive people. Grow up!

  • lETY

    In Brazil this Hannah Montana Diabetes Episode it was in air last year! This episode is amazing !!!


  • N

    cool cant wait i love watching hannah montana its the best show 4 ME
    and miley is gr8 i cant wait 4 her tour ! luv u miley

  • mia

    glad to see disney and miley are surporting nick in dibetic awareness

  • mc=dabest

    HaNnAh MoNtAnA & MiLeY cYrUs RoCkS !!!!!! love the show and love her soooooooo much ! hope the show gets the emmy !

  • kelly

    whaaaat, i’ve seen it, it’s not big deal.

  • heyy

    i saw it when it was on FIOS on demand!
    i thought i was going crazy talking about this episode
    to my friends who dont have FIOS i thought i imagined the episode haha

  • jc

    I personally think they should have left this one out of HM. This is a topic that should however be spoken about on an episode of JONAS. It would certainly make more sense to air an episode about dealing with diabetes there since one of the characters, Nick, does indeed live a fairly normal life with the disease. He is an expert on what it actually is like living day to day with an incurable disease.

  • Alexis


    They didn’t mention it again because #1 it was, like, the last season two episode, #2 Oliver isn’t in the show as much anymore and there wasn’t really opportunity to mention it/fit it into storylines and most importantly #3 they dropped the idea of him having diabetes when the show got pulled.

  • Eva

    Hey , whats up Im from latinamerica and ive seen this episode already it premiered here already and its a pretty good episode.Like tacys party is really sweet if you know what I mean :

  • Kiera

    Miley I Love You..
    Miley you really dont deserve the hate..
    I havnt seen it.. I live in America.. I cant wait to see it

  • @crazychic2015

    SOOOOO Nileyish!!!! just sayin lol

  • carol

    I already saw! It’s great, i loved it :D

  • Teresa

    Actually,they reshot the episode and changed some of it.

  • simplylovely


  • jjsdh

    yeah they reshot the episode…and probably made some changes ..i cant wait to see it… i wish i had promo stills of it =(

  • Chris

    It wasn’t that they “sugar coated” it. It’s that they had misinformation in the episode. They didn’t do their homework. It is only being released now because it was reedited and reviewed by JDRF for a little more accuracy. The writers and producers of this show know nothing about diabetes. You can’t give a main character this disease in one episode and then have it disappear. There is no cure! Disney should have just left it alone and shelved it.

  • Lipi Katiha

    it has already aired in India!!

  • uttara

    hey…….dat episode has already been aired in india nearly 7 times…………………

  • sean84

    well hope theyre gunna show it here in qwebeck on vrak tv lol

  • Cassy

    how would traci only be turning 16? @w@

  • http://yahoo.com Nicky

    I don’t like that episode.., I saw it on Youtube and its not funny on how they talk about diabetes like that! What would nick jonas say? if they air this which they will.., Let them ask Nick.., I wanna now what would Nick say..,

  • kanani

    never aired? yes it did, I’ve seen it tons of times.

  • Gina

    i’m from hungary and i’ve seen it last year too o.O