Keke Palmer True-ly Loves Tyler Williams

Keke Palmer True-ly Loves Tyler Williams

Keke Palmer snaps a pic with True Jackson VP guest star Tyler James Williams in this behind-the-scenes pic of the second season.

The 16-year-old star dished on her Twitter, saying, “On set laughing with Tyler James Williams at True Jackson rehearsal…it’s freezing on this stage, someone said that means there are ghosts, I hope they stay hidden!”

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  • LEXI

    man he got old i remember him from everybody hate chris

  • sophie

    they actually dated in real life didnt they?

  • Tee Yea north trenton

    NOT A GOOD MATCH. Virgo and Libra? I don’t think so.

  • Jenny

    No they didn’t date…
    They r just good pals!

  • sophie

    oh right thanks haha :) i heard loads of rumours that they were so..


    Seriously a good couple. They should really go out together. She’s 16, he’s 17… i mean-do the math people. & besides-it looks like they like each other anyways.
    Answering 4 Lexi-
    They did a episode where he went to high school. So, of course he got old! But 2 me-HE LOOKS FINE! Got taller & his voice got deeper. Honey’s, check him out!

    Hollah Back!!

  • brigitte

    ” everybody hates chris” was so funny i still watch that mostly every night on nick@nite…..home sweet home…. they are really good couple though

  • Tkia

    They’re absolutely a marvelous idea..haha

  • SARA


  • Sean

    LOL i still wath everybody hates chris even the marothon on sunday

  • Aaliyah

    lol. yea im watchin the marathon right now! Its funny but he looks good now! When he was younger he look……ight!!! They do look like a good couple though!

  • Sassy/classy

    Just becuz dey have different signs dnt mean jack crap Gosh quit hatin so hard oh and he’s cute

  • pandyblossom

    ohhhhh la la tyler and keke r so meant 4 each other i hope they go out soon like 4 real

  • pandyblossom

    Girl your CRAZZYYY

  • pandyblossom

    no your crazy

  • pandyblossom

    no your crazy

  • Dee

    It does NOT matter whats theyre zodiac sign look at them they are so CUTE together. Yay Keke and Tyler!!!

  • http://na cassandra

    Actor Tyler james and actor chelsea tavare

  • nitty

    tyler is ma bf

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