Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Laughing Lovers

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Laughing Lovers

Kristen Stewart and costar pal Robert Pattinson share a laugh as they continue to film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in the Vancouver rain on Wednesday afternoon (September 9).

Also pictured below is Taylor Lautner and an assumed stunt double for Kristen who were seen filming on a motorcycle.

The trio, plus costar Ashley Greene, will be heading to New York City this weekend to debut a new clip from The Twilight Saga: New Moon at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

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  • dina

    saw these photos already from another site a few hours ago! robsten looking great and truly happy!

  • hihi

    hot hot hot hot…jacob issooo hot… i think its the scene where bella dtches schul wid jake

  • Vang

    more more robsten! can’t wait for new moon!

  • Martina

    omg I love them together they’re so cuteee <3

  • kr

    So happy to see them. Love that smile.

  • georgia

    i know what scene it isssss.
    its when jacob comes down and is all like “come down to the rez, we miss you” and edwards like “stfu and back off.” and then bella’s like “awwh crap, they’re fighting again.”
    my vag needs cooling down.

  • katie

    Why do you keep calling them lovers? Nothing has been confirmed, yeah many think they’re dating but that doesn’t mean anything!

  • ally

    Taylor is looking gorgeous as usual. I am totally Team Taylor and Team Jacob! Taylor your amazing :)

  • Jasmine

    Aww, love the smiling pic! Kristen is glowing, so pretty!

  • lindy

    kristen is abloom!

  • brad

    rob is so cool, taylor not so much, hes thinks hes cool, hes not even good looking :(

  • Lauren

    she looks so much different from when shes not wearing the wig… does that make sense, i think its cos im used to seeing her with black hair now…and then when she wears the wig and the bella make-up and clothes its wierd….

    can’t wait for the movie…now witht the new directors there gonna be gooood

  • ashley

    Does anyone know why she doesn’t do her own stunts like Taylor?

  • Lorena

    • OMG Meldels o Tayloor eh muito Liindo….Hot hot 1000x Hot!
    Viajo nele fácil!!
    Muiito gostooso!!

  • sarah

    Damn, Rob looks good! But I’m not a fan of Kristen’s wig.

  • nm

    can’ t even say how much i love set-photos of the Twilight-Saga

  • nila

    ROBSTEN! They look awesome! <3
    ROB looking sooo hot!
    taylor ehh not so much!

  • CS !

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww Jared you made my day! They look so cute, Kristen is literally GLOWING

  • nikki

    they look great…it looks like kristen got chubbier but it suits her, she looks GREAT!! but poor taylor, it looks like he is freezing. lol

  • nadia

    Rob is soooo HOT ! <3

  • annie


  • Deen

    omg i cant wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    rob i love u, he is so handsome!!!!!!so hot

  • lindy

    looks like the wig is working better this time around, compared to the first shots that got out. kristen looks fabulous! rob and kristen appear genuinely happy!

  • Jess

    yes Deen me too!! but Kristen is awesome!

  • RobstenLIVES!!

    they are so cute together

  • marie

    I think kristen’s wig looks better and more realistic this time :)
    She looks pretty here.

  • Daniyah

    NO WAY! omg omg omg im so excited! i think about it everyday!!! i just re read eclipse and now im reading twilight and and new moon again! i CANNOT WAIT!!!

  • Tracy

    i love the pics of them on set laughing! theres like hella!!! loolsss <333 robsten

  • helll yaaa

    i luvvvv taylor and the peepz who think hes not hot and rob is get reall u guys only think robs hot cuz of edward btw he is not a vampire in reall life if thats wat u were thinking !!!!!!! team taylor !!!!! I LOVE YOU LAUNTER !!!!!!!

  • wow

    not because he is edward. i like his as ROBERT PATTINSON.
    and WE KNOW HE IS not A vampire….

    are they shooting a set or are they just laughing away behind set.?

  • nila

    @helll yaaa:

    oh really?!
    No you’re wrong! Believe me most people love ROB not because he’s play Edward! Personally i like him a lot cause he’s humble, funny, cute… He’s not perfect that’s why i like ROb more than Edward!
    So guess your theory is shot to hell !

  • Caitlyn


    eww ur ‘vag’?

  • dm

    yea, i know i watched it really late
    it came out like, at the start of the year, and i just watched it lolz
    but i love love love ittt
    my friend freaked me out about the scene where bella get attacked by james, not so freaked out anymore
    it is soooo NOT SCARY lolz
    love twilighttt

  • Angy

    Rob&Kris are so cute and…clearly in love! I have no words to say how much I love them..and their love..I believe in them!!!Go guys, be strong..and I just wish you to be happyyyyy!!!

  • trina

    love robsten esp kstew!

  • sue_nya

    dont worry jakie! ill be there just for u!!!

  • Lindsey

    Well, My Opinion is that I think there both adorable as everr And I love them both (:

  • http://yahoo melissa

    taylor is so hot, especially when he’s shirtless, so is robert.

  • Rocker

    I love you Robert. He is that very excellent actor. I wait with impatience Eclipse. Bye

  • http://taniapattinson tania pattinson

    ROBERT PATTINSON <3 eress muii guapo :D LOVE !!