Miley Cyrus Joins Sex & The City Cast?

Miley Cyrus Joins Sex & The City Cast?

After gushing about her love for the popular television show and movie, Miley Cyrus may be appearing in Sex and the City 2!

Life & Style mag reports that one day of shooting, October 16th, in the Big Apple has been carved out for the 16-year-old actress.

A source dished, “They’ve asked her. But she hasn’t confirmed. Right now, they’re just holding the space for her.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley appearing in the sequel?

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  • yarimar

    good will win a lot of money hahahaha I do not think ACPET September 14 empiesa your tour ok

    primeraaaa primera
    en español PRIMERAAA
    en ingles first


  • eLLa


  • miley fan

    DON`T do it Miley!!!!!!!!!!we love you

  • Kathryn Russell

    eh, what relivence would she have?
    I dont think so.

  • louisa

    she should soo do that (:
    ahh i hope she does!

  • Nicole

    yes go for it miley! :)

  • alice

    Hope she does it…Love sex and the city and miley!

  • jess

    Yes yes yes and yes Go for it

  • nathalia

    i hope she does it (:

  • kenz

    i hope she does it. it looks like she will just make a little cameo appearance anyway so i think it would be awesome!!

  • Faith

    She’ll be eaten by critics if she accepts

  • ally

    Who would she play? No don’t do it Miley, it’s the wrong part for you right now, you need to focus on your singing career. You can’t afford to mess up, and starring in SITC 2, might do that. DON’T DO IT!!!

  • Robsten 4ever

    omg she doesn’t fit for the sex and the city.. she’s too young…

  • Katie xx

    OMG people clam down, its obvious she’ll only have like a cameo appearance it’s not like she’ll have a main part in the movie.
    Personally i think she should do it, cameo or not. Its a great opportunity.

  • Neltzu

    No:( Think your fans, but its all abaout you

  • buppy

    A source dished, “They’ve asked her. But she hasn’t confirmed. Right now, they’re just holding the space for her. Miley is considering and i believe she’s smart enough to decide it. Miley, try your best to show your talent but think twice, use your talent to avoid the haters’ criticism. Love you!

  • phrick

    The story does not seem to be correct. Miley’s concert tour has show dates in Texas on October the 15th and 18th. It would be a tight squeeze to get in a movie appearance in New York on the 16th.

  • swe3t2

    she is gonna do it cus she got two days off

  • vio

    This is definitely not for her!She is a teenager and an idol for so many kids around the world!

  • marilyn

    She so should. It’s not like they’re going to make her do anything bad, hopefully not.

  • tan

    i realy didnt watch the movie cuz i dont like it realy BUT if miley got the part and did it i will tottaly watch it 4 sure !!!!! LOVE YOU MILEY CYRUS 4 EVER !!!!!!

  • =)=)=)

    MILEY ROCKS !!!!! I LOVE THAT GIRL ! i think u should go 4 it miley your the best ! and i hope u will win the emmy ! u should everything even the video 4 7things u deserve it !

  • so what !

    miley i will be fine with whatever u choose 2 do ! i will alawys love u !
    ps: do it i love u


    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I LOVE MILEY CYRUS !

  • Prih

    she should do it!!she says that like this show…

    love you Miley!!! in portuguese: Te amo Miley!!

    ~~from Brazil~~

  • ashytisdale123

    she should do it!
    shes beautiful and a talented actress
    and I’m sure the show would have a lot of younger viewers if she guest starred ;)

  • hotmess


  • delsy

    Go Miley honestly after her whole teen choice award performance her older fan base is getting bigger like 16-22. Survays and her concerts show this alot of the time sex in the city is great oppirtunity she should take it

  • the fame

    @Faith: yes, but she likes attention so maybe she will do it

  • Fieneke

    i would so totally love that!

  • stephanie

    sorry, buy she would just ruin it. she wants to do more mature things, but she doesnt seem mature at all. just because she wears shorts skirts and has a job doesnt make her mature.

  • cry no more

    MY MOM LOVES THAT GIRL AND SHES ( cant tell =o =D ) but she….. shes not gonna read this 38 ! and i think she should do it why not shes a gr8 actress so i think shes gonna be perfect 4 the role ! luv u miley

  • jimmy

    Never saw the episodes. Is there possibility Miley going to have sex scene?

  • Heather

    I love Sex & the City! If she joins it, she will ruin it! Miley is a horrible actress and singer! I can’t stand her!

  • sytycdfan

    Definitely not the right way to go. Her personality does not match anything sex nor city.

  • kevin

    ok first of all, she does not have a MAIN role,
    okay so calm your hormones you little tweenys.
    Second, screw you “no, don’t do it” fans ! she can do whatever
    she freaking wants to. personally i LOVE the movie and the show.
    and im a freaking guy, im not gay or anything, but i must admit, it’s
    a hilarious good time to spend watching with your friends – that is if
    your old enough too XD plus it’s just a cameo, and the first movie was
    a success, and AMAZINGLY GOOD/HILARIOUS. i think she should do it.
    im just 16, but ill definitely be in line to see this with my sis and friends, either she does or does not make a cameo, it’s still a great show/movie and mileys still HOT… i mean cool :) xD

  • #1MileySupporterForever!

    NOOOO MILEY DONT!!!! Dont be on that show….stick to hannah

  • loz


  • sean84

    well i hope she wont be in dat dusggussting show miley babe i luv u pleez dunt be in dat show :(

  • sean84

    shes so beautifull on dis pic bye the way lol

  • Nina

    i hope she does it
    it’s gonna be good for her
    i really want to see her in different roles

  • Alex

    Noooo. It would ruin the movie. :/

  • Estefania

    I think she should do it.. I love the new Miley she is so mature now I like that she is looking for more mature things she is trying to do things that teens will like and she is doing good. And it will be only a little appearing is not like she will appear everyday it will be only one time. Miley your fans will always love you. I cant wait for the tour to start, I cant wait for The Last Song movie to come out and I cant wait for her movie wings that will come out on 2011 jajaja. Miley your the best!

  • Jolene%9Landon

    yea good statements above :D …;)

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