WOW - Unforgiven Official Music Video!

WOW - Unforgiven Official Music Video!

Brittany Curran jokes around with Frankie Zulferino in WOW‘s official music video for “Unforgiven.”

In the vid, Frankie and Jake Lauckern are both put on the losing end of love. Keana Texeira also stars in the vid as Jake‘s ex-girlfriend.

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WHAT DO YOU THINK of Wow’s new music video — HOT or NOT?

20+ behind-the-scenes pics inside…

WOW – “Unforgiven” Official Music Video

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  • samantha

    first to comment!! and i love the video you guys look amazing.. awesome job!

  • haliee

    HOT! Love WOW! jake will u marry me????

  • Mary34


  • mrsefron.

    love them!

    met them at the jonas concert!

    really nice guys! <3

  • yvette

    I LOVE THEM and its HOOOOTTTT!!!!

  • mattie

    definitely HOT!!

  • lizabeth3

    HOT video is HOTT

  • Randi

    there so awesome…im so proud of them that they got their first music video done
    its so good

  • jessss

    ommggg you boys are so hot definitely!! i cant get over how incredible you all looked!! so proud of you all

  • MIchelle Mena

    i absolutely looooved it. not bad for their first video and i cant wait to hear more from them. i absolutely adoreee them!

    i <3 jake and frankie…
    ill never break your heartS.

  • ahaha

    there amazingggggggggg<3 ;D

  • Kimberlyyy

    i loveeeee thiss music video! it was beautiful they did an amazing job! <3

  • CK


  • ashley

    looveee it!!

  • Aida Ardon

    not hot…..that vid is UGLY AND SUCKs!

  • nadine

    Def the best boyband in a LONG time. love the clothes, sound and EYES – WOW looks like the new Jonas

    my vote – HOT

  • samantha

    Hot hands down – love them

  • Franismyname

    loveeeeee this new group…. WOW is amazing and this video is incredible <3 such talented young boys! I want moreeeeeeeee!

  • sierra

    fantastic amazing awesome

  • bianca

    ahh definately HOT!
    i love WOW, their sooo amazinggg!

  • aubreylovepeace

    so awesome love the video! never heard of wow but im a fan now =)

  • Lauren

    OMG! i met them! they’re really sweet! (kinda short, but really nice!) haha.

    Justjaredjr, would you accept a picture that i took with WOW?

  • jonaslover

    i love them next big thing the video is amazing these kids got great talent

  • Emily of crazyworldofwow

    i love it
    the video was just AMAZING i am in LOVE WITH IT
    i have been watching it over and over for the past hour lol
    i am sooooo proud of them
    i love WOW

  • cassidy

    never heard of them but WOW!!!!! cute

    just watched video – could this b my new fav group? think so , so I say hottness

    love the bright clothes

  • stephanieeetayluhhh

    the wow boyssssss are sooo hot & frankiiie is amazing , i love himmmm ;)

  • julissa

    HOT. period.

  • julissa

    @Aida Ardon:

    hmmm. seems you lose and are jealous. i understand though because our girl probably loves them like I do

  • jazzmin

    soooooo HOT – more please and where did they come from cause I want more WOW

  • taylor

    is it true that frankie and brittney are dating because if so im gonna be pissed. j.k i love her and LOVE frankie and WOW

  • Mary34

    @Aida Ardon:

    your kidding me? umm the video is in A, the video is in HD.. B, ru in any music videooo? C, you are probably as ugly as your name darlinggg…

    for those uglyy girlsss that are going to leave any negative comments pahleeeeeeeez dont waste your breath because WOW is amazing, and everyone knows it, and not ONE person pays any atttention to your opinions obviously if wow is gettting bigger and bigger

  • anonymous

    that guy has a lisp..

  • Lissa


    New group, young and not trying to be all hip hop.

    r they on disney?

  • Tiffanysg

    hot. very hot.

  • chasity

    cute boys, cool clothes. great song =love it

  • alyssa

    its soooo chaka..
    as in..
    sooo NOT hot..

  • WOWtasticfan

    fer sure hottt (:

  • ashley

    love the video and the song… you guys are doing awesome!!!

  • Leslie

    Loved It. Loved it. Loved It.

    Love WOW

  • madison29

    I Loooved the video! They are hot!

  • Rj

    Micheal is so hot!!!! WOW rules here’s to a great 2010 year for the guys

  • Austin

    They are just another Varsity Fanclub. A few people on the internet will be interested for a couple of months and that’ll be it. No album will ever come out and the band will drift apart member by member.

  • lanee

    I live in Montreal and WOW is getting pretty big here- love there style and music

  • Taylorbeth

    WOW is amazing! They are so hot! Video was amazing, they are sooo HOT!

  • Taylorbeth

    @anonymous: are you retarded?

  • jaylee ann taylor


    You r soo wrong they are nothing like those creepy varsity kids. Wow is blowing up and seem like real deal. Not my type of music, I didn’t like nsync either but they have something cool about them

  • jennie

    so awesome next bigggggggggggggggggg sensation, love you wow

  • Trina342

    JAKE is so HOTT seriously i keep rewinding to his part….hes so hott JAKE I’D NEVER PUSH YOU AWAY BABY! COEM TO MEEEE

  • Leslie


    So wrong. WOW is # 1

  • judy

    fabulous, awesome, and i am in love with them you can’t get any better than WOW

>>>>>>> staging1