10 Things I Hate About You Gets Second Season!

10 Things I Hate About You Gets Second Season!

Ethan Peck squeezes his two leading ladies Lindsey Shaw and Meaghan Martin in a joyous hug in celebration of their ABC Family series, 10 Things I Hate About You, being renewed for a second season!

Show runner Carter Covington confirmed to E Online that the network has picked up the back 10 episodes that didn’t air and will premiere in January 2010.

In the second season, we’ll get an even more sophisticated series as we go deep into the rivalry between Bianca (Martin) and best frenemy Chastity (Dana Davis) we find out more about the mysterious Patrick Verona (Peck).

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  • http://twitter.com/ctiffanybella ctiffanybella

    yay :) i like this show.

  • Claire

    YAAAAAY I love this show!!!!

  • liz

    this show is amazing! i cant wait for the 2nd season
    Ethan peck is a hottie

  • Ivy

    Great!! Thanks for the news!!
    I love this show xD

  • saudia

    yay! This show is hilarious

  • Lindsey


  • sarah


  • Shannon

    loved the show watched the bulk of it on youtube!

  • ashley


  • sandra

    I haven’t watched the show. Not a fan of the Shaw girl.

  • rissa

    yay! i’m so excited! i love this show =) the kat/pat thing is adorable!

  • http://me.com Jena

    this show is a disgrace to heath ledger’s movie. gosh, at least they could have put some talented people in this – meaghan? seriously? she’s a nice girl, but she can’t act…and so goes for the rest of the cast? why in the world did they have to put a disney cast? well, i know its “ABC family”, but they’re better people who would have played their parts. otherwise, they should have let the movie be, with no remake, and no show…..

  • http://me.com Rachel lee

    @Jena: i agree 100%….this show is like a flop but since its about teens, anyone will watch it. And I guess its the only show people watch on ABC family since Kyle XY was cancelled. Why another season? I was hoping the first season would be ok, but hell no. they try to hard. And what is up with the actors….horrible cast, crew…..they should have left that movie alone.

  • http://me.com Carol

    this show sucks BIG TIME

  • lola rose

    i agree 100% with Jena and Carol. Such a disgrace to Heath Ledger. The show has bad acting, horrible UN-funny “jokes”……i tried giving the show a chance….what is wrong with people??? And the guy who’s supposed to play heath ledger’s role has the most annoying voice ever. Meaghan doesn’t have a clue about acting. Whats up with the disney cast. ABC family should have given the show a cast like Kyle XY….now those people know how to act.

  • Em

    yay! I love the show! I can’t wait! Hope Bianca gets with Cameron in this season!!

  • ALyssaC

    I can’t wait! This show is WAY better than ruby and the rockits!

  • ALyssaC

    Meghan can really act. Unlike other Disney stars like Raven.

    She’s the only Disney girl so it’s not 100% Disney. And That’s good cuz it’s rated TV14

  • Jennifer

    yay love this show!

  • Jennifer

    yay love this show!

  • Kim


  • ivanka

    @Carol: i agree

  • Em

    @ALyssaC: i completely agree! Meaghan can act. And she’s only been in one disney movie. That doesn’t mean that she’s a disney girl. The guy who plays Cameron is more “disney” than Meaghan. He’s been in “Minutemen” and “Princess Protection Program” but that doesn’t mean he’s “disney” it just means that he’s been employed by disney before.

  • MeyaRose

    Umm… that’s an old photo, they’re not “in a joyous hug in celebration of their… series… being renewed for a second season.” But it is a cute photo, nonetheless…

  • Just Jill

    @MeyaRose: Yes, we know. The picture seemed appropriate for announcing the second season. Don’t you agree?

  • http://none Caylea

    YAY!!!!! I LOVE the show and the movie rocks!!

  • CD

    YAY!!! Can’t wait. I think the show is much better than all of the mindless, superficial shows (gossip girl, 90210,etc). Kat’s character embodies an independent, strong woman, very unlike the girls in all of the other shows who just care about boys. And It certainly is far from being a disgrace to Heath Ledger.

  • Hanya

    Yay!!! I love this show! It’s my guilty pleasure. Ethan Peck is such a cutie!

  • katya

    ok seriously, this show is awesome!
    for all you saying they can’t act, um try watching “secret life”, then tell me the “10 things” cast can’t act. this is the one of the far better shows that abcfamily has had since the end of kyle xy.
    oh b-t-dub, abc is owned by disney. hence disney actors.
    and this isn’t an exact remake of the movie. many of the characters traits and storylines are quite different from the original movie cast. this is “10 things” with a new spin, not an exact movie remake. so i really see no need to be calling this a disgrace to heath.

  • http://twilightersheroin.freeforum.tw/ Hayden

    that’s a really great news!!
    i love this show lol

  • kaila


    love this show!

  • MADU

    JANUARY 2010:|?

  • Courtney o’brien

    i love this show! lindsey and ethan light up the screen! january’s season 2 will be my birthday present!!!! cant wait

  • sally

    yay!!!!!!!!!! i really did like this show….i haven’t seen the movie though…. but i cant believe their waiting so long to play the second season.

  • Cray people

    You guys are crazy Meaghan Jette Martin can act, she in this new moive and she great in it,cant wate for the new season:)

  • Soumaiya

    I love the show.
    As soon as the first episode came on i quickly went on youtube and saw the rest. YEAHHHH!!!

  • Katy

    yay!!! i love this series!! i can’t wait for the next season, the ending was really annoying though. i really hope kat and patrick get together but i’m not 2 sure about bianca and cameron, joey is really cute!! lol.
    yay i’m excited!

  • Olivia

    I am so happy now this show is awesome!!!! and ethan peck is soooo hot! of course no one could replace the original Patrick Verona Heath Ledger R.I.P.!!!!!!

  • SheenaCampbell

    Heath Ledger isn’t the character to be played… Patrick Verona is. Stop making it so personal. So the original was better…this one has some good laughs. I really hope you’re not looking for a show thats going to make you think…of course it won’t. Its suppose to be cute and light hearted fun. Get over yourselves!

  • http://myspace.com/ninjamermaid Captain

    can’t wait for the new season.

  • rhiannon

    Awesome! I was absolutely addicted to this show at one point but to wait so long :’( I <3 Kat and Patrick they are so cute :)

  • Rosalie

    I Love this show i hope we see more of Patrick and Kat……

    Can anybody tell me What day the second season starts??

  • chi

    @lola rose: I absolutely love Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger’s version because, let’s face it, it’s amazing in every way. It’s one of my favourite movies. HOWEVER have you heard Ethan Peck’s voice??? unbelievably sexy! and meaghan’s not that bad. she’s better than some of the big hollywood actresses *cough*julia roberts*cough*

    if you don’t like it, what’s the point in commenting? and on a better note, thank God there’s a second season. so excited!!!

  • zina


  • Tiffany


    I really am excited I just wished they would give a definite date, I’m tired of waiting. :)

  • ale

    What day in January?

  • dallas

    i like the show. i saw the old movie and it was good but you cant always expect shows and movies to be the same… what would be the fun in that? anyways i think for what it is 10 things is a really good show! and i could be mistaken but i think that abc is owned by disney… so technically all the actors are disney… but i could be wrong

  • http://remy.com Tell me

    Hey This really isnt my email or web…
    but i love this show A LOT!
    i like the parts of Kat and Patrick :)

  • priscilla

    i really dont like kat in this tv series. she tries too hard to seem different and *unique*.
    but man, ethan peck is really hot!

  • mc

    do you know where we could find the new season free please ?
    sorry for the catastrophic english (I’m french)

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