Ashley Tisdale: Beautiful in Blue

Ashley Tisdale: Beautiful in Blue

Ashley Tisdale shines on the red carpet in a strapless jewel-tone blue dress at the 2009 Primetime Creative Arts Emmys held at the Nokia Theatre LA Live in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (September 12).

The 24-year-old actress/singer will be presenting prizes to technical and other similar achievements in American television programming along with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

Ashley‘s family fun summer flick, Aliens in The Attic, is set to hit shelves on DVD and Bluray on Tuesday, November 3rd.

UPDATE: Ashley is wearing a Nicole Miller dress, YSL shoes and Fendi purse.

20+ pics inside of Creative Arts Emmy elegant Ashley Tisdale

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Credit: misstisdale; Photos: Mathew Imaging/WireImage, Juan Rico/Fame Pictures
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  • Mia .

    wow, she looks great! :)

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    lol she have a small nick !!
    but she looks nice :)

  • ooi

    second ?

  • taylor

    I don’t really like her dress, but she looks beautiful.

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    and i realy dont like the belt with tha dress it’s just
    dont match !! but i love her :)

  • Ashley tisdale’s #1 fan

    so incredibly beautiful as always! best of luck tonight ash, i know you’ll be amazing! i love you with all of my heart and will always and forever be your #1 fan
    ~Ashley Tisdale’s #1 fan for forever and always xoxo~
    p.s. everyone please follow me on twitter-

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    @taylor: me too i meen look
    at the end !! lol

  • http://justjared jo

    but it does match, she has black shoes with a black purse lol :) but thats just mmy opinions :) but she looks beautiful xo

  • Zac

    I really like her but this dress has ugly colour.

  • lol

    Please put a picture of Selena gomez at the emmys :)

  • diego

    i like his hair her dress her shoes everytihmg

  • noha

    look at selena she look sooooo beautiful just look at her but ashley look so ugly with this ugly face and dresse

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I LOVE the color of the dress !! Very niice. ..The dress is only okay though.. could have been better. But Ashley’s stunning.

  • sandra

    Maybe her stylist was not able to take care of her this day. It is the Emmys and there are a lot of big stars there.

  • musicgirl

    yeah the dress is not pretty but i kinda like her hair..

  • cARL

    Beautiful!! OMG

  • diego


  • lalala

    she looks ok i dont really like the dress and um no its not the Emmys Emmys its the i dont wanna say less important Emmys but its not as big as the Primetime Emmys which is in a couple weeks i dnt even think these Emmys come on TV do they?

  • ashleytfan

    loving the dress, ash!
    she is stunning!

  • Renata

    So damn cute!

  • http://none jasmine

    she looks so pretty i love her dress and her hair! i dont get why people are saying her dress is ugly… i love the dress!
    ashley u are so beatiful!

  • claire

    selena gomez looks WAYYYY better!!! yay selena

  • Gonzalo


    I love you Ashley! =)

    Follow me in Twitter:

  • hot mess


  • fan

    This Emmy portion should be included with the regular Emmy. It is just as important to the regular Emmy. The Emmy cut this portion out of the regular Emmy event because the air times on TV, plus there are many drama, comedy, family, vampires, and children TV series aired throughout each TV network stations. I would rather that the event be extended extra hours and show the whole award show.

  • lara

    she looks AMAZING!

  • Renata

    ACTUALLY, she’s not only cute, she’s stunning, the blue matches perfeclty to her skin, and her hair is absolutelly perfect!

  • iliana

    she look beatiful and great. vote for ashley

  • DAVE

    She looks so much better than Selena, of course, and i just don’t understand, you guys, I loved the color…

  • Andy


  • ZJ207

    wow!! she looks stunning!!
    The blue dress matches her skin perfectly!! and i love the color!! she looks amazing! … What are you guys complaining about? Maybe she wasn’t the best dressed of the night but she was looking gorgeous!! And her hair is perfect! :) <3
    She’s amazingg


    She looks stunning!!!!!! <3
    I love the dress :D and its color!! is very good!! she looks better than Selena and all the others :D haha

  • ZJ207

    And btw THESE emmys will be airing on E! on Friday.

  • rACHEL

    She DOES look wayyyyyy better than Selena her hair her dress everything looks great

  • Keep It Real

    Does anyone know the latest stats on Ashley’s new album. I’m curious because a lot of promotion seemed to go into it, but it came out, and right after that I heard absolutely nothing. Did it do badly? And does she have any movies coming out or anything?

  • team tizz

    @Keep It Real: No, her album is doing fine and her next single will be crank it up and more news will be coming this week. she said while ago that she is looking at movies right now and will be doing a movie in the fall.

    Btw Ashley looks beautiful as always so does Selena:)

  • ZJ207

    @Keep It Real: It didn’t do badly. It did just fine. It ranked #12 on the Billboard 200 and it’s still on the chart. About her new movies, she said she’s still looking for scripts and might do something this fall. And she might be doing a tour this fall as well.

  • s

    she is so pretty but i dont like her dress :(

  • osama


  • masquerading

    woooooowwww there! haha i love that dress! and i love her!!!!!!! :P

  • masquerading

    @noha: then why are you looking at her and commenting here if she’s SO ugly?!??!
    so desperate. gosh.

  • nuria.

    I don’t really like her otfitt…

  • katie

    i feel like she never looks really “elegant” anymore she always dresses funky now…????

  • ZJ207

    @katie: What? I think she looks pretty elegant here!
    And btw, Ashley never changed the way she dresses to events… I mean, look at the Shrek Premiere… Ashley’s dress isn’t so different from these days!

  • bep

    She looks really good there :)
    She looks like she’s glowing <3 haha
    And Ashley always takes risks in fashion. She always said that, and it’s pretty obvious by the color of that dress! :)

  • lalademi

    She’s so boring .Not special.

  • jonasfreak

    She looks WOW! so… AMAZING!!!!!
    i love herrrrrr so much!
    is there any video yet from the show?? :)

  • jonasfreak

    @lalademi: Boring?? Not special?? What’s so boring about her?? She’s SOOOO special!! At least she’s not a perfect barbie doll like all the others. She has her own taste in music, in life, she has her own personality and it’s amazingggg.
    Ashley isn’t boring at all, she always do and say something new.


    @lalademi: What makes you say that?

  • lucia

    She looks extra beautiful!!
    I love her so much

>>>>>>> staging1