Miranda Cosgrove Takes Jennette McCurdy To The Dentist

Miranda Cosgrove Takes Jennette McCurdy To The Dentist

Miranda Cosgrove gets the chuckles over a medicated Jennette McCurdy in this new still from iCarly.

In the new episode, “iThink They Kissed,” Sam (McCurdy) slips and tells Carly (Cosgrove) about the time she kissed Freddie (Nathan Kress), leading Carly to demand to know why her friends kept this a secret from her. Elsewhere, Spencer (Jerry Trainor) teaches an art class to prisoners.

Series creator Dan Schneider shared a few secrets about the episode. He shared on his official blog, “During the second half of this scene when Carly and Sam are talking, you’ll see how Sam keeps pulling Carly toward her… and spastically wrapping her arms around Carly’s head… and grabbing at Carly’s hair. None of that was in the script. As we were shooting the scene, the pace and energy were feeling a little slow to me… not fun and funny enough. So the director and I ran on set and worked with the girls, suggesting to Jennette that she be more grabby, and to keep telling Carly to ‘C’mere.’ I loved the result, so when I got into editing, that’s what I used in the episode.”

“iThink They Kissed” premieres TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. 10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Dan Schneider
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  • harper

    Love Miranda! Jeannette not so much :)

  • mrsefron.

    cool! (:
    i wanna see the new ep tonight.

    im meeting Miranda tomorrow!! :D im excited.
    before the vma’s, ahh.

  • Jennamirandasnumberonefan

    @mrsefron.: you are tell her Jenna said good luck on her singing career.I am her number one fan

  • http://jjj Ryan LaPlaca

    I was sort of disappointed with this episode. I mean yeah the secret is finally out of the bag but I thought this would’ve been the episode were Creddie was going to happen, but that didn’t happen at all. BTW I love the new theme to season 3 nice work.

  • kstewandmirandacrockx

    I cannot wait to see this ep!

  • Courtney

    Seddie FTW! I knew from the title (iThink They Kissed) it was gunna be a seddie episode!

  • ashleytfan

    I just seen this eppy.
    I laughed out loud at the part where Sam was all giggly :P

    Freddie & Sam would be so adorable together<3

  • http://twitter.com/luckydii Diana

    yay icarly !!

  • Alex

    Miranda is so beautiful I can’t believe that her friends would lie to her after she let’s them live at her house and eat everything in her refrigerator.

  • Tooty

    This show is so great. I just cant stand the Sam character. I know that’s what they want but she really annoys me!

  • Andrew

    Did anyone else hear sam say “holy crap” towards the end of the episode?? Both my brother and I seriously believed we heard her say it. I was kinda shocked, but then again there was that “ass” thing in the credits for Ned’s Declassified..so Nickelodeon doesn’t really surprise me anymore

  • yaeahaeah


  • mobey


  • katy

    jennette is so pretty. i love her eyes. i loved her int his episode!!! of course i love her in every episode, so it doesn’t make much of a difference

    go jennette!!!!

  • Candace

    the show is so funny! Jennette is my absolute favorite-can’t wait to hear more of her music.

  • Lucille

    i seriously cant understand what people like about sam/jennette? Her character is obnoxious on the show and in real life she is always trying to shove her videos and stuff down our throats. whats likable about that?

  • kay

    @Lucille: how does jennette shove her vids down our throats she post them on her youtube channel and others link to it. If you don’t like her don’t click to watch her vids. I f you say that about her then you have to say the same about all stars who post vid and people link them. She doesn’t post the vids anywhere else except on site that are owned by her. And people like myself like sam because she and spencer are the only to stars on the show that are truly funny the others just play of them. They are random and they have depth. I mean yeah sam is mean but obviously she is not that horrible or no one would be friends with her. She is a very interesting character and jennette skillfully brings her to life. And before one of you haters say it no I am not her or her mom as you all like to beleive that she can not have any nice reviews without one of you haters claiming it is just her and her mom which is just childish and stupid.

  • kay

    @harper: why do i get the feeling that you and tooty are just starbreakers and norcalnick from the imdb boards. And if like miranda you could have just mentioned her you didn’t have to say anything about jennette at all.

  • kay

    @Andrew: she didn’t say holy crap she said holy crab. Dan the producer of icarly already addressed that before the show aired

  • Hannah

    @kay: I could care less about Jennette one way or the other, but if you are going to defend someone you should pick someone who hasn’t already been called out for their behavior, or maybe you missed the What the Buck video rant about her.


    Wow so many Sam/Jenette haters what has she done to you hmm… NOTHING so if you don’t like her why comment on her I for one think Spencer and Sam are the funniest ones on this show everybody else is just blahh and I also think Jennette is soooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh and congrats to Jennette for being signed to CAPITOL RECORDS!!!!


    Wow so many Sam/Jenette haters if you don’t like her why comment on her I for one think Spencer and Sam are the funniest ones on this show everybody else is just blahh and I also think Jennette is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • kay

    @Hannah: and maybe you missed where he made a video about him making up with her and resubscribing to her on twitter. And how is it bad behavior not to follow someone who curses when you don’t like cursing. She never said she didn’t like Whatthebuck but she didn’t follow him because he swore and she doesn’t like swearing it is not for her but she has no problem with people who do she just doesn’t like reading it. She stopped following the other people because it got to over whelming and her manager was helping her sort through everything when she started twitter.That is understandable. Get your facts straight.

  • Bethany

    Wow! For someone who’s “not her or her mom” you sure know every little detail of this girl’s life…hmmm.

  • katy


  • kay

    @Bethany: How did I in any way make it seem like I know every detail of her life. I’m just a fan and like many other people I followed what actually happened during the so-called twitter war. A disagreement that was dramatized and blown way out of proportion. Drama like this never dies down because even when the issue is resolved people bring it up again. I just like to keep up on my fav stars (because I am bored most of the time and looking for news) which many people do because I like finding out info on there careers and such. And I only said that about not being her or her mom because i keep seeing it written and I feel that even if you don’t like an actor/actress or singer that is fine. But to constantly bring there family into it is unnecessary and figured If I said it it would not give a hater like you the chance to say that I was.

  • larissa de melo

    omg, so funny. I love jennette. she’s so beatiful and funny

  • Jayden

    did on this episode sam say holy crap?

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @Jayden: Uh, that was already addressed in post #19.

  • Seddieroxmisox

    JENNETTE ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r the best…..don’t worry about what ANYONE says about u…..u r humble and and a good person. Seddie 4ever. SOMETHING ELSE: I don’t understand why this light-hearted article has turned into ajennette-hating comment thing….what has she ever done to you???? if anything, Miranda cosgrove is obnoxious….she brags about herself and is such a show off. But I’ve got nothing against her….I just think Jennette is more amiable and genuine.


  • Seddieroxmisox


  • Someone

    Haters should just STFU! And just comment at your favorite ok!
    BOTH Jennette and Miranda are talented and gorgeous people.

  • Someone

    Haters should just comment on your favorite, why bother commenting on the ones you hate?
    Both Jennette and Miranda rock!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com lazyleoforever

    everyone vote at kca.com :D

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