David Archuleta Performs At US Open

David Archuleta Performs At US Open

David Archuleta belts his heart out to “America The Beautiful” as he performs at the 2009 U.S. Open held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City on Sunday afternoon (September 13).

The 18-year-old singer was joined by United States Marine Corps, 6th Communications Battalion, Brooklyn NY in the anthem.

David tweeted from the world-class tennis match, “Got done singing ‘America the Beautiful!’ So neat especially with the marines! Gonna watch some of the game now! Feeling really tired for some reason, but what a great day! Thanks so much you guys for watching tonight and your comments! Good night!”

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Photos: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
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  • n

    looooove him

  • Marie

    Awwww I <3 him! He did such an amazing job, so proud :)

  • whatevs

    He did really good! So glad to see this!

  • ivanka

    congrats to kim:)she deserved to win

  • sanders

    he sounds great, love the whole presentation

  • mhel

    superb and excellent performance by david…it was so heartfelt that it had me to tears…..so loved his rendition…the best i’ve ever heard so far…bravo david!!!you’re an amazing performer….a class act indeed!

  • Kaylee

    Loved David’s singing last night! He just soared at the end!

  • nl

    This was a great, soulful rendition of a difficult song. I love how his voice builds throughout the song to the ending. (And the tennis was good too!)

  • pastel

    David Archuleta gave a very stirring performance. Very moving. David can sing these songs like no one.

  • anonymous

    this dude is a stone singer. he just brings it, everytime… love the soul/r and b/gospel-y vibe he has going on with this rendition. his voice filled that whole arena. great job archuleta.

  • kim

    He sure did belt his heart out! Oh and the ending nearly did me in! David sure is a class act all around. Amazes me. Thanks for the post!

  • he is so cute

    he is so handsome and he looks more grown up and sexier..Thanks!
    he did great too!

  • pixiechic

    i thought all the VMA hoopla overshadowed this David’s awesome performance at the US Open last nite..that’s why i tweeted u earlier…thanks for featuring this story…He is a talent that shouldn’t be missed from being known by everyone…We are indeed so proud of him.

  • Bookaholic

    This was a FABULOUS rendition of a beautiful song by a gorgeous, wonderful human being. Loved it! Love him. I will be his biggest fan from now until FOREVER.

  • http://fod GMAX4

    David is the only singer I know who could pull off this song with such emotion!! He sang his heart out and made eveyone in the stadium stand at attention…in AWE!!! I felt the tears and spirit of the song, that only he can make me feel!!! We are so blessed to have his musical artistry in the Music Industry. He outsings and outclasses everyone .
    After hearing about the VMA awards show last night, I am so happy that David’s inspiration is here to set the example for many of our young people. We sorely need him as a role model in our lives!!!

  • keN

    . . . . . people have said Angels walk
    amongst us….if thats true, Archie could
    be one of them. Just say’n…

  • wow!

    That was truly wonderful. David Archuleta is an amazing artist. After watching what passes as musicians at the VMAs last night it is so nice to watch a really classy, talented guy like Archuleta. Thanks for posting this!

  • frenchie

    David Archuleta sang America the Beautiful last night.
    He looked stunning and gave a stunning performance!
    What talent and what class!

    David Archuleta has been very busy recording a Christmas album, “Christmas From The Heart” & it is due to be released on October 13th. Christmas in October! I can’t imagine a better singer that could record a Christmas album to get me in the holiday spirit!


    David is so amazing! gosh his voice is LOVE <3 <3 i CANT wait 4 him x-mass CD love love him so muhc

  • lesssha

    One word for David Archuleta Amazing!!!!! Love him!

  • gloria

    oh i saw this last night <3 he was soooo amazing! PLUS he looked sooo HOT!! LOVE LOVE him sooo much

  • portia

    david did a fantastic job last night. just amazing.

  • Masbonita

    LOVE ,LOVE , David !!! Great job.

  • Big fan!

    Wow! He truly is amazing! A very moving performance! Well done!

  • griff

    What a talent! What a tremendous role model!

  • Jamie

    I think it’s great that David was able to sing at the Open. He sure can sing and does a great job with patriotic songs.

  • hun98

    #3 I agree!! So good to see her back!! :) David, did an amazing job!!! I love seeing his old familiar face! Music and Tennis mixed is AWESOME!

  • jess

    it was beautiful

  • Laurie

    Stunning performance by David Archuleta last night! Only he can sound so amazing live!

  • grace

    Wow, what a performance. Soaring vocals. So rightful person to sing that beautiful song!

  • athena

    Wow, I’m so happy for him…his voice is so clear and he has a sultriness to his voice…he’s great…I wish him the best for his career and onward.

  • sv18

    That was stunning!! he is the greatest!

  • js

    Wow!! What an amazing performance!! I am so proud to be an american and a David Archuleta fan!!

  • catherine

    Beautiful performance. Love Archuleta’s singing!

  • Carolo

    As he always manages to do, this performance brought tears to my eyes. David sings with such emotion and respect — his gorgeous voice and presence are a blessing to us all. Love him!!

  • Lynn

    David is so grand! I loved this performance!

  • nanz

    What an amazing rendition of ATB! Simple, classy, elegant and yet
    passionate and soul-stirring. I love David Archuleta–the person and the artist. Don’t forget, his Christmas CD is coming out next month…it will
    be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joie

    david was amazing! i am so proud to be a fan of a real talent. he is destined to be successful!

  • Lisa

    OMG I love this boy!

    He has hands down the greatest voice of any of the young performers out today maybe anyone in the music industry right now.

    THAT is how you sing live!


    Once again David proves why he is the best live singer …. Stunning performance……I will be his fan for ever !! I became his fan because of ‘the voice’……I remain his fan for the amazing person he is.

  • Trudy

    Wow – David Archuleta was amazing. I turned on the tennis match just because I knew David would be singing. I am a HUGE fan of David’s and just think he is an amazing singer/songwriter. Loved his version of America the beautiful. His voice is so soulful. Can’t wait for his holiday album that is coming out Oct 13 called Christmas From the Heart.

  • Astrid

    David is one of a kind. I love the verses he chose to sing in light of the anniversary of 9/11 having passed only a couple of days before. He has so much class and dignity at such a young age. Many of today’s stars could learn a lot from him. He looked and sounded great, as usual!

  • bridget

    Brilliant rendition! Sooo proud to be a fan!!

  • Cindyw

    The soft almost whispery vocals in the beginning are so beautiful. Then David belts out that powerful voice that sends a rush through your whole body! Spectacular!

  • free4all

    Watched a true gentleman, artist, and proud American sing a beautiful song last night. David is one in a million. I was so moved by his performance. His stellar voice is only matched by his impeccable character. Bravo David!!!


    Oh my heck, I have watched this video several times, I’m so darn proud of him.. He gave a soulful performance of “America the Beautiful.”

  • http://WWW.fod.COM heart2heart

    When David sings, evceryone listens! And wherever David is, that’s where I want to be! I have learned so much from this young soul who sounds like Heaven! Can’t wait for his Christmas album, “Fron the Heart.” Thank you to the management of the US Open for inviting this AMAZING TALENT to sign for us!

  • yolanda

    The Man.The Voice.The Song. Seriously, what a perfect combination

  • gemzone

    David delivered once again. He is the most amazing singer that I have seen in a long time. Love him!

  • Davidmexicantia

    David was amazing!

    He is having his Christmas album out on Oct/12

    Please go and check it out!!