Vanessa Hudgens is Allure-ing

Vanessa Hudgens is Allure-ing

Vanessa Hudgens lets the sand seep through her fingers in this new outtake from the October 2009 issue of Allure Magazine.

While in the makeup chair, the 20-year-old actress spilled to the mag that she wasn’t quite used to her new bangs quite yet and revealed if she’d ever go nude foe a role, her BFF Ashley Tisdale and mom Gina. Check it:

On if she’d ever go nude for a future role: “Whenever anybody asks me, would I do nudity in a film, if I say that it’s something I’m not comfortable with, they’re like, ‘Bullshit, you’ve already done it.’ If anything, it makes it more embarrassing, because that was a private thing. It’s screwed up that someone screwed me over like that. At least some people are learning from my mistakes.”

On wearing the same type of dress at the Hairspray premiere with Ashley: “It’s so funny, because we showed up and we were like, ‘Oh my God! We’re both wearing minidresses! Let’s take pictures together!’ We called this pose our Mary-Kate and Ashley, because in our brains, we’re twins; people just don’t know it. Posing is a good thing to think about, and I usually slack in that department”

On her inspiration and role model, mom Gina: “I love her to death. She’s the sweetest, happiest woman I’ve ever met, the most free-spirited, delightful person, and I aspire to be just like her. The older I get, the more I find myself like my mom. She just has the best outlook.”

The October issue hits stands next Tuesday, September 22nd.

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Photos: Carter Smith/Allure Magazine
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  • diane n.

    haha, I love her.
    she is beautiful.

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    Love her.

    She is stunning. Can’t wait for it to hit stands!

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    That picture is absoulutly AMAZING!
    Soo hot and sexy!
    And it’s so sweet of her to talk about her mom and ashley like that!
    Love her!

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    she’s absolutely gorgeous!

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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HOT VANESSA YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    she is Beautiful.
    VANESSA Love u ♥

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    she looks AMAZING! can’t wait for the rest of the interview and shoot!

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    Well why bother looking here its her site you idiot.
    Go look somewhere else then

    Vanessa is stunning, beautiful and breathtaking

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    Crysandra lee ; shut up and if you don’t STAND HER , THEN DON’T Comment

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    love this girl. she looks stunning and i love what she is saying.

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    amazing girl
    sooooo hoooot

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    she looks gorgeousssssss =)
    loveee herrr <3

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    Can’t wait to for the magazine.

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    and awwwh, at what she said about the pics. ):

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    @kate: Well it’s not actually her site it’s a site for all celebs but yeah i get what you mean. This article is about her so why bother posting here if you don’t like her. I hate it when people do that on the Corbin articles. She looks so pretty in the photos and I love her bangs:)

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    i dont really like her but she looks very pretty here!!! Crysandra lee if you dont have anything nice to say you shouldnt even be commenting!!!

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    a beautiful woman that will go far in life and hopefully have a steady relationship with zac!!!! can i get an amen??? lol

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    vanessa showing her maturity once again. Classy girl..she is transforming to be a very mature young lady, and a source to be reckoned with.

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    ah…………………………………………….. have no words
    vanessa looks …………………so perfect

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    @Crysandra lee: Actually you can’t. I you don’t like strawberries you don’t bother buying a strawberry shortcake just for the simple fact that you don’t like strawberries. If you don’t like Vanessa Hudgens you don’t bother writing a rude comment about her making yourself look ignorant, pathetic and rude because…. you don’t like her.

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    love HER to death! :)

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    AWW , i love her.

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    Gawd, she has everything I want. Personality wise and looks, maybe even her boyfriend. XD But yeauh,, I love her too much. Can’t wait to read the rest of the mag. !! I LOVE that photo of her. Sexy yet elegant for me. Yum.

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    Beautiful! Vanessa you’re gorgeous, keep your head up, we fans will keep supporting you

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  • may

    i don’t like her …

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    OMG!! gorgeous like always :D
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    I love her. What she said about her mum is awesome! When she was describing her mum she could have been describing herself!

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    she truly is alluring. a perfect magazine for her be on the cover.

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