David Henrie is a Weapon of Choice

David Henrie is a Weapon of Choice

Trading in his magical wand for a different kind of weapon, David Henrie is in talks with Platinum Studios to develop its comic book series, “The Weapon,” into a feature film he’d star in.

The 20-year-old actor shared with The Hollywood Reporter about the project, saying, “‘The Weapon’ is so awesome, and my Disney audience will enjoy the empowerment and action-filled journey my character experiences. I’m a huge fan and student of MMA (mixed martial arts), and I hope to bring that to the character of Tommy.”

“Weapon” follows martial arts enthusiast and inventor Tommy Zhou, who has developed a ground-breaking portable innovation that an evil order will stop at nothing to steal.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about David’s new project?

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  • Jade

    he is gorgeous

  • http://rubydine.blogspot.com Ilma

    Aah so excited!

  • Flyaway

    Yay! I can’t wait to see his new movie!
    He’s so charming and talented! <3

  • sophie

    jeez, he is beautiful ;)

  • marie

    i would so watch this, just because he’s in it!

  • davidhenrieLUVER

    i love him so much♥

  • Darun Zahn

    Well this has a potential to be a good movie as all movies do. I’m not familiar with the comic book itself and for those who aren’t familiar with it either here’s a brief overview of what it is.
    I assume that means David would be playing as Tommy Zhou, inventor/ martial artist. It’s a great role for him seeing as it would allow him to show off his ability to act in an action role not to mention it would be fantastically fun learning new martial arts moves and dealing with the issues of making a comic book movie. I really hope this movie goes on without a hitch, mostly for David’s sake.

  • angela

    GAHH!!! im so gonna watch this!!!Trailker,sneek peek? please!

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    A white actor playing an Asian-American fictional character. This is the most brilliant move ever done by Hollywood.

  • george

    I agree with hmmmmmmmm, I think Platinum Studios should get an Oscar for this! White Power!

  • frank

    I really think the studio should change the title of the film and try to come up with their own story like the Matrix movies having influenced from Ghost in the Shell anime rather than taking the character come from a certain ethnic background. It’s not really fair if Mr. Henrie is playing an asian american superhero specifically of Chinese heritage when there are successful asian american actors in Hollywood (if not Hollywood, there are plenty overseas, and some are bilingual). If the Studio is concerned about making any profit, there have been successful films in the U.S. with asian actors like Enter the Dragon, The Last Emperor, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Harold and Kumar, and recently Slumdog Millionaire. I don’t have anything against David Henrie, (and I’m sure he can act and be popular with teens), but taking a story that has Chinese family roots (Chinese Americans are very proud and have honor), turning it into a live action mma film and de-emphasizing the character’s Chinese heritage is just wrong and offensive.

  • Kei

    Yay a person of Italian decent is playing a Chinese American who lives in Hawaii and invents a way to bend light so he can kill assassins. sounds like a totally racist idea to me… he is hot though but its obvious whitewashing by using such an attractive young man who looks no where near Chinese.