Emily Osment: All The Right Wrongs Out October 27!

Emily Osment: All The Right Wrongs Out October 27!

Emily Osment flashes a soft smile to the camera as she heads off to Much Music in Toronto earlier last month.

The 17-year-old starlet is busy promoting her upcoming EP, All The Right Wrongs. Emily just posted two new videos pimping out her music and the dangers of rocking out too hard.

All The Right Wrongs will hits shelves on Tuesday, October 27.

TELL JJJ: Are you going to buy Emily’s EP?

Emily Osment – Nerf Games

Emily Osment – The Dangers of Rocking Out Too Hard
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  • mareen

    Love Emily <33
    my role model.
    but probably won’t buy it cause I don’t live in the US

  • http://twitter.com/believeinlove08 Samantha

    YES!! I absolutely love her!!

  • helena

    i probably wont buy it cos i dont like the song she put out and i much prefer her as an actress than as a singer

  • http://mysace.com/ijot_96 Izzah

    Love her soo much….

    I probably won’t buy the EP coz I’m in the UK…

  • http://misstinkerbell.webs.com Jena

    I honestly don’t think Emily can sing – but i’ve only heard one song from the album, so i won’t judge the whole album. but anyways, i really like her, she seems very sweet and she actually acts her age.

  • none

    she is a good singer but i am not going to buy the album.

  • http://www.twitter.com/melmy13 Melinda

    man! i just can’t wait for her album!!!!!!!!!

  • delsy


  • http://deleted maybe

    I would love to,but i can’t! =(

  • http://twitter.com/anaybarra Nanita

    The album comes out the same day as JB concert in Venezuela!!!

  • o

    She’s so cute! Definitely going to buy it. :)

  • anna

    For sure! (:

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Billythekidny billythekid

    The question was asked by JJJ if I would buy her LP, and I must honestly answer with a very serious, no! I love Emily Osment very much as an actress but her singing is just not doing it for me. I know she is popular and all, but it takes more than popularity to make a successful singing career. Just ask Ashley Tisdale. I like Ashley very much as an actress but not as a singer. Her latest album bares witness to that claim by it’s poor sales. It entered Billboard at #12 with 25k sales and totally fell out of the chart after only 6 weeks! Another Disney singer, Selena Gomez, will have her debut in the near future, but I suspect she will fair better than Ashley or Emily simply because her fanbase is more devoted. This, in spite of the fact that her singing is, in actually, no different than Emily or Ashley. Hard to be a Miley or a Demi these days!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    must love her

  • caroline

    @billythekid: Nice comment! If we were all like you the Internet would have a much better reputation. :) Well, could have some refining, but I’ll overlook that :p

  • Max Tames

    i love emily osment! emily te amo pero no mas que Alexa Nikolas

  • http://aol.com OMG

    maybe, IDK!