Miley Cyrus Shakes It With Max Azria

Miley Cyrus Shakes It With Max Azria

Miley Cyrus lets loose in this brand-new video for her new line with Max Azria, dancing to Metro Station‘s “Shake It.”

The 16-year-old born-entertainer created the vid with her Mileyworld dancers and JJJ loves it!

Miley is currently on her Wonder World tour with Metro Station (headed by big bro Trace Cyrus and Mitchel Musso‘s big bro Mason). Their next stop: Tacoma, Washington TONIGHT!

Miss Cyrus will also be sharing the stage with Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Adele TOMORROW night on VH1′s Divas. The special concert airs Thursday, September 17 @ 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

Miley Cyrus Shakes It
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  • Camrin


  • Alex

    I love miley’s outfit in this so cute

  • erin

    this is actually, really really cool!! i’m not a big fan of miley’s, but this is tight

  • Lic_Merry


    ♥ Miley baiLa tan Lindo y amo su cabello y comos e viiste su Musica ♪
    todas diveRtiidas HAHA

    FOLLOW Me @

  • karly

    awesome, love her to pieces. :) i love her clothing line too, it’s so versatile. you can really wear it anywhere, as casual, or you can glam it up.

    looking forward to seeing new things come out!

  • Anna



    I LOVE this video. The outfits are so cute!
    Her outfits are so awsome.

    something you can wear to school, at home, at the mall.
    not all clothing lines are like that!
    I love it.

    and Karly is right(:

  • Em

    incredible!! I love it! Miley is an incredible dancer!!

  • kim

    ok….. boring video… she really cant dance haha
    miley why did u change? u were so great! :(

  • gfhgfgf

    Hmmmmmmmmm…. i use to be a HUGE fan but not so much anymore

  • sam

    Really cool!
    Love the outfits
    Love the song Shakes It

  • naomi

    I love the video, it’s really cool but Miley cant’ dance!!

  • Maddison

    That was so painful watchign those talent less skanks shake their a$$’s and try and be se.xy

    Miley on the other hand actually looked good

  • swe3t2

    even though miley’s claim to be isn’t a dancer. BUT GIRL CAN shake it!!!!

    she can move love it

  • m?

    Shake, Shake,Shake, Shake It!

  • yay!!!!!

    This is really cute!!
    great dancing and the clothes are nice!

  • Chanel

    @Maddison: AMEN! I think Miley should change ‘career’s because she like the pole and dancing like this. Stripper maybe?

    Anything where she doesn’t have to talk, sing, or act.

  • anna

    that wsa cute

  • kevin

    @Chanel: FAIL. maybe your the little hoe stripping and doing “who knows what” with her friends at her little hello kitty slumber partys :) no ofence.

    anyway, DANNG miley looks fuckinh hot.
    and pffft she can actually move, not like other disnney kids,
    who just stand and do nothing… AT ALL :l

  • jo

    GoMiley!!!! This was reallycute

  • chelsea

    @kevin: totally agree

  • Sally.

    She can’t dance.
    She looks hopeless in front of all of the professionals.

  • annie

    She kinda sucks dancing!!

  • tiff

    the girl does know how to dance so what if she isnt the greatest dancer around, she still knows how to shake it :)

  • =)=)=)

    i think she did a great job and the line is amazing !!
    kevin : i agree %10000000
    miley: i love u
    miley fans : keep the love alive !!! cuz miley loves u !
    miley haters : even though u hate her miley loves u and will try hard 2 prove that 2 u and 2 prove that she loves what she does !
    ps: follow miley on twitter she talks about her new tour !

  • mileycyrus#1fav4ever

    I LOVE MILEY CYRUS !! and the clothes look ammazing !! just like her !
    and when mileys face comes up i was like 0______stunning______0

  • mileycyrus#1fav4ever

    and miley can sing act and dance so shut the f_ck up K!

  • cry no more

    im empressed ! good job miley ! kevin AGREED !!!! she doesnt just stand there and watch them dance !

  • chrisbrownluver4ever

    kevin i always love reading your comments their soo true !
    miley is the best teen star out there ! keep it on miley and i cant believe that u only learned all this in three weeks WOW u realy love your fans and work realy hard 2 show it 2 them !!! WE LOVE U MILEY CYRUS ALWAYS AND 4EVER !

  • =)=)=)

    OMG guys did u know that miley chose the name ” Ronnie ” for her character in ” THE LAST SONG ” in honor of her grandfather the democratic politician RON CYRUS !!! she must have loved her granpa reay much cuz that was sweet of her !!!

  • melena

    the movie looks great u can see a few things in her ” when i look at u ” music video !! and that was nice of her

  • amanda

    Love her! And she can dance!

  • aaa

    she ins’t a good dancer. she can’t dance.

  • Nina

    i like the video,she looks great
    and i agree,she can dance,not like many others
    and yeah,the line is amazing and miles is really working hard!!!!
    love u

  • lauren

    wen is some1 gonna tell this losers family she is 16 not 26!

  • nat

    whatevr miley haters…
    miley gets more money so whatevr!!!!
    she can dance way better than miley and selena together… hahaha..
    im a demi and selena fan too, so no worries..thats just the truth…

    besides everyone on disney grows up, your not trashing ashley tisdale or hilary duff… and they dress revealing too, maybe coy their in their 20s but come on, teens way even more revealing than miley…

    i love her clothes, im so gonna buy them, normal clothes for normal people by a normal girl…. hehehehe…

    mileys growing up like everyone else.. deal with it.. if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all..

  • nat

    i meant demi and selena. sori. lol..

  • Jane

    Hmmmmmmmmm…. i use to be a HUGE fan but not so much anymore


  • bethanyap

    miley looks so awesome in the videos !! the dancers and the clothes were great too ! i think that people should get over the pole dancing thing ! it was last month ! get-over-it!!

  • Veronica

    Aww, she looks stunning when we finally see her in the video! SO cute! <3

  • josh

    Miley great video! i love it when she dance along with her dancer the girl got some tight moves she hot!
    OH man the sexiest disney star am so happy she not taken and she single i might get the chance to meet her am going to ask her out! going to her concert trying my best to go to the meet and greet i want to ask her out.

  • jimmy

    I used to like Miley.. then I felt angry with her… then her slut move turn into Hot move.. then I obsess with her again.. Oh man..

>>>>>>> staging1