David Archuleta: Christmas From The Heart Album Cover!

David Archuleta: Christmas From The Heart Album Cover!

Check out David Archuleta‘s Christmas CD Album Cover!

The 18-year-old American Idol alum finished the record a couple of weeks ago and JJJ couldn’t wait to see and share the cover.

David covers your fave Christmas tunes like “Joy To The World,” “What a Child Is This,” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” featuring Filipina star Charice Pempengco.

You can pre-order the CD, which releases on Tuesday, October 13, on Amazon now!

Stay tuned to JJJ for more David at the ALMA Awards tonight!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of David’s album cover?

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  • sarah

    I love the new album cover cant wait until the cd comes out!!!!!

  • alexis.

    Yay. I can’t wait to hear it!

  • Chanel

    He looks 5.

  • nice!

    He looks beautiful! Perhaps Chanel is 5!
    Can’t wait for this cd. Thanks Just Jared Jr.

  • Trudy

    I’m so excited about the cover to David Archuleta’s Christmas album! I already have a bunch of them ordered already! And yes, David’s eyes really are that green. I just think David is such a talented singer/songwriter. Christmas in October — so exciting! I love the cover! If you ever get the chance to see David in concert — you should go — his concerts are so much fun!

  • aaliyahakacbsgirl

    @Chanel: TRhat’s the same exact thing I was thinking. He should’ve changed the expression on his face

  • vanessa

    I’ve met David several times and the picture on the CD cover looks just like him. He is very young looking in person and very petite. I’m so glad that the picture portrays his beautiful eyes. It’s the same warm, inviting look he gives everyone upon meeting him. I’m very happy with the cover.

  • Laura

    Awwww he’s so cute! <3 CANT WAIT TO BUY IT! YAY

  • kim

    Can’t wait to hear it because I think his voice is perfect for Christmas songs! thanks!

  • auburrito

    Excited! I can’t wait to hear it. He has an amazing voice.

  • Joner

    I love his new album cover, and those E.Y.E.S. Talk about WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction),,,OMG!! Could he get any cuter?????

  • pixiechic

    very excited!!!! love how the photographer captured the vividness of David’s hazel eyes…Positive that all the songs will touch every listener’s heart and feel the real meaning of Christmas thru his songs.

  • bridget

    LUV It! Classic David–it captures his smile and eyes! The vocals are gonna be brilliant! Already preordered a BUNCH! :)

  • me!!!

    I love the album cover; it is simple, elegant, natural, peaceful; just like David! and he looks gorgeous! he has the most beautiful eyes in the world!!! I can’t wait to have the CD in my hands!!! I already pre-ordered it and on October 13th I’m going to the record stores to buy copies for my family and friends; it is going to be the best Christmas present! David is the best! I adore him!!!

  • Fiona

    I think this cover is beautiful! David looks serene and his eyes are gorgeous. Can’t wait to hear the music, I know it will be stunning!

  • Jenna

    I want this CD bad! He’s got amazing eyes!!

  • Nancy

    Love it…..that cover just stands out when you go to Amazon and look at all the Christmas albums together. I love the angelic look he has which is David. It goes with the Christmas spirit…awwwwwI can’t wait to get my hands on this album. I am so excited.

  • Kerri

    I really like it. I think David looks his age and that is what he is suppose to look like. It has a nice Christmas feel to it. His eyes have the look of wonderment and that sweet angelic smile just touches my heart. OMG, he is gorgeous and I can’t wait til it come out

  • aMY (IN va)

    Love the cover, but more importantly, I know I will LOVE the cd. Can’t wait to hear David’s version of these classic songs! Glad he’s got a little grin on his face – makes me want to buy that sweet album.

  • Joe

    Love it and can’t wait to listen to it…….

  • twitter=xoAndreaxo


  • patrick

    i ( v ) d album illegal download dude

  • MAsbonita

    Love it !!! That’s the way he looks at you when you’re talking to him . It’s the best !!! Can’t wait to hear it .

  • madison


    umm your a little off there…hes almost 19.

  • sosie

    What beautiful eyes! He looks a little young but it’s all good, love it!

  • UsedtobeaJonasnowanArchie

    David is so cute! I love that cover! I like the way he dresses too And he is so polite and nice to all his fans. I love his eyes :)
    I went to see the Jonas concert and I was so disappointed in them. (Sorry Joe) My friend took me to see David in concert. David voice is so beautiful, Now all I do is compare everyone to him and no one can beat David. I wish I would had seen AI last year! I missed out!

    I cant wait to buy his christmas cd. Is he going to have a Christmas tour??

  • christine

    awww i loveee him! :)
    cant wait to hear it!! :D

  • Virginia

    I like it! It’s cute! I’m excited for this cd! Can’t wait for Christmas!~V

  • jess

    can’t wait for this album

  • sabrina

    David looks great!!..as always..but I don’t really like the red and green fonts..looks a bit corny..Anyhow, I can’t wait for the album and I WILL certainly buy it!!^^

  • Claudia

    I am very excited for this cd! I hope the day come more sooner. He look very angelical. His so Cute!!!!!!Love him

  • Rosemary

    Absolutely love the cover and can’t wait to get the album!!!

  • gemzone

    Love those EYES!!!!

  • Lisa

    Can’t wait to see David on the ALMA awards tomorrow night and to hear this Christmas album, I know David will be fantastic singing Christmas songs!!! Love his voice.

  • Kimberly

    He is so cheesy… :(

  • marzbarz

    bahh!!! HES ADORABLE

  • grace

    He is one of the best vocals out there. At age 18, nobody can beat him vocally and he just needs good catchy songs that everybody would love. He just finished singing at ALMA tonight in Spanish which will air tomorrow. Are you going to put up video here ? I can’t wait. I have a birthday party to go tomorrow, so I can’t watch TV. Please put up the video of his singing. :)

  • hmmm

    Love David but wonder why his label and mgmt. don’t market him better!???


    Just need someone to give him the care and TLC he deserves. Songs look great! David will knock it out of the park. No doubt!

  • lesssha

    Love it!!!! Can’t wait for this CD. He is amazing!! I get chills just thinking about his voice with these wonderful Christmas songs.

  • Ingrid

    I love it.
    I can’t wait for his almbum **
    he is amazing ^^**

  • Julia

    I cannot WAIT to hear this album :D I can’t wait to buy it!
    His eyes look so utterly perfect in this!

  • sweetpea

    he’s funny looking

  • Jennhy

    Wow, there’s a song featuring Charice also? This is definitely a bonus! Both David and Charice are my favorite singers! Yehey!

  • http://www.yahoo.com ashpha

    Thanks Jjjr for mentioning that on his Christmas Album, Filipina Star Voice Belter Charice Pempengco. Hope they have a duet.. For sure, it would be a good blending…I’ll be the first one to grab a copy. Go Go Go David.


    david is soooooo cute and talented! i love him! and his eyes are just gorgues!
    cant wait till i put my hands on that album :D

  • Paula kennedy

    True David fans totally understand the cover of this album. The label and David both wanted to convey his sincerity and heart with the cover and the name of his Christmas album. David is the real deal, there is nothing fake about him. He is beautiful in every way and we love him!!! What you see it what you get; and believe me that is more than enough. WE LOVE YOU DAVID!!!!!!!!!

    Paula Kennedy

  • kelsy

    ahhhhh I adore him <3 cant wait to get the album <3 HIS EYES ARE FREAKING AMAZING

  • gabby

    i love david archuleta is sooo cute!! i’m gonna see him NOV 1 VIP baby yay!! ahhh i hope he sing my CDs :) i’m so buying 3 copies of the “christmas from the heart”

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    omg lol he is realy cute !!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/archiemr4 archiemr4


    i am so buying .. especially because he has a duet with Charice


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