Gaelan Connell: Sweet 16 EP Now Available!

Gaelan Connell: Sweet 16 EP Now Available!

Everyone knows Gaelan Connell as the geeky but loveable Will Burton in Bandslam, opposite the lovely Vanessa Hudgens, but did everyone know that he has a band of his own?

It’s true! Gaelan fronts a band called Sweet 16 and JJJ loves to rock out to them!

Even better, Gaelan and his buds just released their new EP, You Know What You Are. It features 4 songs, plus a remix. JJJ‘s fave: “Lightning Strike.”

You can buy the EP on iTunes and

Sweet 16 – You Know What You Are EP Sampler
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  • @JohnstonDenise

    i have never heard about him before

  • Jess!


  • hannah234

    i really like them!!!

  • Jena

    he sings? geez

  • rissa

    he’s not the greatest singer, but he has guts. kinda sounds like he’s doing that rocker screaming lyrics type thing. kinda off in parts, but he has guts not to turn on that auto-tune like most singers these days use. proud of the guy.

  • graces

    you know, i actually really like the songs though.. fun, refreshing, .. better than that Owl City band everyone is going gaga over forwhatever reason

    haven’t BOUGHT anything in a while, and I think this one finally gave me a reason to scratch that itunes gift card… aside from the fact you can’t find it anywhere else online lol

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    great gd luck gaelan

  • bee

    I loved his band Exist.

    I digg Sweet 16 too lol. I flove Gaelan.

  • heat

    oh they sound good

  • alyssa.

    I keep loving him more and more!
    I love Gaelan Connell!!

  • Caroline

    wow i’ve heard bout them before BUT i really like the first song i swear even i open my ‘Ares’ to downloaded but then i realized that just a sneep peak of the album,,, ”Radio Sound” i like that one! :D

  • birdie

    He’s so adorable and I like the sound. The kid’s got talent!

  • marie

    wow, i really like the songs!
    and i had no idea he had a band!!! go gaelan!!! :)

  • LG

    Awesome songs!

  • camm

    i loooooooove you gaelan your band it so cooooool i like it and i love you!!!!!!!!! you are so hot <3 ^.^ !! so happy for my gaelan!! marry with me pleeeeeease!

  • j

    um weird.. still like him though Gaelan!!!

>>>>>>> staging1