Miley Cyrus is a VH1 Diva

Miley Cyrus is a VH1 Diva

Miley Cyrus steps out in a DSquared2 ebony backless gown at the 2009 VH1 Divas held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in NYC on Thursday night (September 17).

The 16-year-old singer will be performing with Grammy Award winner Sheryl Crow at the special concert tonight. American Idol alums Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks and Kelly Clarkson, along with British beauties Adele, and Leona Lewis will perform tonight with Miley.

Miley dished to USA Today recently about the concert, saying, “To be a diva, you have to pay your dues, but you don’t have to be older to have paid dues.”

10+ pics inside of diva Miley Cyrus

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  • Anna


  • lo

    Her makeup and hair looks good, but I don’t know about the dress. With the tights, the shortness in the front and train in the back, it just doesn’t look right.

  • Katty

    Does she realize she is sixteen, and younger than me??? Seriously, six year olds look up to her! Not than they will be on this site to see this, but whatever.
    And, the reason I take my time to make these comments (okay, I lied, I went back to see how much you all hate me) is because I want my opinion heard, or read, whatever.

  • Therese

    I like Miley and all, & don’t get me wrong but, this dress is way to… revealing. With a bare back and short front, it’s like miley never learned from the things she got into before.

  • diane n.

    not really diggin’ the outfit.
    its just a little… idk, not my cup of tea.
    but whatever, my opinion doesnt really matter, haha.
    but she is pretty.

  • mileyfan17

    She looks amaazing!! Cant wait to watch her tonight!!!:)

  • ally

    wayyy to sexy for a 16 year old. i am 16 and i would never wear a dress like that with those tights. those are hooker tights and hooker shoes. i love her hair but this is all wrong for a role model for 6 year old as the girl above me said! =[

  • tayla

    honestly, who cares. whatever age she is, she’s living her life.
    basically she looks amazing and she’s enjoying herself.

  • nathalia

    gorgeous. i love miley!

  • Brittany

    Does VH1 even know what a diva is?
    I think only a few people on this list actually have diva pipes.

    Also, Miley, yeah, you do have to be older to have paid your dues.

  • tara

    Not exactly age appropriate if you ask me.

    If this is what she’s like right now, just imagine how she’s going to be in a few years.

  • Katie G!

    don’t like the dress but i think it looks good on her…
    she looks prettyy

  • jo

    Her makeup looks really really pretty and appropriate for the event.
    The dress- like the back, could do without the 2 diff lengths.

    Overall, conrats to her for making it there!!!! Shes amazing.

  • jo


    Like what? Smart? Hard working? Successful? Happy?

    Girls like Taylor Momsen and Ali Lohan is who you should be worried about. Miley doesnt go out to clubs, drink etc.

  • janice


  • lily

    WOW! She looks amazing!!! Tho the tights could have gone..just bare legs would look nice but WOW

  • daniella


  • 005


  • Katty

    The dress is ugly… sixteen or not.

  • Aly

    OMG, miley looks AMAZIING!!!!
    Her dress is SO fucking Cutee!! <33!
    Haters: you wished you looked like that =]]!!

  • e

    she looks really really good

  • Julissa

    She looks nice, i love her and all, but when i sow the nails i get really upset. If i would be wearing that fancy dress and all those things the first thing i have to do is to check out the way i’m looking, i mean: am i looking right for wearing this? – I’m just saying… i love Miley, but the first thing i look for in this pictures are always the nails, because i love different nails colors and good looking nails…

    Anyways, I hope she have fun tonight! i want to see nails looking better next time.



    BLAH BLAH im tired of hearing every 1 say ” shes only sixteen” boo hoo. obviously she doesn’t care. shoot! AGE AINT GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

    THAT DRESS IS JUST UGLY. LMAO & it wouldn’t look any better on her if she was older.LOL i don’t know whats going on with it. but it just doesn’t look proportioned right on her….

  • Chealsy

    LOL she looks so funny!

  • micah

    you’re on something. taylor momsen partying? i’ve never seen pictures. but how rude of you to judge the kind of person she is just because of what she wears. how taylor acts or wears is no different that what miley has been wearing now and days. miley is trying to be ~rock and ~hardcore and her dresses have become shorter and her bra is always peaking out from her tops and dresses.

    get a clue. you have no idea if miley does that or not.

  • carlyn

    miley is gorgeous, but im just not feeling the dress..
    it looks trashy on her :\

  • suzan

    luv her dress
    she can do what ever she wants and u haters can’t change that

  • ashytisdale123

    you haters are so lame.
    she looks amazing, stunning, and a lot older.
    the best yet <3

  • lisa

    she has a dress on u must just be jealous that its not u wearing it

  • Miley_C_Fan

    i love the types of dresses shes waring lately!!!
    this dress looks beyond amazing on her!!!
    i don’t think her dress is too revealing, i think its perfect for a 16 year old =D
    i don’t think the dress wuld look good on just anyone, but on Miley… WOW brilliant!!! =D


    I know you/yall AINT talking about me?.

    im def not a miley hater. I like miley. still doesn’t change the fact this dress is bleh! even tho I like miley but, for gawd sake im not blind. haha

  • the fame

    showing lots of skin like always, not a fashion icon at all

  • me

    lmoa she looks ridiculous.

  • Jessica

    Absolutly stunning iloveyoumilez.
    That dress I’d actually wear, I love black.

  • gina

    everyone who thinks that dress looks trashy or short is goody two shoes. live a little! i think its pretty! :)

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    OMG Miley looks amazing! So pretty and totally age appropriate to me! Could’ve done with out the fishnet leggings though. Kinda throws out the look. Still awesome though!
    LOVE YOU MILERZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @the fame: Whats wrong with that? She’s not showing anything! Just her legs and her back nothing inappropriate. But I can see why Miley haters are like that. They try to sink her to their own level. They try to put her under pressure so she’ll crash and burn like Lindsay & Britney and the all the other poor unfortunate souls that got sucked into fame and sadly lost themselves. Sad very sad.
    OK, well that’s all I have to say!
    Bye! Have a good day!

    Love you Miley!!!!!

  • @mileybrazil


  • melanie

    the dress looks like it’s been ripped in random places . fashion sense of 0 .

  • eunice

    i like miley cyrus
    but this looks a little skanky.
    she pulls UP her dress up to like upper thigh.
    wearing fishnet stockings.
    it doesnt looks so classy to me.

  • jo

    Oh really???? Taylor Momsen performed in an UNDERWEAR. YOU have no idea what youre talking about. Short dresses or skirts mean nothing. I wear them bc i think they are cute- and believe me im by no means a whore.

  • sali

    I have a question for all the Miley lovers: besides the fact that she’s pretty and skinny and can sing and act, what is it about her that you guys like so much?
    I’m not exactly a Miley-hater, even though I used to be, but I never understood why people love her so much. She doesn’t really do anything for society, she doesn’t learn from her lessons (she says she does but I have seen no real evidence of this in the past couple years), and I don’t know … she seems to be a nice girl I guess but there’s nothing about her that screams out “good citizen” or intelligent (not just academically, but socially, economically, and environmentally).
    Could you please tell me? I’m really curious about this.

  • saudia

    she looks 40 .. not very age appropriate either. I like her hair though

  • Vic2763

    WOW! Miley and Sheryl Crow killed it. Perfect. They sounded great together. Luv that song. Sheryl has aways been a very cool siger/songwriter. Her and Miley are so similar in sound and style.

  • alycia

    miley did you get dressed in the dark???the dress is ugly especially with the fishnet tights…

  • Yenny

    she needs wear according her age, the dress is a little too much for a girl with sixteen

  • Alex

    I love miley’s new look and just so you know ashley tisdale has six year olds looking up to her too and she dresses in short outfits and sings about grown up stuff you dont say she shouldn’t be doing that. I dont see what the problem is with her new style. I think it’s just you stupid people who need to be more open minded about people.

  • Chau

    Ugly dress, if that is a dress. *PUKES*

  • lauren

    lol people youre definitley the most immature people, ok she have little year fans but they are not going to see her because, have you seen a little 5 yr old watching VH1? yeah right.. and the ones who said that the dress is not appropiate fro her age, yeah right you will like to see a 40 yr actress wearing that? people definitley you need to grow up, and i admire so much miley because she don’t care about what you say.. you people you need to admire miley because she is showing how she really is.. not another disney girls that put her better smile and you don’t know how they are in reality (i’m not going to say names) seriously you need to grow up, and oh do you wnat to know my age, ok i’m 19and i think she looks AWESOME and most for this type of program and another thing, have you seen another disney girls with LEONA LEWIS, KELLY CLARKSON OR SHERYL CROW?.. i just want to shut up to all of those haters around here..


  • lauren

    once again another classless outfit from Ms Cyrus