Taylor Swift: Kissing Taylor Lautner Was Life-Changing

Taylor Swift: Kissing Taylor Lautner Was Life-Changing

Taylor Swift keeps her head up high as she and mom Andrea leave their NYC hotel on Thursday afternoon (September 17).

The 19-year-old musician caught up with JustJaredJr.com on the VMA red carpet this past Sunday and dished on what it was like kissing Taylor Lautner in Valentine’s Day. She shared, “It was life-changing!”

In the flick, the two Taylors play track and field team mates and Prom King and Queen. The duo were seen kissing on the football field set in Los Angeles a few months ago.

Valentine’s Day will hit theaters in February 2010.

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  • Maddy

    First ?
    she is so gorgeous, & kanye is still a jackass for doing that !

  • selena fan

    get a life loser !! ya ok boo hoo u what kanye did 2 u where was your “CLASS ” when u talked about joe ???

  • listen to mayday parade

    @selena fan: so i was legit about to be like “dude she did handle it with class” but actually, she was just stunned and didnt know what to say because she was about to cry… i mean i do love her, but you make a very valid point, she was NOT classy when she tried to ruin joes career after he dumped her….

    and can we see the rest of the quote, because just saying that her kiss with the other taylor was “life changing” makes her sound pathetic and im afraid u may have misunderstood

  • Amy

    There’s no reason for her to keep her head down. Taylor, Beyonce, and MTV were all winners in this incident. The only loser was Kanye. Taylor is now America’s sweetheart, Beyonce looks like a saint and MTV gained monster ratings for the show. Everybody wins except Kanye who got cursed out by the whole world, including our president. Haha!

  • Aurora

    I really hope she doesn’t go for Taylor Lautner. If she does… she is a horrible best friend! He dated Selena! That would be just cruel if Taylor Swift went after he best friend’s ex.

  • CS !

    @listen to mayday parade: @selena fan: YOU’RE SOO RIGHT

  • angie

    @selena fan:

    when did she lack class with Joe? When the tabloids found out they broke up and she gave everyone the truth about it being a 27 second phone call??if anything where was Joe’s class when he chose to be a coward and dump her over the phone? I would’ve done the same thing Taylor did

  • Nel

    JJ can you please either post the video from which you got that quote or post the rest of the interview please.

  • Nel


    I’m not convinced Swift actually said this… just being honest.

  • gaya

    u noe wat? i should be kissing him, not her!!!

  • Shannon

    she;s amazing. i met her the other day outside her hotel.. THAT was life-changing..

  • jane till

    I am NOT a Joe’s fan at all. However, I agreed that she is not class dissed again and again about 27 second broken phone. Just thought she was class in MTV. Now WOW, blew me away, she went after Taylor L just because that little small kiss part with him– that is such a low class.

  • caroline

    @Aurora: They were friends hanging out in Canada. They were each other’s age and only had each other. Jeesh!

  • caroline

    @Shannon: LOL.

  • teeeheee

    so jealous..
    but i love taylor swift ♥

  • the fame

    wasnt taylor dating lucas till?

  • gold baybay


    Yeah, but isn’t it funny how we don’t know the truth? Ever think that maybe she hung up on him? Even if he was an a*s to do so, she wasn’t classy to bring it up ALL the time. “Oh, Joe dumped me!” Seriously that was class-less.

  • marimar

    kanye kenya keyay whatever the name of that black ugly thing was…

    he should be banned for life in any events in the future.

    go back to ur momma’s womb! you freake!!!!

  • rockstar

    @gold baybay: yeah I’ve always thought that she didnt give joe a chance to talk, maybe she hung up on the 27th second, or maybe i’m just saying that because im a huge fan of the jo. bros., but i also love taylor very much

  • katie

    does anyone know when taylor is leaving new york?!

  • listen to mayday parade

    @gold baybay: Its funny that you said that “every wonder if Taylor hung up on him” because Joe said that in an interview and on the letter they wrote on their myspace…. He said something along the lines of “a phone call can only last so long when the person on the other end hangs up” but Joe showed class by saying that’s and only that. Oh and I like that he rebuttled with much better (even if his relationship with Camilla didn’t last, still a hilarious jab). But let’s get real, of course he broke up with her over the phone, they dated for less then three months and were in different countries.

    But that’s all old news. I saw Joe at the four seasons in Toronto last weekend while I was staying there for the international film festival and he looks great! Happy and fit. And Taylor doing well so everything worked out.

    Not to mention this quote sounds obsurb but we all know swift believes in fairy tales and falls to fast for people so maybe her kiss with lautner really did change her life lol

  • lokomotor

    Jonas is old news.Taylor’s moved on and is going to rule the music business for the next few years.

    I love how Team Jonas fans keep bringing this up when Taylor’s stopped talking about it for months–it seems like it’s the Jonas fans who can’t let go :)

    Why should Taylor hold on to this matter–she’s got much more important things to concern herself, like her upcoming tour to Australia and Europe and her CMA and Grammy Awards(she’s tipped to be the front-runner).

  • Caitlyn


    Anyways, how the hell did Taylor try to “mess up Joe’s career”?

  • Carol

    Taylor did act with class with what kanye did and the joe thing was months ago let it go already





  • jane till

    Anyway, ” life-changing” is too heavy of emotion words. Wow, watch out taylor S will write a song about breaking up with Taylor L in next year.

  • music city

    taylor swift didnt really kiss taylor lautner. if she had really kissed him, her eyes wouldnt of been closed. they made it look like they kissed. if you look at the pictures up close you will see her eyes are closed and she isnt in the movie any longer.

  • http://www.myspace.com/ijot_96 Izzah

    @lokomotor: i kno rite!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/ijot_96 Izzah

    @lokomotor: i agree with u.. both sides have obviously moved on.. why cant THE FANS let it all go now???

  • marissa tepper

    i cant believe taylor swift and taylor launter are dating next thing u know its talor jr

  • http://newmoononesies.teedious.com New moon onesie

    It’s definitely a good month for Taylor fans with Valentine’s day and new moon all coming out… Sorry Pogogal, Taylor “L” – just got my little girl a new moon onesie so she can share in the excitement! :)

  • Steph4JacobBlack

    she better use her head and get her hands off him or she wont have head. thats all im sayin
    Team Taylor (lautner)

  • yoodiggitydogga

    ha if they marry they will both be taylor lautner!!!ahahahahaha ohhh i crack myself up