Miley Cyrus Played Guitar With Paul McCartney

Miley Cyrus Played Guitar With Paul McCartney

Miley Cyrus watches as Sheryl Crow plays the melody of the song on stage at VH1′s Divas held at Brooklyn Academy of Music in NYC on Thursday night (September 17).

The 16-year-old performer caught up with on the red carpet to chat about the importance of music education and spilled that she learned to play left-handed guitar with Paul McCartney.

Miley shared, “My dad [Billy Ray Cyrus] was one time hanging out with Paul McCartney and he’s left-handed too. The only way you’re going to learn left-handed guitar is from Paul McCartney. I learned right handed (too) so I could borrow guitars.”

FYI: Miley wore a Custom corset dress made by Simone Harouche, Chanel gloves and Isabel Marant heels for her performance of “Party In The U.S.A.”

15+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus jamming with Sheryl Crow

Miley Cyrus on Music Education

Miley Cyrus & Sheryl Crow – “If It Makes You Happy” – 09/17
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Photos: Kevin Mazur/WireImage, Christopher Polk/Getty Images
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  • Jena

    She can’t dress good if the world depended on it

  • Evie

    She does NOT deserve to be mentioned alongside Sir Paul McCartney. She can BARELY play the guitar. Come, on!

  • Luis F. Gomez

    She is really talented… I mean, she dances, sings, acts, haaha awesome… greets from Guatemala!!

  • Gossip Girl


    Miley looks MAD PRETTY AS ALWAYS. Can’t wait to get theses images on my image account!

  • lauren

    i’ll never get tired of her, she is just AMAZING.

  • kevin

    shes amazing.
    it must be awesome/incredible being the ONLY talented disney star
    to get honored with such awards. like “Divas” that’s big. and to sing with Sheryl Crow and hang out with Paul McCartney, even better. pfft this girl will get far with her career. and i admire her for keeping her chin up with all those no life losers criticizing her, like “JENA” on here :) but anyway …
    Miley Cyrus is OFFICIALY the coolest, and as she’s labeled now… a “Diva” :) <3 <3 <3

  • Fery

    @kevin: No, Miley is not the ONLY talented Disney star. Demi can sing. Selena can act. i think there are more though

  • j

    Miles LOve u. U are sooosoo AH- Mazing!! Keep rocking on!!
    Fuck those haters! Get a life OK! U are just so obsessed with her!!HAHAHAHA

  • Kiera

    I personally Loved the outfit She looked Bold And beautiful..
    And the Second Outfit I thought that was hella cute..
    The Third outfit wasnt SPECIAL but it was still cute..
    She Did good

  • Maddison

    Spoiled B*tch

  • Aileen

    Miley is WONDERFUL.
    Beautiful. inside&out.

  • anna



  • mojo

    lol. Miley: “I still get stoned.”

  • tootsie

    I like hearing her say hell. She doesnt curse ever so thats kinda different.

  • helena

    i think she did a really good job. i didnt think the duet was going to be good when i heard about it but it actually turned out really great!

  • veriscka2445

    miley is so stunning love her

  • neutral

    The only reason people hate her is because of how she acts like she is hot stuff and to be completely honest she isnt. she can sing but she isnt anything special..her image just sells. She didnt have to work very hard for anything she gets paid to do. and what bugs me the most is no matter how pretty she is..and she is pretty. she doesnt seem to remember she is a role model you always see nude pictures of her everywhere and she acts like a stripper on stage..not cool

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    #10-MADDISON : YES U R !!


    love u miley keep on the good work !

  • xoxo

    jj please take comment no.1 off of here love u ! and ok i love miley

  • =)=)=)

    amazing as always great job both of u !!

  • maximimum miley

    Miley was totally amazing:) she was the highlight of the show;) Everyone who is so critical of her is just jealous of her success and probably have self -esteem issue they are just trying to feel better about themselves by bully a 16 year old girl who has done more good for people and had more success than they will in their entire lifetme:)
    Miley is destined to do lots more amazing things she is a phenomenon;)I don’t know how she does it..but the world is a better place because of her:) Congrats Miley:)

  • maximimum miley

    @Jena: Looks like you should stay in school or go can’t even put together a sentence..leave Miley alone;) She is amazing and you are just suffering from low self-esteem:)

  • maximimum miley

    @Evie: how should they write the story then..since she did play guitar with Paul McCartney. Miley is 16..give her a break..she sings ,dances acts and puts of with bullies like you and still stays composed..get real:)

  • 005


  • j

    LOve this duet Miley + Sheryl = perfection!!!!!!!!

  • francesca

    well that was incredibly stupid of whoever though miley & sheryl should do a duet.
    sheryl crow’s voice is really soft and mellow and miley cyrus basically screams.
    they both look great though!

  • Jasmine

    but the world doesn’t depend on it, now does it? Miley is incredible and you’re going to have to deal with it

  • jo

    Wow she sounded awesome!!!

  • flashmob

    VH1 did a spectacular job on Divas Live. Paula Abdul was fantastic presenting the show. Everything worked. Miley simply out-performed everybody, she is such a powerful entertainer, and there were tremendous talents there with her. Yes it’s true that Sheryl Crow has a soft singing voice, while Miley’s voice is rich and textured.

    Miley moves like a dancer too, when she sings, and that also stood out in their duet. Sheryl Crow simply doesn’t have Miley’s energy level. Still, it was a great performance..

  • hun98

    ..miley is awesome.. really really awesome. but to learn guitar from paul mccartney?? come on! that is even too cool for her!

  • Teresa

    Some of you are soo stupid. The song was SUPPOSE to be sung like that. Now,Party In The USA she could have done better on. But this was just how it was suppose to be and she killed it! It was amazing. You can not deny that she is a great performer. Love her! <3 GO MILEY! :D

  • Rachelle

    Miley is so pretty and has an amazing fashion sense, I’m SO jealous!

  • Anna


  • billythekid


    Totally agreeing with your comment. I mean the girl basically grew up in the shadow of fame and was around practically everyone growing up, and all some people want to do is throw cold water on her for bringing up big names like Paul McCartney. Sure, she doesn’t belong in the same crowd musically speaking, but she is what she is, and that is a very talented young lady with TONS of potential.

  • Vic2763

    Every time MIley performs I’m always amazed. Luv’d the Show, great performances all. But, Sheryl and Miley were just to cool. Sheryl always writes song that are way funky cool and is foxy doing it. I see Miley having a simular indie rock musical style. For at least one incarnation anyway =]

  • Ashlee

    ew she is getting chubby

  • lifesgood

    okay…no need for negative comments!

    for some reason i can’t stop watching miley & sheryls performance! it was sooo good!!! i loved how like in the second verse everyone in the audience started cheering!!!

    & @billythekid
    i agree!!! she has sooo muchh potential! & im excited to see any new projects that she comes up with:)

  • bella

    Miley is soooo cute it is unbelievable…and she is loaded with talent and charisma. I just love her and know she will be a huge star for years to come.

  • handyboy

    Miley isn’t the only talent Disney has in its stable, but she is light years of anyone else. Demi and Selena are okay, but they are not even close to what Miley has accomplished. Even the JoBros are quite in her league. She is a juggernaut and rakes in billions for Disney.

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