Zac Efron: Me & Orson Welles UK Trailer!

Zac Efron: Me & Orson Welles UK Trailer!

Zac Efron keeps his eyes shut tight after sharing a kiss with leading lady Claire Danes in the official UK trailer for their upcoming flick, Me & Orson Welles.

The drama centers on a teenager (Efron) who is cast in the Mercury Theatre production of “Julius Ceasar” directed by a young Orson Welles (Christian McKay) in 1937.

The Guardian says of the flick, “Newcomer Christian McKay makes a magnificent Orson, but it’s Efron who really impresses: showing a depth and charm you’d never have dreamed of. He’s not afraid to look petulant and silly, and does, frequently. That said, there are moments in which you can’t help but think: Efron should really, at some point, play a killer.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the UK trailer?

“Me & Orson Welles” UK Trailer
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  • Jo

    aw i’m so proud of him

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    love it
    & cant wait!!!!!!!!!! love zac

  • Karen

    The UK trailer gives us yet another glimpse of this movie which looks like it is going to be stunning for Zac. The camera loves that young man. He expresses so much emotion through his with that face!

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    He is a GREAT actor, really a wonderful actor.
    I can’t wait for this movie!!!!

  • Bradley Bobst

    I am loving the new the UK Trailer of Me and Orson welles. This movie looks amazing. Zac is amazing in the movie.

  • hellomyfriend00

    I missed ZAC :(

  • chelsea rose

    that movie looks stunning! and it looks like zac’s amazing in it as well.
    definitely can’t wait to see it <3

  • Julie

    Love it!!! it looks amazing!! :D
    zac efron <3333

  • noha

    i thing me and orsow well gonna floped in the box office cause the people want to watch new moon more than this fuck me and orson wells i hate zac efron cause he doesn’t love vanessa he thing he’s the great actor in hollywood but he’s nothing

  • veronica

    ohh my god Im gonna die he`s so perfect the best actor ever ever, I love him his job is wonderful his future will be the best!!

    I love you

  • noha

    veronica we don’t knew if his future gonna be good or bad no one knew what gonna be in the future

  • sUSIE

    It looks like the film is going to be amazing.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!


  • Liiina

    ohh myy jonas!
    i can’t wait, wait, wait!
    i need to watch this movie right nooooooooow! ;)

  • lo

    I have always been a Zac Efron fan, right from the Summerland days. But I never knew if I really thought he’d be able to break free from the Disney/HSM world. I believe he already did begin to with 17 Again but this film looks like he will almost do it completely and hopefully everyone will begin to respect him more as an actor than a “heartthrob” and completely judge him on that. Because he is a good actor.
    I am excited to see this movie. =D

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Ohhh trust me… any movie with Zac Efron involved its going to be an official success… He is a great actor, and as an actor he is getting better with every movie he does… greets from Guatemala!

    JJJ you rock!

  • Gossip Girl

    I thought he wanted to get out of musical type movies. I can so see him as n action star like Shia! But you can tell he has a passion for drama movies.

  • Trina

    Just from the clips I’ve seen, it’s obvious that Zac is going to shine in this movie. Can’t wait to see it.

  • katie

    @noha: Who cares? Just cos something is a flop, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie. This cast looks amaaing, and however much I love Rob Pattinson, I can’t say the same for New Moon.

    That is an awesome review for Zac! So happy for him.

  • Julissa

    Hope see it soon, i love the way he act, is one of my inspirations!..

  • tena

    Wow zac looks amazing in this and i think this is going to be his big moment and i really hope so :)

  • Smiley:)

    Personally I don’t think I’ll end up watching it. And I’m not sure If anyone thought about this but half of the people here are watching it just because it’s got Zac Efron in it. This movie is only going to succeed because teens are watching it because Zac’s in it. I’ll probably end up watching New Moon. By the way I’m not a Zac hater or a major fan, all I’m trying to say is the truth. Also please don’t reply if it’s in the words of ZAC HATER!!! YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS CAUSE HE’S SUCCESSFUL!!! Because I’m personally not jealous of him in anyway. Also I kinda agree with Noha it’s not going to be very successful. Also I don’t think people are going to forget about his high school musical image.

  • Bradley Bobst

    @noha: @noha:

    Grow your ass up.

  • den

    This looks like it is going to be very good! I loved the book and think Zac is a great choice as Richard !

    noha: I thought you said no one can predict the future. How can you predict that the film will flop?

    Smiley: I think Claire Danes fans will also want to see this…
    And what’s with the one or the other choice between MAOW and New Moon???! Why not see both? They are really different from each other.

    People who have read and loved the book will also probably go to see this movie, and not care that it’s Zac playing the lead role. I know I will!

  • :)

    Niceeeee! :D

  • pita

    This is going to be a good movie me and my daughter is already plan
    to go in watch it cause we seen how many times the trailer at the cinema in vue here in uk.Very funny my daughter loved New Moon book to read but she doesn’t want to go to watch the film i dont know why.

  • susan 1

    I cant not wait to see this movie.!!!Zac look amazing playing the
    lead role in this film.

  • Naomi

    This is not a studio movie, it’s indie and as such are not judged on BO success. It’s a period drama being distributed by indie distributors. No one is comparing it to New Moon nor marketing it to fans of New Moon as the majority are not expected to understand this movie or get what it is all about.

    If New Moon is at one end of the pole, MAOW is at the other extreme end. There’s no meeting point for the two movies so I don’t get why the movie is rattling fans of New Moon. You are not the target audience for it. Go find other threads to enact your drama, we prefer ours on screen.

    Back to more pleasant stuff, that’s a great review for Zac from the Guardian. This is the one movie where he gets the chance to show a bit of his range and it sounds like he really impressed.

    Hopefully, this will open up more opportunities for him to get cast in meaty roles where he’s not just expected to play the heartthrob.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an Oscar nom for Christian Mckay. Should that happen, it will serve to really raise Zac’s profile amongst adults especially of the male variety.

  • christine

    i’m excited for it!

  • Nadine

    i like it (:
    seem’s to be a great & interesting movie (:
    zac is an a w e s o m e actor !! <33.

  • Katherine

    Unsure about it at the moment.
    It’s definitely a change from all the ‘High School Musical’ shizzle he’s been involved in.
    Will be very interesting.

  • Karen

    I don’t understand this New Moon vs MAOW. Are people only allow to watch just ONE or the other? That argument makes no sense at all. I’m sure some will watch one or the other or both. New Moon has no bearing on whether this movie will be a hit or not, seriously. Some people simply will not want to watch MAOW and if MAOW is a flop it will not have anything to do with New Moon. Plus, many people in the world will not see EITHER MAOW or New Moon.

    I believe it will have a good showing. Christian McKay really looks interesting as Orson Wells—I loved how this trailer also focused a little more on him and even Claire Danes. It looks like a stellar cast that can draw a more mature audience. Even Roger Ebert gave the movie a thumbs up and said it was one of the best movie he had seen about the theater.

  • pop86

    This is an indie film aimed at a specific audience( meaning adults). No one is expecting teenagers to turn out at the box office to support a period drama. Independent films are not about box office numbers, but about the quality of the film. This movie will be judged based on the script, directing and acting and not on how many fangirls attend opening weekend.

  • romancer17

    zanessa love

  • Tiptoes

    I love that trailer – they showed some exciting scenes too. Looks like the promotion is underway and I hope more adult moviegoers will see it and appreciate the artistic and beautiful work of the director.

    Naomi, I am crossing my fingers too for an Oscar nom for Christian Mckay and maybe a director nom too for Richard L.

    Can’t wait to see it!

  • Karen

    I never understand when people act like he can only be viewed in a HSM type character. Robin Williams is a known comedian. But some of his BEST and most outstanding moments have been when he has taken on dramatic roles. He showed he could do a wide-range of characters. But people doubted he could pull it off when he first started doing the dramatic thing. These people, if truly talented, should be able to do more than ONE character. That is why they are ACTORS.

    Over the years how many different type characters have Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio played? Do you only remember DiCaprio as the boy from Growing Pains? I understand some of you are too young to even remember Growing Pains but believe me he had a lot more humble beginnings than Zac did in HSM and maybe that made it easier for Leo. And Johnny Depp had a very popular role in a little show on TV called 21 Jump Street. Some will want to say that Zac will never be a Leo or Johnny but there were people back then that didn’t think Leo or Johnny would be another Harrison Ford or Pacino, etc. No, Johnny and Leo was not like someone else. They made a name for themselves due to their talents and drawing power. I believe Zac will be the same type.

    The biggest problem in these actors creating a place for themselves in Hollywood is getting the directors and producers to give them a chance to show they are more than the character that fans have gotten to love and for close-minded type fans to give them a chance.

    Last but certainly not least, of course there are people who will only go to see the movie because Zac Efron is in it. That is one of the things that “star quality” brings with it. Many people look forward to a Leonardo DiCapriio movie simply because he is in it. Studios want to sign stars who have a loyal fan following as it helps to ensure good box office totals. That is one reason people like Pitt and Jolie get such huge paychecks. The comment that nobody would be interested in this movie if Zac wasn’t in it is silly.

  • istar

    OMFG. no words…. at all. im speechless.
    okay, okay, i do have a few words to say….: I’M SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!!!! :)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I can’t be more proud of him. I’ve watched the trailer so many times now, and every time I watch the trailer, it gets better !!! Amazing.. I think this movie’s gonna be spectacular,, Oh, of course it will be, Zachary is in it !!!

  • marie


  • Charlii (zanessa Supporter)

    @noha: Ugh! stop commenting then

  • mrsefron.


    Cant Wait!!

    Zac is an amazinnggg actorrr.

    gotta love him!

  • aw

    It’ll be great to see him in an entirely different role and setting. Trailer looks good.

  • jake efron

    aw i love him. team Zac Efron

  • Hottie

    SEXY! Wanna fu** him!!!

  • victoria


  • chri5tin3

    i agree with some people… the main reason teens are going to watch this is becuse of zac efron. im not judging him but you guys think he is the greatest actor on the planet when all he has been in is HSM, 17 A gain and Hairsparay. they are not that different from each other.

    i can just imagine what people would say if vanessa were the main character in this movie not zac, all hell would break lose saying how crappy she is.

  • yets

    Zac is really good Actor.

  • mykamicks

    ME as a fan of ZAC EFRON I will surely watch it because his name is in the movie. Secondly, because the movie itself is quite interesting. I am excited to see again Zac’s acting ability in a different role. And not in a monotonous roles.

    While sometimes for others, they will just watch the movie because of the CHARACTER , they are in love with the character being portrayed and not the actor itself.

    Zac has proven his name alone in 17 Again. His fanbase has grown up maturely together with him. And I believe even if this is an Indie Film, BO is not far out, its just simply because of his NAME.

    Even 1/2 of the worldwide populations will not watch ( especially the HATERS) I bet this movie will gonna make BOX OFFICE.

    Goodluck ZAC!

  • Karen


    You need to check out some other things he has been in besides his big screen movies. He has proven he can take on a wide-range of emotions and deliver well on camera. He has done guest spots on drama shows like ER and he appeared on a little TV show called Summerland where he proved he definitely had potential to be more than the floppy haired basketball star. I believer directors and producers in Hollywood have already picked up on his potential and that is why he was even cast in a movie like MAOW.

  • Souha

    He reminds me so much of Leonardo DeCaprio

>>>>>>> staging1