Ashley Tisdale is Blonde...Again!

Ashley Tisdale is Blonde...Again!

This time for real!

Ashley Tisdale shows off her brand-new blonde locks to her fans in this new photo.

The 24-year-old singer was teasing her fans across Twitterland about the change. She tweeted, “Off to the gym! Then gettin my hair did. Finishing my hair! Just wait till you see it. Aaahhhh!!! Still gettin my hair done! Its a process.”

Ash wrote one last tweet before revealing her new ‘do: “She’s back…….”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ash’s new hair color? DO YOU LIKE her better as a blonde or brunette?

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Photos: Ashley Tisdale, Frederick M. Brown/Getty
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  • kay

    omg :) yay!!

  • kimia

    aww I liked her as a brunette!! but she looks cute here too :)

  • raul

    she looks gorgeos in blonde.. and brunette too!!
    I love her an thsts it!!!
    love in blonde!!

  • http://just.jared billy

    aah she looks soo pretty
    lover her blonde or bruneete
    shes the best

  • sam

    i don’t get why should would make such a big deal about growing up and being brunette if she’s just gonna go back to blonde a year later

  • onesockleft

    that’s why she is my idol!!!
    and guess what her new hair-color mean?!No?!
    I LOVE her with brown hairs but blonde IS WAY BETTER!!!
    thx ash for my making my night perfect!!!
    greetings from Germany

  • anna

    brunette is better :) blonde is good .

  • anhsara

    OH NOO !

  • liz

    i actually like her better blonde (:

  • Pauline

    i prefer her in brunette, she looks more serious in brunette!

  • Alex


  • i love vanessa

    I thought she was gonna stay a brunette.
    I love her brunette x

  • Marina

    oh noo so much better in brunette!!

  • ashleyTfan

    I knew it !

  • guest

    i knew it §

  • ashleytfan

    nooo. I liked the brown hair better, but she looks great as both! :D

  • nuria.

    I don’t like this look, she’s so much better with her brown her!

  • Erika

    AWH! I looooved her as a brunette! She should definitely go back!

  • Shannon

    awww no way, I preferred her brunette!

  • jonasfreak

    I love her both ways <333333

  • Annoymous

    I thought that she changed her hair because she broke up with Jared, maybe she changed it back because she misses him or her and Scott have broken up. Either way, much better brunette.

  • taylor

    This is probably for a new movie, so even though I like her better brunette, I’m excited!

  • Et

    I loved brunette, too, but the blonde is amazing!

  • Mitchels-biggest-fan

    I liked her better as a brunette

  • Emily

    She looks amazing as a blonde and a brunette. I think being a brunette makes her look older. I can’t wait to find out why she changed her hair. Hopefully for a new role?

  • ZJ207

    She looks good in brunette and blonde!! Brunette is more like her. But blonde is how we ALLLLL fell in love with right? ;) hahaha <3 love u ash in both hair colorss

  • Marshmallow


  • kris

    lol “she’s back”
    Who’s back ?? Sharpay/maddie i guess ??

  • ZJ207

    @sam: But she said in her interviews that she’d go back to blonde for a movie role… so who knows??? ;) :D i really hope sooooo!!! lol

  • özge

    YES YES YESSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!! FINALLY !!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • ISA

    Brunette is way better 1000000000x
    she looks beautiful as brunette.

  • alycia

    i think she looks very pretty blonde or brunette. i looove the color.

  • Melinda

    i like her brunette! she stands out with blonde, but i like brunette better on her

  • daniel

    I have to admit that i love her as a brunette but she looks older in brunette so i like her blonde hair better *—–* she looks hot in both so wtv lol

  • Chealsy


  • koree

    brunette is better (:

  • Scarlett


  • duh

    i liked her brunette locks :(

  • zanessa2gether4ever

    ok , saw most of the comments & actually its not for a movie , she actually wanted to change it ! cause she aint making movies anytime soon!! & actually i dont like her with blonde again, brunette was matching with her age & actually , she looks more cute in brunette!

  • zanessa2gether4ever

    ash is back ?? r u stupid

  • miley fan

    finall yshe is blonde again :) yay

  • ZJ207

    @zanessa2gether4ever: First of all, she did say she’s looking at scripts. so it could be that she found a role that suits her. so u don’t know for sure.
    and second of all, you can’t call him stupid!! he likes her blonde what’s wrong with that??? jeez.

  • bep

    One word: Gorgeous! In my opinion, Brunette represents Ashley, her own identity. But there’s nothing wrong with being blonde again. She looks good in both!

  • Zac

    ashley looks soooooo much better now!!!!
    I love her blonde hair!

  • Laura

    seeing her as a blonde reminds me of HSM 1 & 2! i like that!

  • zanessa2gether4ever

    yea she said she is looking at scripts , but no movie was confirmeed & she didnt say she is making it for a movie , she would say , if u know ashley u would know
    & i am not saying about him/her loving her blonde or brunette , they r saying ash is back ?? what da , its like they r saying she isnt ashley when she was brunette , jeeeez
    cant a person say their opinion in peac here or what


    DIVA!!! She’s perefect”"”

  • noha

    ashley doesn’t has a role in movie if really she has is gonna be a disney movie like everytime miley vanessa zac robert megan kristen they are so young but they have a great movies with the big hollywood name JON HAMM KIM…

  • bep

    @zanessa2gether4ever: I know i have nothing to do with this. But you’re the one who criticized “Chealsy” and you have no rights at all to say “jeeeez
    cant a person say their opinion in peac here or what” because it’s you who didn’t respect her/his opinion.

  • ZJ207

    @zanessa2gether4ever: Actually, i do know her more than you can imagine. And if she agreed on a new movie role, it doesn’t really has to become public that fast…
    And you’re right about “Ash is back” thing, but you have no rights to tell them that they’re stupidd!

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