Emily Osment: All The Right Wrongs Cover Art!

Emily Osment: All The Right Wrongs Cover Art!

Check out the cover to Emily Osment‘s upcoming EP, All The Right Wrongs!

The 17-year-old singer/actress revealed all the tracks on the much-anticipated record on her official Twitter yesterday: “All The Way Up,” “You Are The Only One,” “I Hate The Homecoming Queen,” “Found Out About You,” “Average Girl,” and “What About Me.”

Em‘s All The Right Wrongs hits shelves Tuesday, October 27th!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Emily’s album cover?

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  • http://twitter.com/loliver_0123 emily

    cute,awesome i love her!!!:D

  • sabrina

    cute but i dunno why all disney channel stars sing, they have great voices but there r so many singers

  • eLLa

    there r more than 6 songs, right?
    not buying it anyway, she cant sing

  • eLLa

    ooh sry, my mistake, it’s an EP

  • Zoey

    I hate the home coming queen sounds pretty good. but i don’t think i’ll buy the album

  • sammy

    As usual another disney star releasing an album….mehhh

  • Dalemurph

    She looks beautiful.

  • TV

    I like Selena’s cover better. This is just too…typical? And it kinda looks like a country album cover. But at least she looks cuter than Demi.

  • Jason

    @TV: Any girl can look cuter than Demi…

  • Patty

    Ugh, I hate her voice!!!! She sounds like a chipmunk

  • shermaineee

    what the heck?!.. why is disney making everyone sing. . most of em cant even sing.. like mitchel musso.. and emily definately cant sing, if you listen to her songs, her voice is like super edited and it hardly even sounds like her.

  • estefania rubio =*




  • redspider
  • Ali(:

    I think the reason, why Disney Channel stars sing is ’cause Disney is searching multi-talented people. Of course there are different likes & dislikes, so not every person likes celebrity. right? besides stars sing, because they want to not because they have to.

  • 3b6

    no emilys cover is better than selenas’ sorry !

  • =)=)=)

    i think what about me is gonna be good and i like her song all the way up ! its amazing ! and it is better than selena i love it! she looks nice here

  • jan4ik

    looks soo great!

  • http://www.youknowyouloveme.org Gossip Girl

    Selena’s cover was too plain and Lady Gaga ish. Em’s looks more original. Another plus for Em for not having her vocie sound different on every song like Selena. I don’t even know what Selena’s real voice sounds like any more.

  • http://www.hot-tisdale.net nadia

    not sure i’ll buy it.. her voice isnt really a singing voice, no offenese, she’s very cute and is a great actress though :)

  • katie

    im sorry but does she think she can sing? she is horrible

  • LALA

    whats EP MEAN?

  • =)=)=)

    i realy dont know what it means but i think its like a list of the song in the album that they play a little part of………..i think

  • =)=)=)

    i realy dont know what it means but i think its like a list of the song in the album that they play a little part of………..i think

  • Amanda

    Extended-play discs (EPs) are CDs with a total playing time greater than that of a single but less than that of a full CD.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!


  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    sry but her cd songs just sound so childish and she cant sing at allll SELENA GOMEZ= BETTER THAN EMILY OSMENT

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @3b6: I agree, although I also agree that Emily’s cover looks like a country music album. Either that or a 1970′s folk singer-songwriter album, a la Judy Collins.

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