Robert Pattinson Tops Moviefone's Top 25 Under 25

Robert Pattinson Tops Moviefone's Top 25 Under 25

Robert Pattinson tries to shield himself from the rain as he leaves a cast party in Vancouver on Friday night (September 18).

The 23-year-old Brit-born actor top’s Moviefone‘s coveted list of Top 25 Young Stars Under 25.

Rotten Tomatoes says of the star, “Pattinson could have a tidy career for the next few years as a hunky British heartthrob … Don’t hold the Twilight Saga against him; he’s willing to play against type with roles like Salvador Dali in Little Ashes, and the willingness to take roles like that means he could be working for a long time to come.”

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  • a.e.

    i am getting so tired of robert pattinson now. there is nothing else to him except good looks and now it seems like he wants to be cocky


  • liz

    i love rob!!

  • dee

    Blue Steel!!

  • Michelle

    Sorry #1, but I don’t find him cocky at all. That’s what I like about him. He’s got more than just extreme sexiness going for him, he’s also incredibily funny and very self-depricating. I honestly think he couldn’t care less about being the hottest thing going nowadays. Love him!!

  • H.

    He’s a cutie. But I’d like to see more Jackson posts! Jackson’s band 100 Monkeys played in Vancouver last night and they’ll play again tonight at The Backstage Lounge.

  • katie

    How is Rob cocky at all? :S

  • nicci

    @a.e.: i agree with you , i like rob but i am get tired of see him now. jjjr. can you please put some zanessa stuff on please. i rlly miss them

  • Gilles

    New Moon is going to crush Zac Efron’s little movie in November.

  • :)

    Rob Rob Rob!I love him all the way!:)He’s sooo lovely!But I think he should have longer hair (Eclipse set pics)! But nevermind:)Roooooooob:*

  • a.e.

    @nicci: i know i use to love twilight and everything but know it’s not even about the movie. it now revolves around robert, robert and kristin relationship thing, and a little taylor lautner (<– i think i spelled that wrong). i need some zanessa too. =)

  • nicci

    @a.e.: Are you my twin sister? because you took that sentence right out of my mouth. i totally agree with you there.

  • joanna

    He’s gorgeous and very talented. More charisma than any other young actor.

  • jane

    Rob’s fantastic, why anyone would come on here to post negative comments beats me. If you dont like him go and idolise someone else

  • jane

    Get some decent photos of Rob JJ

  • holly

    AE is a sad non entity. Rob could care less about you.

  • sky

    Cant wait to see Rob as a Comanche in Unboudn Captives. Rob riding bare back will be HOT

  • Debbie

    Rob cocky, I don’t think so….don’t even know how you would come to that conclusion. The guy is so grounded and humble after everything he’ s going thru. He still poses for pictures with fans and signs autographs. I see nothing but good things about him. As for the whole Rob and Kristen thing, if people weren’t interested in them there wouldn’t be any reports on them. It’s all supply and demand. And Rob and Kristen are the main story because the whole Twilight Saga revolves around their characters.

  • ALI




  • Jess

    niceeee sosososooooooo cute pretty pretty cute!!! love him

  • laura

    Go cry about talentless Zanessa some where else. This is Rob! Hot talented ad has a much better career ahead of him.

  • hi!


    exactly. the whole “twilight-gaga” thing started from the books, but now its all about the movie, and robert-that or kristen-that, and dare i say, robsten-that. im getting so sick and tired of it. what happened to the good old books?

  • Amalie

    well, i love him.
    thank you for the pics…he is def. the hottest. 8)

  • peggy

    I don’t get it. When you read the list on the site they are in no particular order.

    So JJJ how did Rob finish first he isn’t even mentioned first in the blurbs.

    Did I miss the actual rankings?

  • e

    Ypu’re right Peggy, there were no actual order on that list. Everytone on it is basically who they think are the 25 top actors, and it’s a very good list.

    I can’t wait to see New Moon and Remember Me, Rob looks great in these pictures.

  • Hmm

    The books were HUGE, they’ve been read, and re-read and loved. Now the thing BIG twilight die hard fans have left is the movies. New Moon hasn’t come out yet, Eclipse is being filmed, and Breaking Dawn will soon after (hopefully) be filmed so the fans are excited, they can’t wait – they’re favorite characters brought to life from page to screen — what’s so hard to understand? Are you still lost? Rob/Kristen/all twilight cast on covers of tabloid magazines – supposedly romance of “robsten” isn’t their faults. It’s the money hungry magazine faults- you’ve barely seen them out and about because of these magazines. They were barely at the MTV awards because of this. I don’t see how Rob is cocky if there constantly trying to stay out of it. They do have to keep living and do what they would normally do. If you dont like to see them — I suggest you stay away from celebrity blog sites and magazine stands, you’re going to see alot of them for the next couple of years.

  • Jayckson Lucy

    Yah. Love his shoes! (At the cast party) and his jacket, well actually his whole outfit. Hoodie or beanie is better on him than a cap i think. But awesome he´s on that list, he totally deserves it.

  • a.e.

    ok people i am not saying i hate robert. he is good looking. i loved kristen in the movie “Speak” (watch… it’s really good). And i thought taylor was adorable in shark boy and lava girl =].it’s just twilight is starting to not even be about just twilight. it’s starting to become about robert, kristen and taylor.

  • lilly

    He bores me. And Little Ashes was terrible.

  • Maari

    I looove rob :)
    he is perfect

  • billythekid


    I think JJJ decided to award Rob the title because his pic was first in the group of 4 on the cover page of the article. They could have easily picked Miley as #1 if they decided she was first based upon her entry being first in the actual list. Of course, there is no real order to the list, and based upon Megan Fox’s major bomb at the box office this weekend, it’s safe to say she ISNT #2. Take that list, file it, and check out 10 years from now who has done what during the 10 years and you’ll have your true winner.

  • overated.

    @a.e.: thank you thank you thank you!!!!! i agree 110% with you. does anyone actually like the movie and not Rob??

  • jess

    ooooooooooooh yes lady overated Im agree with!!

  • me

    Yeah right he’s on top….when you know what freezes over.

  • kamilah

    i think the only reason why im a little tired of rob is because the craziness hasnt settled down yet. this guy still cant go anywhere without being attacked by insane women/girls. leave him alone already!! there honestly isnt anything that special about him. dont get me wrong i like him, but in a healthy non-stalker way. i think he’s freakin hilarious in interviews but i havent seen anything recent of him so im kind of over it now.

  • badhabit

    Once the whole Twilight franchise is over, which will probably be in the later future, people will be wondering who he is. oh yeah !!! he played a vampire in that vampire vs werewolves movie !

  • kstewfan

    Rob is the best and he is so down to earth…and if you don’t like Twilight anymore,you weren’t a fan,your loss.

  • Renate

    Like Rob really wants to be in every Gossip Mag .!!!!!!!! DDDUUHHHH………He can not even have a decent meal without a camera shoved up his a…. I’m sure he didn’t ask for any of that. Any haters should just stop reading about him…u have a choice…u know. I respect him and look forward seeing some other movies he’ll do…

  • Hollie


  • milind

    I love Rob/Edward Cullen…..HE IS HOTTTTTTTTTTT :)