Kristen Stewart: Go Behind-The-Scenes of New Moon

Kristen Stewart: Go Behind-The-Scenes of New Moon

Check out this new behind-the-scenes pics of The Twilight Saga: New Moon from the L.A. Times!

Photographer David Strick captured these shots of the famed trio Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson when he visited the Capilano Park Forest set earlier in the year. Check out Taylor‘s abs!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is set to hit theaters on November 20 — be sure to buy your tickets as they’re already selling out and check out the soundtrack listing!

20+ pics inside…

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Photos: David Strick/LA Times
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    MMEEEEERRRRCCCYYYYY i cant take the beauty and HOTNESS of Robsten!!!

  • sissidelyon

    Finally ! These are the pictures I’m waiting for ! The twilight stuff… the good stuff… These pics are great and Rob is always amazing when he becomes Edward. Taylor is growing up nice. He’ll turn into a beautiful young man. Kris is just perfect !!!
    Thanks for these pics. The rest is not my business… What goes on behind closed doors, off-set is private ;o)

  • ivanka


  • sarah


  • princess perfect

    both of them gorgeous especially rob

  • Rachel

    I love Taylor. He’s so cute!! Ah and he’s such a good actor. He’s just amazing, good and nice. Never getting in trouble. I like him.

  • jasmine

    So excited! Kristen looks gorgeous! And those those Bella/Edward pics are HOT!

  • andrea

    dude those abs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love him

  • brad

    taylors abs look kinda sprayed on just a little. they look uumm, weird?
    edward is hot though hahaha!
    taylor not so much he has a weird nose lol

  • fan1234


  • nikki

    taylor always makes that same face, like in the front shirtless pic like with his mouth just open like hes dumb, its really STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

  • isis


  • liz

    ooOOOooo i’m guessing these are dream scenes right? SWEET!

  • kamilah

    im curious to see how this scene is going to look with bella and edward on the bed in the forest with the green screen in the back. the idea looks pretty cool.

    @brad: yeah the makeup artist has to do that. they put a little bit of makeup on his body to make the muscles stand out on camera. its just for better definition it wont look like that in the movie :)

  • michelle

    Kristen Stewart is BEAUTIFUL!

  • amanda

    omg…. Edward and bella (bed scene) lmao….WOW!

  • Georgia

    it looks like they’re humping..
    go them! ;)

  • zanessa fan!!!

    Haha alright. A bed in a forest?! I didn’t picture the dream scene in a forest! I think its from the first couple of pages in New Moon. Where Bella sees herself as an old grandma because i see a mirror in the background but idk. Taylor’s abs are to sexy!!!<333 Cant Wait!!!
    Go Zanessa!!!<3333333

  • shelly

    daaamnn! taylor looks so hott! haha me lieky! All of them look gorgeous!
    LMAO at the forest/bed scene :)

  • phebus

    Kristen is so beautiful
    AHHHHH Rob

  • Daisy

    is that a dream sequence? it looks like bella’s bedroom is in the middle of the forest…?

  • lycuricy

    i cant take the HOTNESS of Robsten. taylor is ….who cares.

  • Kezza

    omg how hot is taylor

  • cnt hndle d hotness!

    ahhhhh! omg life is great!!!!!

  • binbin

    Kristen & Rob look gorgeous

  • juliec

    THOSE PICS are certainly amuzing!…taylor and THOSE abs… and that ‘compromising’ shot of Robsten..very niceeeee…Is it november yet?

  • Renate

    I never liked November but you know its going to be just different this year……

  • mary

    robesten and tay are perfect…they’re sooo hoooot!!! it’s amazing and i’m crazing, because we are just on sept..wooww

  • Kittycat

    i don’t get it !
    at which part of the book is bella sleeping in the woods?
    please, answer soon.
    but besides that ….. the pics are AMAZING!
    love the cast <3

  • Jess

    mmm jacooooobbbbbb beauty!! Bella so saaaad and nice and EDWARDDDD you know i love you!!

  • hi

    KITTYCAT Bella have a dream about Jacob And Edward… is in the night when she remember what told jacob to her… he is a wolf… and when in the dream jacob transformer do you remember that? sorry my english! xoxo

  • teeeheee

    taylor is amazing :)
    new moon will be awesome !

  • ninnia

    yes i love this movie already :)

  • paola

    taylor´s hot bodyy its the best!

  • nuborg

    omg i’m drooling here :)))))) taylor is like bdsihvbhbviu heaven <3 he looks so yummyyyyyyyyyyyy. :D

  • penny

    Oh ROB looks soo HOT! Kris is soo beautiful!


  • brad

    rob is so cool and so is kristen, taylor i coud care LESSSS about, hes just the third wheel, just the left over skraps rob has all the mature girls, taylor has the 11 year old skraps :( EEWW

  • vale


    damn, he looks so hooooooooot

  • seth

    @18, Zanessa has nothing to do with this movie, thank god!

>>>>>>> staging1