Selena Gomez Kiss & Tells

Selena Gomez Kiss & Tells

Take a listen to Selena Gomez & The Scene‘s title track off of her debut CD, “Kiss & Tell.”

The 17-year-old singer/actress and her band are getting really excited to the release of their record NEXT Tuesday, September 29th.

They tweeted, “Count Down: ONLY 10 days left until Selena & The Scene‘s debut record “Kiss & Tell” hits stores!!! you cant count it on your fingers.”

Radio Disney will be playing a track off of Sel & The Scene‘s record every day until the release. Tomorrow, you’ll get to hear “Naturally!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of “Kiss and Tell” — HOT or NOT?

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Kiss and Tell”
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  • diana

    i liked it. i didnt totally love it, but its a good song to jump around to, which i did. lol.
    i cant wait till tomorrow! i really want to hear the full version of naturally. from the snippets we got it was one of my favorites. and only 1 week and 1 day left till the cd comes out! (:

  • bekkah

    sorry but that was horrible…..hope her other songs are better

  • Naty


  • agus

    I love Selena Gomez, I think she is beautiful and she deserves everything that is going on in her life, but this song is just not good at all, I mean, she has a beautiful voice and she could do a lot more with it, but this song is not good.

  • Juli

    that was horrible !

  • nicole

    horrible. no other way to describe it

  • diane n.

    not my favorite song in the world…
    but i could tell from the preview that i wasnt really going to like this one.
    but i am really excited to hear the rest of her cd.
    especially i wont apologize, naturally, i promise you, stop and erase, and i got u. :D
    those are my favorites so far.

  • marifer

    its a good song! its a good singer! :p

  • Fernanda

    perfeeeeeeect! my example. my baby. my favorite singer and actress. LOVE HER, LOVE HER, LOVE HER!

  • http://deleted Fan_of_miley

    that was horrible! =(
    But that’s just my opinion!
    Maybe the rest of her album songs will be better!!!!atleast I hope so…

  • Anna


  • brittany

    she’s actually not that bad of a singer, but of course
    her strength is in acting, but whatever floats her boat.
    i liked this song, makes me want to get up and dance!

  • Caligurl25

    at least you people aren’t as mean
    as the people on
    they are super haters on her and
    I get it she is not the best singer ever
    but she is not that bad and this
    song is catchy I have to admit

    let’s just say this if the Jonas Brothers
    got into acting then let her get into

  • Meagan

    Don’t worry you guys. The other songs on the album are actually MUCH better than this song. Listen to the album sampler and you’ll see:

  • aly

    She’s very pretty and a very good actress, but the song is a bit of a FAIL! =(

  • redspider

    @Naty: Selena will stick to acting, if Demi and the Jonas brothers sticks to singing. It’s only fair.

  • Caligurl25

    also the video has really bad sound

    it sounds a lot better if you search
    on youtube

  • BlaireB

    it’s pretty obvious that the people who are saying the word “horrible’, are actually the SAME person who keeps posting under different names. Ha, nice try.

  • alexis.

    i like it. it’s so catchy! (:

  • TV

    @Meagan: Omg you were right! “Kiss and Tell” is an ok song but the other songs are AMAZING!!!!

    Everyone, listen to the “Kiss & Tell” album sampler:

  • Kelly

    i think she is a really good singer, but on the songs ive heard on her new cd, they digitalize it alot. Shes such a good actress, and even though this might not be her best.. i’m proud of her :)!

  • disneyfied

    There are way better songs in her album! Like:

    “I Don’t Miss You At All”
    “The Way I Loved You”
    “Stop and Erase”
    “I Promise You”
    “As A Blonde”

    and many moreee!!!

  • char

    she really sucks, and so do the lyrics and music.
    congrats selena! you finally ruined any chance you had of ever being considered a serious actress

  • disneyfied

    @Kelly: Kelly, Selena does sound “digitalized” in SOME of these songs, because they’re suppose to be a Techno/Dance/Pop music genre, kinda like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. But there are other songs that are Pop/Rock, where she doesn’t sound “digitalized” at all, there’s only backup vocals. Plus, she has one slow ballad in her song where she doesn’t sound “digitalized” at all.

  • Jason

    @char: Whoa, ur name is Char. No wonder you’re so bitter. Leave Selena out of your bitterness.


    hot!!!!!!!!!!!The Way I Loved You rocks hot””””””””””

  • Flyaway

    @char: OK, that’s bull. Making an album is not going to prevent her from having a successful acting career. Where did you hear a thing like that? Scarlett Johansson is a serious, respectable actress, yet she came out with her an album…. and guess what? She’s STILL a very successful actress. There are famous actors who stars in MUSICAL movies and sing songs, how is that any different from recording songs and making music videos?? Selena’s music is just her side project, it’s not a big deal! She sees acting in her future and right now, she’s a pretty awesome actress, so if she keeps doing what she’s doing, she’s definitely gonna end up having a bright future and she has sooo much potential.

  • koolkat

    @char: I love the lyrics, I love the music and she’s awesome! so STFU!

  • wandaland

    Selena gave us exactly what she described. Fun, energetic empowering songs that are not too serious, but just enough fun where you can dance your butt off!!

  • michael

    wowww love the song!

  • yessy

    @wandaland: yeahh i agree! :)

  • Bella

    Well fellow just jared jr ersss I loved it; so dang catchy and dancable

  • Caligurl25
  • RYAN

    SELENA, you’re Hot as HELL! “Falling Down” is a GREAT SONG! PEACE OUT!!

  • =)!

    i freakin LOVE JJJ! oceanup has low life haters! at least people here say what they think respectfully..! but yea i can’t wait for her album and this song is okay! (: can’t wait to hear. the way i loved you, stop and erase, got u and other ones!!

  • SOnya


    ….. what shit.

  • Andy

    Not good.

  • Cassy

    wheres her real fricken face lol :s

  • jesus

    its good .. but i think she should sing pop .. that would be better in my opinion … or she can always stick to acting XD … luv sel anyway !!!

  • jade

    nnno nnno nnno
    doesnt work, sorry selena! wowp and your movies are great, but this song really isn’t doing it for anyone..

  • caroline

    @wandaland: Exactly! She didn’t promise great singing. And that’s not what a lot of people care about. They care that the song has a great beat and tune and is danceable. I liked the song!

  • selena fan

    give her a break this is her first album

  • Kayla

    ok honestly didn’t like it. won’t go so far as to say hate… but it isnt something i would choose to listen to again.
    And please don’t hate on JB and Demi. Let’s keep this nice.

  • m?

    HD quality is a lot clearer

  • m?

    HD quality is a lot clearer

  • keke

    gosh , someone take her away from a mic …..she cant effing sing

  • naomi

    Why is she doing this??? WHYYYYY
    that was horrible, poor selena.

  • josh

    she should stick to acting she a little better at it. she not a great actriss either but for just 17 she is average but singing this is really bad. she should had picked a different song to put she really making bad decision lately.

  • redspider

    @keke: yes, she can. her voice is not amazing, but she can sing just as good as taylor swift

  • Flyaway

    @josh: What are you talking about? Selena IS a great actress. Probably the best on Disney Channel.

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