Demi Lovato Falls In Love With A Chicken

Demi Lovato Falls In Love With A Chicken

Demi Lovato cuddles a chicken on the set of Camp Rock 2 in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday afternoon (September 22).

The 17-year-old actress, who reprises her role of Mitchie Torres, tweeted, “Made best friends with a chicken today. No lie. Pictures later! I either want a pet chicken or a pet pig.. I almost took that chicken home today… Gahhh. Loved her.”

Demi continued, “She was falling asleep in my arms! So cute. I was SO close to taking it home with me….I swear… it was love at first sight.”

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Photos: Demi Lovato Twitter
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  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    Haha :P That’s cute!
    Demi is pretty. I’m scared of
    chickens…..:D Hahahaha!!!!!
    I Love JB & Demi!!!!

  • Lic_Merry

    so fuNy!!!
    i♥u DeMiii

    Fallow Me @

  • Lic_Merry

    so fuNy!!!
    i♥u DeMiii

    Fallow Me @

  • meee.

    Miley fell in love with a chicken while filming HMTM
    and Demi falls in love with a chicken while filming CP2
    i wonder who their lovers will beXD


    haha aww that is soo adorable! im lucky she didntttt really want the pig though,swine flu!!!! lol i luvv her and that chicken! if she adopted that thing and went 2 a pageant, they both wouldve won Best Team Beauty Surpreme Winners!!! haha I luvv demi, jobros and selena! rock on peacee follow me on twitter @DancingDiva_Ana

  • yenny

    thanks i cannot see the second one in twitter
    i really liked them, they are so cutw

  • tara (mrs nick j)

    omgomgomg :) IM IN TORONTO..i knew she was here..but i didnt know the set was! OMGOMGOMGOMG JB DEMI ALL IN TORONTO =))) IN THE WORDS OF THE SONG PARANOID “IM FREAKIGN OUTT!”
    I wanan meet em all sooo badddlllyyy omj
    n e waysss
    demi looks so good in that pic with the chikkyy :) i wuv ya demmzz

  • Fernanda

    LMAO! she’s SO cute. love her ♥

  • b_j_d

    such a brave girl, I am terrified of chickens, and I grew up around farms! haha

  • Evie

    What is going to be the explanation for why Mitchie’s hair and eyebrows changed for the second movie? Lol. Wow.

  • ayen

    love her!!!

  • mrs. jonas

    soooo cute… demi is simply the best!! ;)

  • Collins

    @Evie: She grew up some? Idk. Good point tho.

  • Sofifreydel

    i love her
    she´s so pretty and cute

    Aww the chicken is asleep
    Demi you´re the best I LOVE YOU GIRL

  • Minh

    Aww.. Demi is such a sweetheart. I love farm animals, they are awesome! I can’t wait for Camp Rock 2. LOVE DEMI AND THE CHICKEN!!!!!!

  • TV

    Omg she’s sooooo ANNOYING! Cant believe they’re making Camp Rock 2! ugh

  • Jason

    Eh, she’s not attractive. But LOVE her voice.


    man, is her hair BLACK OR WHAT!?! GOSH! it distracted me. im surprised they didn’t make her die it back.

    o_O its like SUPEEER BLACK!

    but anywho that’s cute about her n the chick. haha

    don’t care for her all that much. but that’s irrelevant.

  • bella

    demi es linda ,I love demi y con chicken adorable y se le durmió en sus brazos ,que gran fotos,sos una estrella que día a dia crece y me encanta ,dulce ,fresca y muy natural ,seguro va a estar bellisima en camp rock I love demi soy una fans de corazón

  • Jon

    WHOA! She looks hella old with out much make up on. ): Ew?

  • Faith

    FINALLY you put something about Demi. Haha that’s cute =)

  • listen to mayday parade

    @tara (mrs nick j): Most of the movie isn’t being filmed in Toronto it’s up in the haliburton area.. there are no woodsy areas in Toronto. The only things they are doing in Toronto is sleeping and recording.

    If you want to see them – the jobros are staying at the four seasons hotel. I saw/ met them there when I was staying there for the Toronto international film festival.

    Great guys.

  • maria

    aww thats so cute. i love demi.. n the chicken.

  • istar

    um, its a bit weird.
    anyways, i love her music :)

  • fan1234

    she’s the best.

  • carol

    yeah, she’s the best! DEMI S2

  • Starla

    aww gotta love demi shes awesome.
    summer 2010 camp rock 2!!!!!

  • =)=)=)

    demi rocks !

  • Maggie


  • yo

    love you demi

  • Jessica

    It’s great to have friends that are chickens! Demi Must Of Felt Like A Mom To The Chicken Since It Was Falling Asleep In Her Arms!

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