Kevin Jonas: Pre-Nup with Danielle Deleasa?

Kevin Jonas: Pre-Nup with Danielle Deleasa?

The best men have been picked, the bachelor party is being planned and Kevin Jonas is seeking a pre-nuptial agreement?

According to In Touch Weekly, a source shared that the 21-year-old musician is looking into a pre-nup with fiance Danielle Deleasa, just in case things don’t work out.

The source revealed, “Kevin sees Danielle as his soulmate, and he’s very Christian, so he’s not big on divorce. Nonetheless, he has millions to protect, so he’s asked Danielle to sign a prenup.”

TELL JJJ: What do you think about Kevin asking Danielle to sign a pre-nup?

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  • Anna

    i kinda agree,
    my mom thinks he is getting married too early …
    him being a celeb and all -
    celebs that get married that young just don’t last ..
    but, i wish the best for their marriaqe- prove them wrong.

  • sally

    I think this is the Hollywood “norm” I don’t have a problem hearing this. Kevin is the one who made the money, not his soon to be wife. Also, for her, I would think that something is better than nothing right??

  • mj

    sorry for my ignorance, but what is a pre-nup agreement?

  • lilhizz

    wow..thts a gud idea for him. but danielle is a very sweet girl. i hope nothing wrong happens

  • Nicole m.

    He is very smart. Nothing against her, she looks like a nice girl.

  • Nicole m.

    Yes, as a mom, I think he is getting married too young. Hope for the best.

  • lemartiste

    Even though getting a prenup does kinda make it seem like he doubts theyll stay together forever, if things do end up getting nasty (which i REALLY hope it doesnt) he wont lose 1/2 of everything hes worked for.
    i have faith that they wont end up like every other celeb married couple…. but wayyyyyy down the road you just never know :-/
    <3 you 2! best of luck :)

  • Em

    I don’t care whether he gets one or not but I don’t believe that this story is true due to the so called “inside source” and the fact that it came from In Touch.

  • Kristen


    its a contract. it is so that if Kevin and Danielle ever get divorced, she cant take all the money Kevin has made, from working with his brothers

  • bailey


  • Susie


    It’s an agreement to keep your money if you get divorce so both party don’t get anything from each other.

  • No Bitchassness

    Doubt it will last, not saying they will break up in the next few years but after that :/

  • mahima

    honestly i think that getting a pre-nup is a way of saying i don’t trust my partner and the marriage wont last.

    a pre-nup is an agreement that says if you get divorced, the spouse gets a certain amount of money.

  • Nikki

    GUYS! Did you read? He’s a CHRISTIAN, and he’s not BIG on divorces! Geez, don’t worry! My parents married early, and they’re STILL together! And being “celebrities” doesn’t mean they divorce! Gosh, you guys spend too much time on gossip! JUST BE HAPPY FOR KEVIN AND DANIELLE!!!

    God Bless

  • diana

    I don’t know if this is true but, if it is I think it is probably for the best!
    Best of Luck to them! <3

  • lisa

    I think kevin is really smart about having her sign a prenup. they are getting married young and even though they plan to stay together forever, people change over time and just aren’t as compatible as they are when they are 21.

    I have more faith that their marriage will last then i do about many celebrity couples.

    Best of luck Kevin & Danielle. <3

  • Lauren

    I bet they will stay together forever

  • nicole

    good job kevy i was worried you’d be dumb & not haver her sign one…don’t let that girl get your money

  • Allison

    Overall, I think it is a smart idea. Just to be on the safe side, ya know? Though, like the others have said, I don’t think they’ll need it. : )

  • Z

    If I was Danielle, I’d feel pretty offended but I’d still do it. I guess it’s for the best.

  • Genesis

    I feel good … is much that Kevin has to protect … Yeah Yeah kevo is the intelligent

  • Carla

    it’s a smart move and if I were Danielle i wouldn’t be offended.
    These things make divorce easier aswell (which i’m hoping will never happen for them).
    If Kevin wasn’t already doing it, I would suggst it if i were the one lucky enough to marry him.

    Best of Luck to the happy couple

  • Paola

    Im so happy for Kevin, but hes too young to get married i mean hes only 21!!!!! I think he should wait at least 3 more years! And about the Prenup i think its a smart choice cause even though they r in love sometimes things don’t go they way they r supposed

  • pup

    Good for him. You gotta be safe one way or the other.

  • DEE

    I think kevin is a GREAT man. i agree with kevin totally. n i think itz a great idea. hes 21 years old n has millions of dollars! u never no wat the future brings.

    mj- a pre-nup is an agreement that if they do get a divorce the money that he got BEFORE they got married, Danielle cant touch.

    But kevin is a great man n danielle seems such a great girl. they will b perfect together!


  • nikki

    I agree

    if i was him i would make her to.
    they are very young and most of the time young marriages dont work. some do but most dont and i dont blame him for trying to protect his money.

  • me

    Sorry for my english i dont speak english but i have to say, if danielle really loves kevin she will acept to sign the pre nup inmediatly without doubt it, kevin will see what kind of person she is when he asked her to sign. Also its like a proof of love. I know a lot of couples that break up and cancel the wedding because of this.
    I hope danielle say yes with her better face :)

  • hrh

    Well, if she also thinks he is her soul-mate then she would never consider divorce as an issue. She probably won’t have a problem signing it. Good for him though, because you just never know!

  • WOW

    SMART MAN!!!

  • Nicola

    I think its a good idea. I would hope they do stay together forever, they seem made for each other but its definitely a smart move for kevin to make just incase things dont work out.

    I honestly dont think he’s too young to get married or anything, my mum was only 20 when she married my dad & they are still together and happy 19 years on.

  • Chris

    Good for him. You might not believe I divorce but you never know what will happen. If the divorce never happens then it won’t matter. And I’m sure it will work that the longer they are married the more she gets. Depending on how the financial arrangements are set up, he could be protecting the rest of his family also.

  • Jennifer

    i think it’s ridiculous. if he thinks they’re soulmates…then is the pre-nup necessary?

  • Jennifer

    @mahima: agree with this!!! :)

  • vio

    This is smart decision of him and he’s gotta point but I really hope she doesn’t get offended by this because she seems like a nice girl and this is not very nice of Kevin.But i guess it’s not a big deal in their world where the business and money means everything.
    I wish them all the best :)

  • Emily

    Kevin would be stupid if he DIDN’T get a prenup. I completely support him and Danielle, and I hope they will be incredibly happy together. But, it is his money, him and his brothers earned it, and he needs to protect it.

  • ooh_meo

    I’m surprised and if i was Danielle I’d be offended. Maybe it’s a smart move for Kevin but i think it’s like doubting a marriage before it ever starts…sad=( I hope this is just a rumor.

  • monkey_mv

    I think its a good idea..he made the money not her…but I hope they do last they are a really cute

  • Lauren


    Kevin is 100% nice

  • Megan

    I think that it is really smart for Kevin to get her to sign a pre-nup. I think things will work out great for them, but still there is a lot of money behind Kevin, Joe, and Nick. A pre-nup is just to protect all that money just in case things dont work out.

    It so doesnt mean Keving doesnt trust Danielle or think things wont work out. Its just being safe.

  • Joe Jonas lover

    I think that this “prenup signing” is a test of love, if she REALLY loves him (not saying that she isnt, i want them to last) then she would just be like “where’s the paper?” if not.. then…. idk

  • Jennifer

    @Em: Agreed. But, even if he does, he’s being smart. But they are quite a wonderful couple together and if Kevin sees her as his soulmate, then so be it. I believe him. I hate to be cliche but they are pretty perfect together… :) ♥

  • nikki

    if anyone dont agree with it…then yall are crazy. this is a smart move. hes not the first person to get married and ask for a prenup…he has things that he has to protect…bump that “test of love” crap….sign a prenup…anyone who makes millions like them they are goin to make someone sign a pre nup.

    joe will do it
    nick will do it
    its not a “test”…its called being responsible.

  • Lauren

    Danielle loves him for him
    not for his money
    She would love Kevin even if he wasn’t famous

  • am

    HAHAHAHA just like kanye said…
    “If you ain’t no punk holla’ we want pre-nup
    WE WANT PRE-NUP!, yeah
    It’s something that you need to have
    ‘Cause when she leave yo’ ass she gon’ leave with half’

  • Dawn

    I am not surprised that he is doing it considering he is probably worth a lot and who knows what is in the agreement to begin with. She could get a percentage, she could retain things like a property or vehicles, etc or each year they are married would be worth a certain amount if the union was to desolve, so who knows what is in the agreement. I hope that things work out for them though, being young doesn’t mean that they won’t be together forever because many couples that get married young can work it out so we have to wait and see I guess.

  • Anna

    and miley cyrus will do it too.
    she has ALOT of money . lmao .

  • cam

    @No Bitchassness: \\
    I don’t agree with you. Kevin has been raised as a good man & marriage is forever to him. I don’t know if this story is true – don’t know how anyone would really know this sicamnce it is personal & private & should be, but because of some of the state laws concerning divison of property in a divorce & all the money involved I guess it is the smart thing to do. I don’t think it will be necessary, though – they seem happy. Best of everything to them both.

  • MP

    kevin is a very intelligent, business minded guy!! and i think his idea to get a pre-nup is a great one. these days it’s pretty standard. you can’t predict the future!!

    i have no doubt that they will have a long happy marriage, but there is nothing wrong with taking precautions just in case for some unlikely reason the marriage doesn’t work out. it’s like getting life insurance….you never know if you’re going to need it, but it’s something that’s worth having.

  • Abby

    I think it’s great. After all he’s the one with all the money. It’s only right for her to sign it. He doesn’t want to be racked over the fire if things don’t work out for them. I understand it compleately.

  • cassie

    i think it’s a very smart move on kevin’s part. not only is he protecting himself, but he’s protecting his brothers and the rest of his family as well!! the jonas brothers are more than a band, they are more like an enterprise!! i don’t think danielle will be offended….i think she is well aware of the business side of the jonas family and she wouldn’t want to get in the way of that. in plus only a gold digger would be offended by the proposition to sign a pre-nup b/c all a gold digger wants is money. and danielle is sweet girl, i don’t see her being like that.