Kevin Jonas: Pre-Nup with Danielle Deleasa?

Kevin Jonas: Pre-Nup with Danielle Deleasa?

The best men have been picked, the bachelor party is being planned and Kevin Jonas is seeking a pre-nuptial agreement?

According to In Touch Weekly, a source shared that the 21-year-old musician is looking into a pre-nup with fiance Danielle Deleasa, just in case things don’t work out.

The source revealed, “Kevin sees Danielle as his soulmate, and he’s very Christian, so he’s not big on divorce. Nonetheless, he has millions to protect, so he’s asked Danielle to sign a prenup.”

TELL JJJ: What do you think about Kevin asking Danielle to sign a pre-nup?

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  • flashdrive

    look at danielle’s neck. see that cross? they ain’t getting a divorce. they are both christians. a pre-nup is a hollywood thing. he’s a star, he has to protect his fortune. but they will stay together. trust me. and for all you people who don’t know what a pre-nup is, it’s a legal document stating that in the case of a divorce, mainly in hollywood relationships, the one who makes the most money can’t be taken to court and have their money take from them. in otherwords, it’s protecting him from being sued basically. i can’t describe it, i’m not in law school. YET. but i wish them the best luck.

  • ivanka

    woow great desicion, i dont see a lot of future

  • evalynn

    she looks like the type that would go after his fortune if things don’t work out

  • florence

    SHIT people would you like if your bread and butter that you’ve worked so HARD for is just thrown away on a stupid divorce.. i doubt you’ll like that.. and danielle i can tell she loves kevin for who he is and not for his money and kevin is doing this not as a test but because he’s an intelligent guy.. im not saying that he cares so much about his money but you know.. ;) and i hope it will never reach the point of a divorce cause then they’ll end up like every stupid young divorced couple and i would dispise kevin and danielle… but anyways good bless x) for the happy couple

  • Allison

    I think it’s an excellent idea!
    They should look at the possibilities, good and bad!
    I think it’s very smart of Kevin to ask Danielle to sign it, and I think she should.
    I don’t believe Kevin is asking because he doesn’t think his marriage will last, I think it’s just to be on the safe side…
    Makes perfect sense to me!
    Good luck Kevin and Danielle! <3

  • Katie

    It kinda kills the romance, but it’s smart. I agree that a pre-nup should be signed. Although, i have faith Kevin and Dani will be together for the rest of their lives.

  • ZJanie

    JB have lawyers and management, their job is to protect finances.
    It is Kevins $$ and there will be plenty for Danielle even if they split, but to be fair and honest they should have a pre-nup. Even with one these 2 will be secure. If they have a family the pre-nup can be changed.

  • angela

    that is one smart son of a gun. He is smart for doing that

  • alliegator.(:

    YOU GO KEVIN. (: i was hoping he would get her to sign one.
    i mean, i’m sure he’s in love, but i just want him to be protected if something happens like paul mccartney’s 2nd (ex) wife did.

    i wonder how she took that?
    it’s kind of saying that he thinks there is a possibility the marriage might fail in a way, or at least, thats what i would think sort of.

    but…anyways. i love kevin, and i think him and danielle are adorable.
    i wish them the best. (:

    love you kevin!

  • cc27

    she reminds me of hilary duff sister :) LOL the way they look xD

    kevins awesome :) im glad he is doing this, i love danielle, but kevin is smart enough to actuall do this :)

  • joboots


    Excatly……ain’t he too young for a prenup??????

  • mara

    Smart Boy.

  • Natasha

    I agree, it’ good for him and his brothers also. so, smart boy

  • Zoey

    That makes sense. But I hope the never need it!

  • redsoxroxsox99

    I’m really haaaaaaaaaaaaappyy for the bottth of’em

  • MeganStacey

    If you ain’t no punk, holla ‘we want pre-nups’ – WE WANT PRE-NUPS!

  • Joe Jonas lover

    @nikki: I know… its just that extra precaution…

  • Luis F. Gomez

    I think its all right with it…. It doesnt really matter! Besides its pretty smart to do that move before the big move…

  • Daisy

    hm, the pre-nup dangerous area. I so don’t want to go there when i’m geting married.
    I mean, in one hand, asking someone to sign a pre-nup is like setting yourself up for failure. it doesn’t matter if he says he doesn’t believe they’ll get divorced, if he asked her to sign it, than he’s admitting that there’s the possibility, however unbelieved in, that it might not work out. it’s like they’re entering their life together holding back.
    on the other hand, it’s nothing but fair. he’s made millions. she can have it while they’re married. period. nothing further if they go their separate ways. either way it’s not comfortable.
    to go into a marriage preventing yourself from failure, therefore admitting you’re not 100% sure to your significant other, or just go with your guts, but completely unprotected?

  • i love jb

    i think hes great i love him and his brotehrs there all great:)))) and i think its smart of him. and i dont think hes to young

  • jess

    smart move. even though it doesnt seem like they would get divorced

  • little old lady

    My husband and I were married when we were both 17. As usual “they” said it wouldn’t last. Next month we will have been married 50 years. Age doesn’t matter as much as maturity. In this case I fully understand having a pre-nup because celebrity marriages don’t have a very good record overall. I wish them both a wonderful life together.

  • Leah

    I don’t like pre-nups on the principle of it. It’s like he’s saying “my money is more important to me than you” or “I don’t trust you to be reasonable if we divorce”. The mere fact he thinks it’s possible there might be a divorce is bad – it puts the idea into people’s heads that there’s a “back door” when they’re heading into a marriage. You should be heading into marriage knowing it is forever, not “well i can get out of it if i want”.

  • Leah


    I know a girl who went to an 80th wedding anniversary a few years ago. The couple in question got married at the ages of 16 and 17.

    The problem with young marriages is that people go into them with the knowledge they can get divorced if they want, so they don’t treat the idea of getting married as seriously as they would otherwise.

    All this “you might not be as compatible as you were at 21″ is BS. You PUT EFFORT into a marriage. “Compatibility” is BS. You WORK on it. Nobody is just naturally “compatible”. Just ask anybody who has been married for one year, ten years, or fifty years.

  • Alyssaaa

    danielle is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally pretty!! ♥

  • miley fan

    if he really loved her he wouldnt put her to do that i mean if he loves her he must trust her

  • Diane

    I totally agree, I think they are very happy now and I wish them the very best for the future, but no-one knows what the future holds either. I am sure the pre-nup will be very fair and she would still be a wealthy woman IF anything ever happened.

  • hjjgg

    2 years max

  • Morgan

    kevin isn’t just thinking about himself….he’s also protecting his brothers and the rest of his family. i think asking her to sign a prenup is a smart move. it doesn’t mean he doesn’t trust or love her. it’s just the responsible thing to do. even though i doubt they will ever get a divorce there is nothing wrong with taking precautions.

  • kaylin

    I think Kevin was really smart in making this decision. Just in case things dont work out, his money that he worked really hard for will be safe. Dont get me wrong, I think Kevin and Danielle are in love, and make a great couple, but he is really young and I’m not sure if this will work out for them. Im hoping it does, but just in case, im glad he protected his money.

  • Sandra

    Smart boy.

  • mishyB

    NO SH!T HE’S GETTING A PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENT… does he really think it will last?… Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens SHOULD NOT GET ONE WHEN they CHOOSE to MARRY. It’s inevitable THEY’LL BE TOGETHER FOREVER BABY!!!

  • Bria

    I think it’s the only smart thing to do. Obviously they love each other, but they are very young and only met in 2007. Not saying it wont work out, but better to be safe than sorry.

  • vanessa

    Smart kid! very god idea! there should always be a pre-nup!

  • amanda

    im very happy for kevin i do think he is too younge but i love him and she is one lucky girl i wish i was her i love him

  • Elle

    Smart and good idea Kev

  • Hello!

    Very Wise Decision!

  • anastasia

    i was expecting that to happen sooner or later before the wedding XS

  • anna

    I do not think he should do a pre-nup! I find that saying he doesn’t trust Danielle and if that’s the case, he should not be marrying her!
    I love Kevin, I love Danielle, and I pray this isn’t true. I think real Christians wouldn’t ask their spouse to sign one because Christians should know if the one they’re marrying is the one God made for them.

  • love jonas
  • nwl

    it is smart from him but she does seems like a nice girl and i hope they would last



  • mounir

    may nam is mounir. love zac efron and joe jonas and venessa

  • http://youtube amanda

    i love the jonas brothers aand kevin 2 but kevin the girl-friend of kevin i don´t like in this photo

  • Erica

    well these are all just rumours ofcourse, but its a wise thing to do for Kevin.. you dont want to loose EVerything all of a sudden. (and with him Everything mean a LOT so) you need to protect your property!

  • Sagec

    I think he was completly right in asking her for a prenup. He has millions of dollars to protect. In addition, I think personally, he’s getting married young because of his purity ring. Think about it, he’s been with this beautiful girl for two years however, he’s 22 and still a virgin. See my point?

  • Sagec

    And another thing, there’s a lot of people calling this a celebrity wedding, but danielle is not a celebrity, or at least she wasn’t before they got engaged. So if your saying that celebrity marriages don’t work… This isn’t a celebrity wedding.

  • Lynnz

    although kevin reallyy should be marrying me lol, I’m happy for them and I really hope everything works out with them. I think it’s smart of kevin and I wouldn’t be offended if I was danielle. but best wishes kevkev <3 ily

  • huh?

    whats a pre-nup???

  • LC

    it mean if they divorce
    she CANT take his money or other things from him
    like when paul M. from the beatles divorced
    his ex’ wife sued him for 48 MILLION $