Kherington Payne: Crazy For Edward Cullen

Kherington Payne: Crazy For Edward Cullen

Kherington Payne lets her legs do the talking in this new pic from Elle magazine.

The 19-year-old dancer/actress is about to hit the big screen this Friday in Fame, the 2009 telling of ten students attending a New York Performing Arts high school. Kherington dished to the mag about how she won the role, her love for Twilight and director Kevin Tancharoen‘s love for her. Check it:

On her love for all things Twilight: “Whenever we have girls’ nights, it’s like, ‘Okay, put Twilight in.’ We just love how [Edward] acts toward [Bella]. My guy friends are like, ‘You’d hate it if a boy was that controlling,’ and we’re like, ‘We wouldn’t!’ He’s just so hot.”

On how she won the role of dancer Alice: The filmmakers figured, She can dance; let’s see if she can act. This agency that I wasn’t even signed with was like, ‘We know you’re not with us, but we want to send you on this audition.’ I was like, Crazy!”

Kevin Tancharoen on Kherington’s camera presence: “Her presence transfixed the camera. We didn’t want to go the Flashdance or Save the Last Dance route and cast ‘stunt doubles’ for any of the talent, where you cut to the close-up and it’s the actor, but cut to the wide shot and you’ve got a double. I was not going to let up on the dance ability, and she came in as a natural actress. She was the last person we saw”and we saw thousands.”

Also, check out Kherington and costar Kay Panabaker‘s red carpet looks!

Fame hits theaters THIS Friday, September 25th.

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Photos: Dan King via Elle Magazine
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  • Chanel

    My guy friends are like, ‘You’d hate it if a boy was that controlling,’ and we’re like, ‘We wouldn’t!’ He’s just so hot.”

    So if he’s controlling but hot that makes it okay?

  • zena

    I’m with the crowd here, that not only does she come off as extremely naive and silly, but that quote about Twilight just makes her seem pathetic. Which is exactly why I can’t stand that series, for the derogatory and demeaning message it sends to “young” girls who aren’t wise enough to know better.

  • CS !

    seriously, who isn’t crazy for him?

  • nelly

    How do people who read the books perceive edward to be controlling? That is just a point of view. He cares for Bella. He has a lot more experience in life than she does and wants what’s best for her. He doesnt act on what he wants for himself…he has to self sacrifice ALL the time to make sure Bella is happy. Twilight is not for everybody…if you dont like it, MOVE ON! Stop bashing people that does.

  • npfan

    Gee guys….she only meant that hypothetically, as in ‘Edward Cullen’ being ‘controlling’ and hot at the same time.

    Kherington’s a very sweet polite girl, who’s just a huge Twilight fan.

  • nita

    okay people get over it i am crazy over twilight too not really so much about edward cullen but more about RPattz crazy right i know
    she’s only 19 so not dih she’s naive and silly i am 17 and i see the flaws of edward cullen but just get over it she young and innocent well so i am i but yeah.

    the series well the media is ruining them i swear and people are just hating. Edward and Bella is like Romeo and Juliette actually scratch that but you get the point its a love story and a very sweet one.
    who isnt a sucker for love stories so chill out

  • bridget


    Nelly, i understand that you like the book but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can’t just tell people to stop talking because you don’t agree with them. You might not find Edward controlling or posessive but I do. I don’t care if he’s just “looking out for Bella” I didn’t like the way he talked down to her and at times blatantly ignored what she said because he thought he knew best. It just bothered me and I personally detest the character. I’m entitled to my opinion as are you.

    As for Kherington’s quote I really hope she didn’t mean it like it came out. The way she said it, it sounded like she meant that if a guy’s hot it doesn’t matter if he treats you bad because he’s hot. I really hope that’s not what she was trying to say. It might have come out wrong or something(I hope). Maybe she meant SHE didn’t find him controlling. I disagree with her but it’s still better than my initial interpretation of her quote.

  • jaaaazzzzz

    love her so much! You all r looking to far into what she said…its a movie that she likes and she thinks edwards hott….kk is prob the sweetest girl ever

  • Jodi

    Kherington is a great girl. Who is neither naive or clueless. And for anyone to make such. a quick judgement call about someone they don’t know. Based on a quote from a magazine article. Is just wrong. You don’t know her. Otherwise you wouldn’t have said anything negative. I love Twilight myself. And have never looked at Edward Cullen as being controlling. I see it as protective.

  • natalie

    Are you all serious???

    like you have got to be kidding me. This is why Hollywood is so fake because someone says something like: My guy friends are like, ‘You’d hate it if a boy was that controlling,’ and we’re like, ‘We wouldn’t!’ He’s just so hot.” and the public gets all sensitive about it!

    you all need to relax because its honestly not that big of a deal.
    all she is saying is she thinks the guy is hot!!!!!!!!!!
    you people have issues

    and jaaaazzzzz…i know Kk and she is the sweetest person ever.
    Ever Ever….

    and zena.. she is far from pathetic thank you very much.
    she is a little something called HUMAN!

>>>>>>> staging1