Miley Cyrus: Party In The USA Official Video!

Miley Cyrus: Party In The USA Official Video!

Miley Cyrus takes a minute to snap a pic with mom Tish and grandma backstage during her Wonder World Tour in Tacoma, Wash., earlier last week.

The 16-year-old singer premiered her new video for “Party In The U.S.A.” tonight during Dancing With The Stars‘ results show. Check it out below!

Miley and Metro Station (headed by big bro Trace Cryus and Mason Musso) are playing Anaheim tonight!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s new video — HOT or NOT?

Miley Cyrus – “Party in the U.S.A.” Official Music Video
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  • Ariana

    i love it!

  • Party in the usa
  • badhabit

    i wonder how the little kiddies will react to this video. “Mommy!! can i have clothes like Miley in that video!?” wow. but i like the song, catchy.

  • mileyfan17

    I luv the video and the song

  • sg supporter

    im not a hater, but is she wearing a pushup bra or something?
    i actually dont think theres anything wrong with the outfit..
    but i just like the fact that kids might wanna have clothes like that =P

    love the song <33

  • Lic_Merry

    i ♥ video
    and the song!!!


    FollowMe @Lic_MerRy


  • jen

    i love it! and love the colors

  • j

    So glad that Miley has been gaining so many older fans not tennies
    Good for U Milez. Just KEEP ROCKING ON.
    We love U.
    U are sooo much better than any of the hatters. They just cant get a life.

  • lisa

    i love her and she looks beautiful. i love her outfit too. people need to growup on here

  • annabanana

    LOVE the song & the video, her shorts are cute with the boots, but i’m not tooo crazy about the top. but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. =)

  • lo

    @badhabit: And as the parents, they should say no to their kids. Kids may look up to Miley Cyrus but it should the parents that should be the kid’s role models, telling them what they can and can not do. As for the video, I thought Miley looked pretty. I am older than Miley by a couples of years and I will admit that I was not wearing clothes like that when I was 16. I still don’t wear that little of clothing and I am in college. But I believe that everyone is different when it comes to what people wear clothing wise. If Miley wants to wear short shorts, a push-up bra, and having her boobs somewhat exposed, then good for her. I don’t think that makes her a “slut” or a “whore”. She wants to be seen as a more mature artist and not the 12 year old that started on HM. But I think that there could be other ways of departing from Disney, then the way she is appearing in this video.

  • Mel

    i love it. it shows that she is growing up and wants to reach out to an older audience. the song is great and the video is great and she looks great. now being 18 and hearing this song and seeing this video im not embarrased to listen to this song.

  • lucia

    I love the song, but the video not too much, but it is good

  • rita

    love it… look amazing!!! I love my daughter watching you…..your such an inspiration !!

  • Anne

    Hey everyone my friends and I entered a contest to meet Miley and if you voted it would mean the world to me. Just go to and click on the photo of Miley on the main page. It will take you to where you vote. VOTE FOR ENTRY #8. I will love you all so much if you did this.

  • tatii

    she looks so prettyy
    love it!!

  • Julissa


  • 00zanessa4life00

    i really like miley
    and i just luuuv that song
    but i actually dont like the video that much…
    she looks really pretty in the vid but i think it doesnt fit to the song…
    but still awesome song =)

  • Rizqika

    I love it sooo much!!! ^_^

  • Feli

    It’s CooL!!

  • D

    i like the video and the song, i jst didnt imagine the vid like this. i thought it didnt really match with the lyrics but still good…

  • sean84

    well i want a car lik the 1s in he video lol she was so beautifull bye the way lol

  • sean84

    *the video

  • JONH

    My whore is back!

  • menna

    Not….as usual. i’m not a hater it’s just my opinion.

  • hilary

    The video doesn’t really match the song….I like the FIP version of the video MUCH better! Great song…iffy video

  • Maggie

    Okay, i have some options..

    Me: I thought it was okay. Good but okay, it wasn’t like OMG I LOVE THIS VIDEO ya know, but i didn’t hate it because of miley or anything like that just, idk not what i like. I do love miley though, i do love her fly on the wall video, its my fav

    Little kids: Listen to Hannah Not Miley.. I think miley is making it pretty clear that miley is for teens and hannah is for kids.

    Haters of miley: How could you hate the video, since you hate her. I understand if you don’t like the video, like it wasn’t a great video, but just to be like “I hate miley so i hate the video” Is so Stupid!

    Parents: This is miley, if you don’t like it ban your kids from her.. but you don’t need to say “She needs to relise she has alot of little fans” Yah she knows, i know, thats why there is hannah! Make since?

  • erica

    Love the song but the video doesnt match the song.

  • mochi

    the video doesn’t match with the song. love the song, stupid video

  • missy

    I Love this Video She looks Stunning!. But i thought she changed her lyrics to michale jackson then jay-z?. Anyways love it miley. please wear a little more apporiate

  • jo

    like it! its fun, like the song

  • Nikki

    wow… I am pretty sure we have another Britney Spears and Christina Aguilara coming out… all of a sudden she thinks she is sexy??? what happened to the kiddy singer / tv/movie star… too bad she thinks this is what she has to do to get people to buy her stuff :(

  • lauren

    @missy: she just said the Michael Jackson thing to honor him in the awards show but the lyrics actually have jay-z on it

  • Elsewhere

    Man i miss the days music videos use to be about something. I didn’t hateit but i don’t love it either.There just seems to be no more original ideas,when it come to music videos.They for some reason just all look the same to me. As for the cloths they look fine. For the record just because a girl wears short dose not mean she is a slut.

  • Jena

    Miley’s dancing is so awkward….sheesh. anyway, the songs good – the video was just a joke the way miley was acting in it. Don’t bash me, cause its MY opinion. Everyone has different opinions

  • meeee

    excuse me whilst i go puke

  • Miley

    Watch the video is High Definition (HD)!

  • maglove2cheer

    love miley, and the vid, its just a little sexual

  • Lucie

    disgusting she is acting like she is in the pussycat dolls. so wrong.
    the song is ok though.

  • mcf

    #17 … i was just about 2 say that ! when i first looked at the car i was in love with it ! and mileys car was awesome ! and miley rocks !! love u miley !

  • mcf

    and i think its the best video shes ever done ! and the song rocks !

  • rampy

    i’d love to see this shown on disney channel. that’ll just be…perfect.

  • Alex

    i LOVE it and her :D
    ahh god<3333

  • emmylou

    i loved it!
    wasnt at all what i was expecting but its greattt!

  • drez

    hoot! (:

  • Gossip Girl

    All this hater talk and the haters are officially in love with this video! And so am I! miley’s all grown up people! She is not 12 anymore!

  • Lexxy

    the song itself is catchy, and the video is way better than her live performance. the live performance was way awkward. i mean come on a 16 year old pole dancing at a show which little kids watch. And whats up the freakin push up bra? she’s kinda gone to far. little girls look up to her. she’s acting way far her age. Demi & Selena dont act like this. she’s gotta stop acting like a s*ut. you only get to be the 16 once. :>

  • AJ

    Bit TOO hot actually, she should tone down the sensuality just a little… she is 16. Otherwise, love it, she is stunningly beautiful

  • b_j_d

    Okay Miley, leave the redneck trailer park trash videos to Gretchen Wilson..

  • atsgmcdl

    HI JJJ- can u plz have a contest to smthng ZAC OR MILEY NOT ONLY FOR AMERICANS??!! PLZ?????

>>>>>>> staging1