Alec Baldwin: No 30 Rock With Robert Pattinson

Alec Baldwin: No 30 Rock With Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson chat it up with director David Slade on the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Vancouver on Wednesday morning (September 23).

Recent Emmy winner Alec Baldwin recently dished to E Online at the award show, commenting on who he would love to have on his NBC hit show, 30 Rock.

Alec shared, “Uh…I don’t know [about Robert], I’m sure shows like Desperate Housewives want him. There’s no shortage of opportunities for him. But our writers don’t write for stars, with one exception, and that would be Oprah.”

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Credit: DZILLA/GERALLT; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • nwl


  • sallyjo

    I don’t care much for Rob, but I’d sure rather watch him than freaking OPRAH!!

    Will you all vote for my kids? I’m a single mom and full time college student, so the $500 gift card if they win would be a HUGE blessing!

  • Chris

    I don’t even know how this all got started since Rob expressed no interest. Anyway, on to more important things: I love these pictures. Edward/Bella are so cute.

  • Olivia

    i would NEVER watch Oprah! she publicly denied Jesus – shame on her…..

  • Dawn

    I don’t think Rob would want to be on 30 Rock but that is just my opinion. I am so glad to see some new pics of Kristen and Rob.Being a Canadian it is nice to see them drinking something from Tim Horton’s.

  • Nina

    Poor guy i can almost feel his hurt of rejection..I meant that dude Alec not rob

  • sarah

    Fuck you, Alec Baldwin! God, I hate him.

  • babababa

    hahahaha u rock alec!!!

  • Me

    Wow…Kristen is so disguisting…look at that hair, she looks like she smells. YUCK!

    Hey Alec, go kill yourself. Thank You!

  • Sia

    WHY THE HELL WOULD ROB BE ON THAT SHOW ? Alec is angered because all he has is a bad anger problem and a very unattractive body.
    It’s obvious he doesn’t know anything about Rob or Twilight. Because Housewives is far from what it is.
    OH ALEC ROB HAS BETTER THINGS TO DO ! Someone shoot this guy already. It’s obvious that everything that comes out of that nasty mouth is hate and nonsense. (yelling at daughter) NOT SURPRISED !

  • Kass

    Why would Rob be on either of those shows ? That’s just dumb Alec shut up already.

  • Kass

    Oh Alec shut up already. Rob wouldn’t do your show he’s too busy to act with lame old people.

  • jasmine

    aww, i love Kstews mullet hair!

  • xoxo

    they are sharing the same cup of coffee…

  • ALI

    Rob looks wonderful and happy and cuddly. Stewart has her usual bitch face on

  • penny

    STFU alec!!!

    aww my Rob looks sooo cute, love him soo much!!


    @Kass: What a burn! The people on that show are actually respected in the industry, let’s see how far Mr. Pattinson gets when the Twilight movies are done.

  • Maddy

    Alec Baldwin is old and ugly. Seriously, a show like 30 Rock – despite being critically acclaimed, absolutely flops in ratings – could use the status of R-Patz.

  • Amalie

    They both are uber beautiful ppl.
    Love them…&& who cares about 30 Rock. ugh. 8)

  • pan

    GOOD! I don’t want rob ruining 30 rock!

  • amy

    i love alec now haha ;)

  • e

    I’m not an expert but isn’t Edward’s Volvo silver, that Volvo is black, I think it’s the same model but it sucks that they changed the colour.

    Rob looks amazing in those pictures, glad to see the filming moving forward.

  • ninnia

    Well, I understand Alec, he is just a man in middle age cirise…



    if u noticed rob and kristen both share a coffee together in the pictures

  • princess perfect

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww rob is perfect for me of course lol
    so sweet
    so cute
    so loving
    and the best of alll

  • London

    If you see the whole set of oictures, you’ll notice they are not sharing the same cup of coffee, sorry shippers.

    Eclipse production sucks. I miss the silver volvo.