Lucas Grabeel: I Kissed A Vampire Web Series!

Lucas Grabeel: I Kissed A Vampire Web Series!

Check out Lucas Grabeel and Drew Seeley (as a vampire!) in this brand-new sneak peek of their short series, I Kissed A Vampire.

I Kissed A Vampire, a musical, follows Dylan (Grabeel) is terrified when a nasty bat bite transforms him into one of the living dead. His world is turned upside down, and he has to figure out how to balance his budding romance with Sara (Adrian Slade), the girl next door, and the bloodthirsty desires his magnetic vampire mentor Trey (Seeley) is constantly urging him to give in to.

Episode one hits iTunes on Tuesday, October 13th. Become a fan and check out the trailer on Facebook!

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  • nikki


  • amy

    @nikki: HAHA I TOTALLY AGREE! But i do love lucas <3

  • katie

    Vampires have been around wayyy before Twilight?!

    I absolutely adore both Lucas and Drew and cannot wait to see this!

  • http://deleted Ash_demi_miley_selena-Fan

    haha that’s SO COOL!
    Dear Robert Pattison,
    You aren’t the hottest vampire anymore,lol! xD
    Drew looks so hot!
    I love Drew! <3

  • priscilla

    Drew Seeley is so hot! Robert Pattinson is not the only

  • Twilightkid

    This is so much crap.Ever since Twilight everyone is doing something related to vampires!! Stop it now! Twilight Saga is the Best ever! Stop trying to compete cause seriously you will never be better than Twilight no matter how hard you try!!

  • carol logan

    absolutly cool

  • Zizi

    My new vampire Drew ! He’s sooo hooottt ! <3

  • LucasfanCostaRica

    I m bored about vampire movies, but Lucas looks so hot… and Drew is awesome!! It looks good, I want to see more

  • fantasticlucas

    wow cant wait to see the movie
    lucas looks so hot

  • zanessafan4ever

    Lucas is awesome! Nice to see him again!

  • Lily

    Awesome !!!

  • isla

    half the comments in this post prove that twilight fans have no sense of humor.

    this PARODY of vampire movies looks hysterical.

  • katie

    @Twilightkid: LOL I feel very sorry for you if you honestly believe Twilight is the ‘best ever’. I like Twilight but they’re not even vampires. They don’t have fangs. They SPARKLE.

  • DIDI


    Vampires have been around since waaaay long before Twilight. Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles come to mind.

  • Alyna

    A Drew Seeley VAMPIRE!!!!
    A BAD Drew Seeley VAMPIRE!!!
    He look’s Better then Rob!

  • Alyna

    I LOVE Vampire’s and twilight is a good movie!
    but it is NOT a good Vampire movie!
    Rob is ok….BUT Drew is looking GOOD!!
    so I Love Vampire’s & Drew SO a Vampire Drew is Perfect for ME!!!!!!!!

  • kimaya

    i totally agree with isla! just cant waits 2 see it!!

  • kim

    the twilight-saga is the best vampire series and probably always will… but it doesn’t hurt to see drew and lucas as vampires, though. RPatzz has competition, he ain’t THE hottest vampire anymore ^^

  • myworldisvampire

    watch the lost boys… it’ll change your mind

  • Dee


    I believe there were many vampire novels before Twilight. Give Dracula a try… And not the movies.

  • anonnomous_aj

    I love twilight don’t get me wrong but if you think that it is the best you seriosuly need to see some classics ever hear of Dracula? ya know the famous vampire that was a really good book why dont you try that

  • anonnomous_aj

    messed that last one up shall we try again liek i said twilight good and all but try some classics please

  • raven

    lucas is so hot !

  • http://idk SillySammy

    Twilight is the greates movie ever.. some of the other ones that have just come out are pretty great too and just to let you know katie they do to have fangs… its in the movie just pay attention to it… duh… lol… some people kind of are coping the movie but i cant wait for this one to come out also!!! YAY!!!

  • http://twilightsaga Marissa Santoro

    The “I kissed a vampire” webisodes are soo cool. I love anything that has to do with vampires. I love the song Lucas Grabeel sung, outta my head.

  • Midnight

    I LOVE THE WEBSERIES! I Wish I could find the movie but i Never did! Lucas, Drew, Adrian you guys couldn’t make a better rock musical! Adrian Make sure to keep the boys in shape they seem to get a tiny bit hungary like drew or Trey did in singing happy afterlife in the webseries. Just wear a necklace tha t holds and reflects sunshine when you want it to ;) Drew and lucas you guys couldn’t make twilight look more stupid compared to you’re rock musical. Lucas you portray dylan with almost in a way that is taboo but also terribly terrific! Drew you were BORN to play trey! Awsome job! If you need to know any need of any other taboo yet exciting creatures let me know at 410 638 6820 i excel at anything taboo and leviathan (sounds like a fish doesn’t it? But it’s just a word used to describe anything monstrous in size or manner) just let me know sometimes spending hours on end looking up legendary creatures and mythical alike comes in handy! Oh and vampires is spelled wrong the true way to spell it is vampyre which means Magyar from vam, meaning blood, and pir for monster. it also meant something else if i remember i will post it. YOU GUYS AND ADRIAN SLADE ROCK VAMPYRE COULDN”T BE COOLER OR IS IT DEADER? HEHE

  • Midnight

    @Marissa Santoro: it has been stuck in my head it is totally catchy isn’t it!

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