Ashley Tisdale Cranks It Up

Ashley Tisdale Cranks It Up

Ashley Tisdale‘s second single has been officially announced!

The 24-year-old singer will release club-hopping “Crank It Up” in Europe on October 17th! The physical single will also include bonus tracks “Time’s Up” and “Blame it on the Beat.”

Ashley will also be shooting the accompanying music video this coming week and it will premiere on VIVA on October 5th. How exciting!

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  • veronica

    she looks better brunette..!! in blonde she look falsee..! but anyway she looks ok!

  • http://twitter ashleyjonas4 eva

    first!!! I guess??!! :)

  • Mili

    off course I’m exited! it’s awesome. I men, it’s crank it up! I love that song! well… I love everything about Ashley. she is such a good example.

  • roxana

    cant wait!!! and i already knew i was CRank it up>>come on that song definitively rocks like her :)

  • cami

    no no

  • Ashley tisdale’s #1 fan

    AHHHHH YESSSS! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE MUSIC VIDEO, ITS GONNA BE AMAZING! probably gonna be in a club-like scene, kinda like “he said, she said” :) can’t wait to find out when its gonna be released in the usa! but sooo excited! i love u with all of my heart ash, i’ll always and forever be your #1 fan <3
    ~Ashley Tisdale’s #1 fan for forever and always xoxo~
    p.s. follow me on twitter! <3

  • moondirty

    no not more music , dell with it she’s can’t sing , i want her to be in new movie

  • nicole

    I really hope ashley goes back to being brunette once she’s done her new role :) she looks so much more gorgeous. :)

    plus the brunette hair makes me appreciate more as Ashley Tisdale, the singer & actress, whilst the blonde hair makes me see her as Ashley Tisdale, HSM’s Sharpay Evans. But she looks gorgeous both ways :)

  • eLLa

    why is everything she has getting released in Europe?!

    not that i care, cause i’m over her, but why Europe?

  • moondirty

    eLLa ; cus mst of her fans are froum here , this is the only way to have more mony

  • ashleytfan

    yay! Im excited to see the music video. And I live in America so it sucks its premiering in Europe but thank goodness for youtube :P

  • lara

    AAAAAAAAAH! omg. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! I’m reeeeally exciting. loove you tiiizz

  • Aurianab

    I Can’t wait !!!!

  • Jena


  • eLLa


    that was my idea, but i wasn’t sure

  • carol

    oh, i’m so glad JJJ gave news about her single, because i wanna so much see this music video! :D ASHLEY ROCKS S2

  • lucia

    can´t wait
    i love that song


    That’s cool, can’t wait for the music video!

  • b

    I don’t like that song. I’d prefer “Hot Mess” or “Masquerade”.

  • ManeciTaa

    Ash eres la mejor I Love
    so Perfect girl so cute and Fabulous

    Kiss for you idol

    That’s Cool I LOovee song

  • ManeciTaa

    That’s Cool Ahs

    I Lovee Song

  • ManeciTaa

    I Lovee Song

  • Sarah

    yahhh! Im excited to see the music video.!!!!!!!
    Ashley The Best <3

  • Tasha

    I’d prefer “Hot Mess” ..but i love this CD!

  • dave

    OMG, I can’t wait for the music video…

  • Renata

    it’s gonna be awesome

  • Renata

    I think Crank it Up is a great song YAY!

  • Jo

    ashley rocks!

  • ma

    such a great song!

  • Alec

    Guys, this song is awesome, i am SURE you all are gonna like it!

  • ximenaa

    i really like this song!
    i gonna be a amazing 2° single

  • Momo

    That is my favorite song on her album!!(:

  • craig stairs

    Her looks are going and some pictures are popping up of her that aren’t so flattering. The 24 year old is going to have to start doing something different to keep a younger audience interested in a 24 year old.

  • Nat8lie

    I don’t like Ashley Tisdale, but I don’t hate her.
    I like some songs on her album like “What if” and “Masquerade”
    but serious “Crank it up” I thought she will be a Rock/Pop Singer and thats definitly none ROCK/POP Song !
    Only that you know, VIVA ist like the german MTV (I’m from germany we have VIVA and MTV).
    It will be premiered there first because in europe she has 90 % of her fans.

    But you can watch in on youtube (:

  • ZJ207

    YAY! :D
    can’t wait for the extra hot music vid! :D haha <3
    the song is absolutely awesome!!!!!!

  • osama

    i hope it burns the charts!!

  • anne

    omg I’m soo exited…Crank it up is my favourite song from Guilty Pleasure….<33

  • angela

    omg i hope she will be brunette for video bc thats the point in her new album so if she has blonde in video that can be really bad for her but whatever i love her a lot !!

  • laguna

    i dont like that one…

  • nina caplan

    i am excited, even though i like better other songs, i am excited for the music video… i think the music video is the reason for why she dyed her hair blond

  • Brittany

    my fav song <3

  • mohamedashry

    YAAAAAAAAY the video will be AWESOME!!!!! i’m so glad rock on girl :D:D


    YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! :D


  • jonasfreak

    the vid will be soooo hot!! i guarantee! lol <3

  • http://justjared.jr Chrisyloo


  • dany

    i can’t wait for her new music video !

  • bep

    I can’t wait to see the music video! I hope it will be as hot as ever! :)
    And i love the song!

  • jonasfreak

    So she’ll do the music vid as a blonde? :D
    YAY! haha she’ll look soooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • masquerading

    YAYYY! :D i love the song!
    masquerade would’ve been a good choice :P lol but CIU is gr8 too!
    I’m so excitedddd

  • Smileymiley

    i just love that girl !

>>>>>>> staging1