Miley Cyrus's Party Inspiration: Her Parents

Miley Cyrus's Party Inspiration: Her Parents

Miley Cyrus had a vision when she went to make her “Party In The U.S.A.” music video and director Chris Applebaum was all ears.

He dished to MTV News about the 16-year-old’s inspiration. Chris shared, “Miley did have an idea ” one of her favorite movies is Grease. Everything kind of sprang forward from that scene in Grease where John Travolta is singing … and he gets out of the car and goes to jungle gym and sits in one of the swings and sings the song at night as projections go in the background ” she came to me [with that].”

Miley also wanted to feature a bit of her parents in the vid. Do you spy a Corral Drive In? Chris revealed: “Interesting enough, Miley’s parents Tish and Billy Ray, when they were first dating they went to a drive-in in Kentucky, I think, called the Corral Drive-In ” so we named the drive-in after that as an homage to them. In addition, Miley‘s mom Tish used to drive ’79 black Pontiac Trans Am, Smokey and the Bandit style, and obviously that’s the car that Miley arrives in.”

How cool!

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  • Megan

    first comment?

  • Megan

    lol. mileys videos awesomee!!! <33

  • nwl

    i love grease

  • .

    They must be so proud

  • amy

    I thought the video was cute.

  • Ash

    can anybody show me a link to the video?

  • andre



  • azalea

    so classic
    good job
    Love it =]

  • ctiffanybella

    LMFAO she’s a joke to anyone whos not 14 & doesn’t know good music.

  • so special..she is a true artist

  • BliZzarD
  • Fernanda


  • –’

    I love her :) Fuck off haters, you suck balls

  • Anonymous111

    she’s so close to her parents :) SWEET :D
    LOVE HER, so proud of her :)

  • fan1234

    They must be so proud
    (sarcasm) 2

  • Flora
  • swe3t2

    love the video!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lauren

    @Ash: Just click “party in the USA” in the beginning where jared wrote it.
    sorry for my english

  • #1MileySupporterForever!

    i thought it was cute
    I Luv Miley 4 ever :)

  • lo

    @ctiffanybella: So what do you consider “good music”?

  • carol

    and the clothes she wore are just like her mom’s clothes?

  • lifesgood

    aww that is soo cute! to honor her father and mother!
    This just makes the music video all that much better!!!
    I love how she’s straight up about things and is proud of where she’s from=)

  • Vic2763

    The 1979 Trans Am was the fastest most powerful American stock car made at the time. I appreciate vintage American Muscle cars. Nothing hotter than a hot chick in a hot car =]

  • bradley

    I think thats awesome that she’s talking about kentucky since thats where i’m from:) i think thats why i like her so much because she is relatable to me! she also is very talented & beautiful!

  • http://jjj haley

    she is awesome i love her better than selena and demi

  • sam

    Love her

  • Sara


    You realize you said she is a joke to anyone who “doesn’t know good music,” right? Which means, to those of us who do know good music, she isn’t a joke. Either you’re unable to put your thoughts into a coherent sentence (in which case I’m LMAO at you) or you agree that Miley has musical talent…

  • bestbuy

    @ctiffanybella: i’m 18 and like her. and i am very versatile with music so shut up about ‘good music’

  • Ashley

    I’m sorry the video looked a little trashy to me.

  • veriscka2445

    love her and take that haters because she can don much better and don’t be jealous if you can’t do that. HA! (sarcastic)


    Nice to hear where her inspiration came from..the video is so cool although different than what alot people had thought it would be..I love the video:) Miley looks so amazing…you gotta love her:)<3 Her parents are pretty awesome too..<3 Miley has done alot of great things she donates Millions to charity…haterz need to find a different hobby,,Miley has changed alot of people lives for the better:) Thanks for being the best source for Miley news:)

  • vanessa Zanessa is the best!!!


  • kstewfan

    fan1234 I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish but the first version was the “best of all time!”…of course not lol.

    Miley is the bomb!!
    go miley fans! we’re the best.

  • Tanzie

    Um this isn’t her best video yet. I mean she’s is sixteen and the outfit she wore in the video was kinda not good for her younger fans. You guys are just brain washed by disney no offense.

  • Bernard

    I like the video but the part where there’s a big USA flag behind Miley looked a bit fake :/

  • wow


    They must be so proud
    (sarcasm) 3
    HaHaHaHa – the sad part is I think they are.

  • =)=)=)

    miley im one of your biggest fan ever !!!! i love u ! and the video was great its one of the best videos youv ever made love u !!
    how do u know that 14 and under r the only people who likes her music ? im older and i love them

  • =)=)=)

    and the car was HOT !

  • omg!!!!

    AWW that was soo sweet of her. i liked the video ALOT ! she did a realy great job and her songs r the best miley is the best

  • ilovemileycyrus!

    the video rocks !!! love her !

    what did she ever do 2 u 2 get all that stupid hate ? yes miley is far from perfect but face it nobody is ( and DO NOT BRING SELENA SHE IS NOT PERFECT ) and yes she is a great role model cuz i think the people who make mistakes r the better role models cuz we can learn from them !

  • tan

    best pic ever !

  • milenator

    well i guess that was a nice idea
    but i dont really like the vid
    cuz i kinda expected better
    like b4 the vid i was visioning miley getting outta a plane at LAX arriving in LA, in a cab seein the hollywood sign, jammin to her fav song(JayZ) in the cab getting out of the cab going into a club and then jamming to her fav song(britney) and ill leave the rest there

    so yea I LOVE THE SONG AND LOVE MILEY but i didnt like how the video turned out wish i was the one directing the video but id still have the drive inn and the grease part after the britney song part cuz she wanted that

  • lifesgood

    aaww i love this girl! & im really happy that her fans remain loyal to her even through all the bad talk….have u seen some comments made at oceanUP??….i just dislike the fact that when miley wears certain clothes its the END OF THE WORLD!!!! …but when other aspiring ‘wannabe’ singers wear the same thing its fine!

    just because miley has a great body and looks gorgeous and sexy in an outfit that some other celebrity wears and can’t pull off doesn’t mean its ok to call one a hoe and not the other!!!!

    People make no sense sometimes….
    sorry i had to let that out:)

  • Smileymiley

    #9-ctiffanybella : THE ONLY JOKE AROUND HERE IS U !
    what a loser !

    and miley did an amazing job at the video and im sooo proud of her !
    and her tour is amazing ashley went and said she was proud of her !

  • Tinsley


    i dont understand why anyone dislikes her… she seems like she has a cute personality and she is a good singer and EXACTLy like any other 16 year old .. no more revealing is what i mean

  • mileyfan

    miley is amazing ! miley<3

  • maingedang

    Her video was pretty good, but I’m not of the fan of her bra showing through the whole video. Cover it up Miley! You can have fans WITHOUT showing too much!

  • cry no more

    أحبك للأبد
    it means : love u forever !

    miley is amazing and i loved the video . and that was pretty sweet of her of what she did !


  • jimmy

    Yeah sex symbol in the making. So I put my hands up…

  • so what !

    miley is amazing and the best disney star ever !!!! the video is awesome but like the person above said how he thought the video would look like i did 2 . but i loved it and the song rocks im listening 2 it on the radio right now and hopping while im writing lolzz !


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