Selena Gomez & The Scene Go Dancing

Selena Gomez & The Scene Go Dancing

Selena Gomez & The Scene will performing next week on Dancing With The Stars!

The 17-year-old starlet and her band mates will be performing their lead single, “Falling Down,” off of their debut album, Kiss & Tell. Professional dancers Derek Hough and Karina Smirnoff will be dancing to her performance on Tuesday, September 29.

In case you missed it, check out Selena & The Scene chatting with their fans about their upcoming album:

Selena Gomez & The Scene Chat – 09/23
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  • Michelle

    Selena’s 17 now.

  • Anonymous

    yay thats cool i love her im gonna watch, oh btw shes 17(:

  • yenny

    i knew that, i can’t wait for listening sel live, and jared selena is 17 years

  • ferly

    Aww i love her so much……………im so exited for selena and the scene performing!! =)

  • Sony

    Lol Jared, you always forget she is 17 because of her angelic face. Anyways, I’m so excited for her album. I heard all the songs on youtube and I practically liked EVERY song. I’m really surprised at how well the album turned out.

  • Anonymous

    i know i will be watching, and selena 17.


    i will DEFIANTLY NOT be missing this!

    not because im overly obsessed with her or anything,


    i dont think it was smart of her/ her management to book her to perform on “DANCING WITH THE STARS” as her second gig EVER.! im mean THIS IS BIG!

    i really really think she should have performed in more places live first.


  • Sam

    I love Selena but I don’t think singing is her strong suit…she should concentrate on acting since that is what she is best at.

  • Anonymous

    Um… Good luck to her. I heard her singing the acoustic version of Falling Down. Her voice is not so strong.

  • sHoOoShoOo

    love her ,, she’s amazing ,, though i didn’t watched the vid yet ,,

    sweet 17 just like me =)

  • zena

    Since I haven’t enjoyed the studio/computerized version of this song, I’m definitely curious as to how it’ll sound live. Hmm, seems like one of those tough ones where it could go either way.

    And is it just me or are the acoustics on the DWTS sound stage terrible or what? Both Demi Lovato and Jonas have performed on the show, and they’ve both sounded nothing like what they usually do. I remember making excuses for Demi when she performed LaLa Land on DWTS, because she sounded so blah. Hmm, guess we’ll see.

  • Flyaway

    Yay! I can’t wait. She’s so awesome and her songs in the album is AMAZING. I’m definitely buying her album when it comes out.

  • disneyfied

    @Sam: Demi and JB should concentrate more on their singing, yet nobody says anything.

  • redspider

    @Sam: i love selena’s voice, i don’t care if it’s not the strongest of the bunch, but she does have a smooth voice with a little raspiness to it. i also love her new songs. so catchy and fun!

  • wandaland

    When I heard Selena’s album, I expectected the worst. But I was so pleasantly surprised by how her singing is improving a lot and I ended up loving the songs. “I Don’t Miss You At All”, “I Got U”, “Naturally”, “The Way I Loved You” are my favorites, but the others are great too. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m definitely buying her album.:)

  • Lex

    @wandaland: I know! It was like back in 2007 when I swore that Britney Spear’s Blackout album was gonna be a joke. But then I listened to it and it turned out to be the best dance album ever! Same with Selena’s album. I was really impressed at how good it was.

  • KATE

    Thanks jarrrrred!

  • selenafan

    it does say 17 and definetly watching dancing with the stars

  • Faith

    OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! I watch DWTS every week and HOLY CRAP I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! It’s cool too cause it’s the same day her album comes out.

  • Adam

    Episode 2 of Selena’s “Under Pressure” is up now on MySpace!

  • Lucy

    @disneyfied: yeah, i agree. i love JONAS but their acting’s not that great lol!! erm, i just wish the jobros wud get out of disney, that’s y there are a load of hater, and they never get to number 1!! if they went with a record company more mature, people would appreciate them ALOT more!! anyways, this is about selena, and i don’t like her singing at all! she shud stick to acting, but that’s just my opinion!! xx

  • Jenna

    i cant wait to see her suck~1


    I have to say that this album surprised me the lyrics are great and sel sound so amazing!!!!!!!! “Naturally” ROCKS

  • zena

    Wait, how have people already listened to the album? I thought it came out on the 29th.

  • Adam

    @zena: The CD leaked on the internet. You can even listen to songs through YouTube.

  • Chloe

    yea i can wait !!!

  • maingedang

    I’m really excited for Selena with her CD and everything. I have supported her ever since she began Wizards of Waverly Place & I’m glad she’s branching out to different industries. It’s great that she’s trying new things and if she succeeds, all the better. :) I have to admit that I’ve been a Selena fan, but NOT a Miley fan, & from what’s happening in the media right now with Miley turning all PG-13, it proves my point even further.

    I’m glad Selena is doing this for herself & her fans because in music, she can express herself and get to interact with her fans better than when she is acting. Although I agree that Selena is better at acting, I still think she deserves to sing & get closer to her fans without being ridiculed for not being a good singer. With the live shows, maybe she can prove people wrong. :) GO SELENA!

  • 21057876989

    Oh Dear God please don’t let this girl embaress herself she’s too sweet Jesus i least let her lipsyc or somethingi mean…don’t mess up the couple’s dacning jeez!

  • (Lexi) Alexandra Woodruff

    Selena always Rock

>>>>>>> staging1