Sterling Knight Gets Starstruck

Sterling Knight Gets Starstruck

Sonny hunk Sterling Knight is getting his own DCOM!

The 20-year-old actor will star as Christopher Wilde in the upcoming Starstruck.

The flick follows Jessica Olson (newcomer Danielle Campbell), a down-to-earth girl from the Midwest who collides (literally) with Hollywood’s teen heartthrob, pop star Christopher Wilde (Knight). They wind up on a love-struck adventure in Southern California, but their bond is tested when she returns home and he publicly denies their relationship.

Starstruck also stars Brandon Smith and Maggie Castle and is set for a 2010 release.

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Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Bob DAmico/Disney Channel
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  • Faith

    OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I <3 Sterling!!

  • vanessa Zanessa is the best!!!

    lol zac is the teen hollywood heartthrob HAHA KDG cant wait STERLING

  • Teresa

    He kind of looks like an alien, doesn’t he?

  • lilamzy16

    cant wait love sterling knight. it sounds like a kwl film

  • mishyB

    Sterling Knight is bloody handsome!

  • Jo

    it’s about time

  • The Badass chronicles

    wow this actually sounds interesting.

  • claire

    Jared you forgot to mention that Cody Linley was supposed to be in the movie but he was sick so they replaced him with Sterling.

  • Chelsea


  • Priya

    I thought Cody Linley was starring in this movie?

  • Gina

    It sounds a lot like sonny with a chance! But i can’t wait! Sterling is so hot!

  • hun98

    I can only see him romantically linked to sonny. :) but still glad he got his own movie. love him.

  • jamie

    WOOT! i love sterling!
    i loe him with Demi though!
    How old is this danielle campbell girl? I Imdb’d her and she is so pretty! But she looks amazingly young!

    Cant wait!

  • nathalia

    he’s cute

  • tcjz

    Woah, I can’t believe he’s 20 o:
    He looks so young..
    Well he’s getting big now, I think he started from hanna Montana (Lily’s [Emily Osment] boyfriend, then he went to sonny with a chance (Chad), and hes in 17 again (alex).
    Now this :)
    Sounds like an interesting movie :)

  • lauren

    OMGSH! i really can’t wait! Sterling is so handsome! i love him

  • Laila

    I HATE them for Demi not being the girl. LOL. JK. Cause he’s gonna have to kiss her befor he does Demi on SWAC. Ahhhhhhh. He CAN’T kiss her. EVIL Danielle. I hate her. Ugh. Demi should be with him. Ok. Don’t hate me I’m joking. But seriously Sterling and Demi Forevs!!!

  • me.

    oh wow, this plot sounds really intriguing. unlike other cheesy DCOMs (Hatching Pete, everyone?). it makes me really excited to see it. and sterling knight is in it! :d

    isn’t danielle campbell the girl who’s in camp rock? if so, then she’s soooo freakin’ lucky to have nick AND sterling as her love interest.

  • Samantha Jonas

    Why is it all the girls suddenly come from the Midwest? What are we, some kind of joke?! We are normal people. We dress normal, act normal and talk normal! We just live in cooler place.
    Like Sonny With A Chance. Are they making fun of Wisconsin? I live in Wisconsin. The majority of us dont look outside in the morning and see cows. And since she’s from a town just outside Madison [our capitol], there arent farms in that town. >.<

  • Alex

    Omg, 20? he looks so young, I thought he was like 16 or 17.

  • awesome

    I cant wait!!!!!!
    I can see him being 18 or 19 but not 16 or 17

  • haleyhoyan

    Who doesn’t want to watch Sterling Knight in action?

  • chelsea

    Sweet! Danielle is 14… and sterling is 20… a little awkward. and Danielle is actually from the midwest, so she should be able to play it well. looks like it could be good!!

  • danielles stocker

    I FREAKING LOVE DANIELLE… anyone that hates on her is a poopie! she is going to be the next Angelina Jolie… i swear i stalk danielle evvery day i am her number one fan.. btws i love sterling he is soooo cutee! xoxo danielle, sterling, and branden

  • adklfjdajfdklj;lkdfafa

    Cant wait to see it!
    Dannielle Campbell is 14 and we go to the same high school. i see her in the hall ways sometimes…..its pretty cool

  • bellelahv

    i so can’t wait!!!! he is my favorite actor!!!


    He is an amazing actor. And in this movie, he’s gonna sing. Very talented, so are his siblings. The guy sings, plays guitar, and acts. Just like everyone else on TV. It’s more fun when no one know that he sings and plays guitar.

  • dfhgluidrgndflibujndxlifuhs

    i cant wait to see this movie, sterling knight is soo hot and i hate that newbie danielle campbell for getting to star in it with him. i just hope they dont kiss or anything because that would make me sooo mad. but you know even if they had to kiss i would see the movie, sounds interesting.

  • JEssica

    wow she’s only 14! i’m turning 14 this month…she’s not much older than me…she looks older. can’t wait for this DCOM, looks like it’ll be the best thing since High School Musical.
    i really like Sterling Knight. he was great in 17 Again, and is great in Sonny With A Chance. can’t wait to see how Starstruck turns out!

  • Jasmine Raine

    Omg Sterling Knight is freaking hott but prob. a jerk like a lot of starz r! :-p I guess you could say that i’m like Jessica in starstruck ‘_’

  • Jasmine Raine

    Omg Sterling Knight is freaking hott but prob. a jerk like a lot of starz are! :-p I guess you could say that i’m like Jessica in starstruck ‘_’

  • Jasmine Raine

    Wow you are so lucky! I have always wanted to know a big star! In fact, i have always wanted to be one!

  • http://Msn lolipop77

    no way i cant wait until the movie starstruck is coming out i sure am starstruck with him he is so cute i love his song im gona tell all my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  • http://Msn lolipop77

    lol he is soooo hot ilove him

  • http://msn 5418556821

    just shut u jasmine

  • Débora *-*

    @ lilamzy16 : Ele é muito lindo!!!

  • asdfghjkl;lkjhgfddsa

    ur such a lier she does not go to ur high school!

  • asdfghjkl;lkjhgfddsa

    ur such a lier she doesnt go to ur skool lier! prove it!

  • http://rfbvf wobby

    @haleyhoyan: i know right

  • http://rfbvf wobby

    sterling u are so cute. i so cannot wait to see it


    get over it. Sterling is 20 years old -___-

  • nini

    sterling knight is so hot

  • emma (ash’s number one fan)

    it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and adklfjdajfdklj;lkdfafa SHE ISNT 14 AND YOU DONT KNOW HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle’s #1 fan-Aubrey

    i love starstruck. i think Sterling Kight is cute and Danielle is really pretty. i wish i could meet her. my cousin is famous but i’d rather meet her than talk to my cousin. I wish i could get her autograph and her picture

  • Danielle’s #1 fan-Aubrey

    canyu mail me a pic of her and get her autograph for me i’d really apreciate it when u reply back i can get u my address
    thanks a lot,

    P.S. what state and town do u live in

  • Danielle’s #1 fan-Aubrey

    can u get me her phone # if thats not 2 much to ask i guess if that’s too much i ca ust go there and get her autograph and i don’t just like her because she’s famous i am like her to

  • hanna gold

    Im so excited cant wait

  • redsky9
  • http://justjaredjunior rhianon

    sterling knight is so sexy and i love how he aked in STARSTRUCK… i would kill my self if i met him i cant belive he is21 i thought he was 18 17 or16 i thout he was a only child too but hes not im gonna celebrate his birthday…march 05 1989

  • Tahji


    OK Cody Linley wasn’t sick !!!

    He got drunk and let a bunch of girls do whatev to him!!

>>>>>>> staging1