Selena Gomez & Miranda Cosgrove: Teen Vogue Terrific

Selena Gomez & Miranda Cosgrove: Teen Vogue Terrific

Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove hang out an the front row inside the 2009 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party held at MILK Studios in Los Angeles on Friday night (September 25).

The twosome hung out at the front row before mingling with other guests like their costars Jennette McCurdy and Jennifer Stone.

Selena, 17, will be having a free, private concert TOMORROW night at the Roxy. She even handed out free tickets to the event at Menchie’s.

15+ pics inside of Selena Gomez

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Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN; Photos: Jason Merritt/Jeff Vespa/WireImage, Charley Gallay/Getty Images
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  • ashley

    i wnnna go.but i live in northern cali.come to san francisco or san jose.i love selena(BUT NOT THE MUSIC).and selena has long hair again

  • liz

    their GORGEOUS!
    i love selena ! <3
    can’t wait for kiss & tell (:

  • Sam

    Two beautiful and talented girls! I like both of their outfits :)

  • Chau

    Selena looks great now.

  • Diana

    love miranda!!

  • chuchi

    I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ, i wish i could go to her concert but i live in Centreville, VA :(

    But I will be a supporter and buy her album :)

    I’m sorry for the Miranda fans whom which i might offend, but in the picture Sel looks prettier :) but i also love Miranda but im just saying!

    I love Selena’s outfit here :) it totally fits her :D She is totally an inspiration and a role modell :) I WILL ALWAYS BE HER SUPPORTER AND FAN

    PS I <3 Naturally, Crush, and I Don’t Miss You At All. AND MOSTLY ANY OTHER SONG IN KISS AND TELL :)

  • Jess!

    Selena is gorgeous!!!!

  • florence

    i like selena but i dont think she sings THAAAAAAT well but i still love u sel !!

  • emily

    awww they kinda look alike in dat pic :)

  • becca

    I think Selena and Miranda look like they could be related. I think Selena’s hair looks kinda weird here too. She should keep it curly instead of straight and honestly I think she should stick wit acting. I’m not trying to be mean but Entertainment weekly gave her cd a D it’s just not her thing.

  • becca

    Also, supposedly Selena went and talked to Taylor Lautner at the fashion show for this Teen Vogue thing. I wonder if that was awkward since he just kissed her bff Taylor Swift for a movie. I really like Selena’s necklace though. Wonder where it’s from.

  • Anonymous

    i love selena and her looks really pretty but any hair style that selena wears looks good. she is gorgeous!!!(: oh and i love her outfit too.

  • Sarah

    I LOVE Selena’s outfit here, Miranda’s, not really.
    And I don’t get why people say her album isn’t really good, Selena never said she did an album because she think’s she’s really good at singing. I personally LOVE her album, and I’m glad she didn’t take her songs too serious. I know you can’t compare those two, but Britney can’t sing shit, but her songs are fun to sing/dance to, so nobody really cares.

  • Diana

    wow wasnt selena’s hair short like 2 weeks ago??? if shes wearing extensions then what was the point of cutting ur hair???

  • Diana

    i dont care i like miranda better :p. ive met her and she’s awsome!

  • anna

    private but free concert oxymoron much why not just do a completely free and open concert for everyone like ashley tisdale or mitchell musso did

  • jesse

    Miranda is the HOTTEST girl I have ever seen!

  • SElenafan


    she cut her hair like 3 months ago she probably got tired of it and wanted a change

  • sarah

    I love Miranda’s hair and her Dress is sooooo cute!

  • listen to mayday parade

    love selena, HATE tina chen.. i mean miranda

  • listen to mayday parade

    @jesse: blind much? megan fox is way hotter… actually most girls in this business are better looking than that miranda girl

  • LILA

    I love Miranda’s outfit and yes indeed they both are really talented

  • sam

    @listen to mayday parade: Do you have ANY valid reasons for hating Miranda? Also, everybody has different tastes and many people find Miranda quite beautiful.

  • harper

    @listen to mayday parade: You’re obviously the blind one. Miranda is one of the prettiest young girls in Hollywood and no matter how much you try to bash her she will remain one of the prettiest young girls in Hollywood…

  • SamiJo

    you can see nat wolff next to miranda..

  • Tooty

    @sam: LTMP probably wouldn’t have anything against Miranda if they weren’t in love with Nat Wolff.

  • sam

    @Tooty: Ohhhh LOL :) I had no idea. I don’t mind people not liking Miranda’s show or music. I even understand people who dislike her for some reason or another (though I think she’s awesome, personally.)

    What I don’t get is the amount of people who hate her so much that they take time out of their lives to bash her all over the internet. What did she ever do to them, ya know?

  • Lauren

    they could definately pass for being related to one another!
    i am liking selena’s hair so much better like this…dark brown, and with was nice to see her with a change with the short hair an lighter brown hair…but ive been watching the end of season 2 of wizards an i prefer her with long hair
    she looks great

  • Adam

    @becca: About the Entertainment Weekly review, you do know that Michael Slezak is a jaded old man that hates Disney Channel stars, right? He even gave Demi Lovato a C.

  • http://WWW.E!.COM WHITER

    WOW I think Miranda’s face is similar to Vanessa’s face !
    But Vanessa is more pretty.

    Vanessa&Selena&DDLovato ROXXXXXX !!!!!!

  • a.m./p.m.

    @Adam: So far, other critics gave the album positive reviews. And alot of good reception is coming from the listeners too. That Entertainment Weekly guy was on drugs or something.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @Tooty: i actually dont know who nat wolff is… her bf id assume?? lol but yeah hate was the wrong word… she just reminds me SO much of that tina chen girl that it freaks me out… but hey if her show gets her better roles then good for her. but for now, she does nothing that interests me.

    i also wish that all these young stars would stick to singing or acting.. i mean miley can pull off both, and so can a few others, but some cant… i love selena as an actress but am not a fan of her singing voice or songs, and same goes for miranads singing voice… ive barely seen her act tho


    -SELENA looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING …!!! i love her outfit Great fashionista “”"” CANT WAIT FOR HER ALBUM COMing TUESDAY ””’ sel rocks

  • none

    Don’t get me wrong. Jennifer Stone looks great in her dress but why does she keep saying she isn’t dating anyone when according to her twitter and I quote “The Tykster is taking me”. Do us all a favor Jen stop lieing about not having a boyfriend when the Tykster seems to be the man you’re with.

  • Mech

    Miranda’s so freaking uglyy! When she was little, she was reaally cute, but now, she’s horrible dude!

    Selena, ur beautifl and u rooock!

  • saudia

    wow they both look amazing. Love the outfits.


    I would feel bad if I was miranda , if I had to sit by selena. hahaha

    im sorry but miranda doesn’t have ANYTHNG on selena! :-P

    miranda’s face reminds of me of the joker or something.

  • ahhhhhh.

    Can she ever STOP being pretty? oh my.

  • sg supporter

    gaaaah , selena is just glamorous <3

  • Lucille

    Just because they are in a pic together doesn’t mean you people have to choose one over the other. They are both beautiful. Give credit where credit is due!!!

  • annie

    Selena is so gorgeous!!!!!
    Love Her!!

  • nour laileen

    I love both miranda and selena

    but in this pic, miranda looks like this girl I hate
    srry miranda but ur still gr8

    selena looks drop-dead gorgouse!!!


    If only in picture 14 the camera would move a little to the left and it’d be a better view of Nat Wolff. They should put more stuff up about Nat and Alex Wolff!!

  • arnold jair solis gomez

    la amo por que me gusta como actúa en la tv y también me gusta como canta, todas sus canciones mes la c

  • bianca f. s.

    as fotos da selena arrasaram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    como eu sou a fã nº 1 dela tenho 472 fotos e ela arrasa com seu estilo
    SELENA EU TE AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://deleted dickspitz

    Like so many of your fans Selena, i am in love with your gorgeous, stunning facial beauty. I mean, your sultry face makes my co ck big & hard. I wouldn’t be able to not shoot a load on your face girl!

  • Larissa

    Miranda Voçe é lindaaaa Adoro as suas musicas! Bjinhooos

  • http://selena jesus

    te amo

  • jenny zheng

    selena way much better than miranda.selena I hope that I could meet you some day.I really a big fan of you than miranda hate miranda cosgrove.I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ.I am jenny zheng and I am chinese .I live in new york south fallsburgs!:)

  • brayan

    i love you veryy!!