Zac Efron is Very Vancouver

Zac Efron is Very Vancouver

Zac Efron flashes a peace sign and sends a wink to his awaiting fans as he leaves The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud set in Vancouver on Friday afternoon (September 25).

The 21-year-old actor has been working hard on his latest film, so hard that he’s hardly been seen about downtown!

According to THR, Zac‘s other flick, Me & Orson Welles, is set to be released in the U.S.A. on November 25th, so look out at your local theater.

Zac‘s better half Vanessa Hudgens will be back in Los Angeles tomorrow, hooking up with JustJaredJr at the Neutrogena Fresh Face Event.

10+ pics inside of winking Zac Efron

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Credit: DZILLA/GERALLT; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, INFdaily
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  • Abby

    Aww he looks so cute. Love him.

  • Abby

    Oh yeah I was first (yeahhh for me).

  • marie

    love him!

  • Katty

    aw, Zacy, it’s been far too long! I hope the movie is doing well, and everything is great in your life (hint, hint, wink, wink. Okay, done now) I can’t wait for the movie, it looks amagnifical (amazing, magnificent, and wonderful). I’m not sure how it will do at the boxoffice because of New Moon, and all but I’ll def go see it.. Keep the hair this time around! It looks hott!

  • birdie53

    He’s a good guy. He must be so tired, yet he takes time out for the fans.

  • diane n.

    awww, ive missed him.
    haha. (:
    he still very cute.

  • Jess!

    Love him ♥

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh, how that wink just makes me melt !! He looks very handsome may I add. He must be working hard. Haven’t seen him in a while and for him to come out today just makes my birthday even better !!! Lol, love Zachary !!! Very proud of him.

  • overated.

    they are putting a Zac Efron movie and Twilight movie in the same month?? that’s stupid, i would rather see Zac on the big screen. It looks like hes having fun in vancouver.

  • Jordan

    he’s so damned hotttttttt :)

    I was hoping he was going to be in LA with Vanessa but it doesn’t look like it. So I guess no new Zanessa pictures any time soon :(

  • mara

    baby zacky i missed so bad!!!!¿why are so hot zachary david alexander efron????????????!!!!

    i love you

  • mnikki

    im in love with him! OMGOMG :D
    !!!! i wanna meet him so badly!

  • MaiChi

    I miiiiiiss theeeeem. :[

  • katie

    how can someone be this beautiful????
    seriouslyy he is so gorgeousss!!!!!
    such a Hottie <3

  • brad

    DAYUM SEXXXY zachary!
    he so hot
    i would much rather see zac efron on the big screen than gaylight!

  • nikki

    wowowowowowowowowow FINALLY! hes SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DREAMMY!!!!!!!!
    i want him to be minnnneeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    okok im MRS.EFRON!

  • vanessa Zanessa is the best!!!

    love u zaccy cant wait for new zanessa news and cant wait for neutrogina fresh face event

  • Justine

    zac zac zac i love him to death! LOL. he makes me melt! hes the HOTTEST guy alive!!!!!! hehehe

  • Z&V Fan

    Sexy wink and that peace sign picture is to die for!!!!!

  • Justine

    OH YEAH and i love his wink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IN LOVVVVVEEE UUGHHH!!!

  • girly girl

    @Z&V Fan: i kno rite LOL it really is to die for! :) . he is sssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!

  • Karen

    Maybe Zac will still be in LA. He is being seen to be leaving this location fairly earl on Friday. Perhaps he is heading off to join Vanessa now to fly off to LA together. Perhaps not but he doesn’t work normally on the weekends and he hasn’t had any time off while while doing this movie except to show up at the Teen Choice Awards. It doesn’t take long to get from Vancouver to LA when flying. We haven’t see Vanessa arrive home yet either. So, who knows?

  • nikki

    @Karen: yah ur right, haha but i dont really care if their together i mean LOOOVEEE zanessa theirs the cutest couple ever! but zac is doing a movie, once he’s done then they will be together, i mean vanessa has be their watching him film there has been lots of pics just not on here, so yah


  • brad

    Zac’s co-star said they filmed a lot of scenes for like 8 hours straight with no lunch break out in the ocean or whatever and they were really tired so they were heading back to go sleep and eat and rest and zac efron was SSOOOO tired and there was a bunch of girls waiting in their bathing suit and stuff to get his auto graph and he stayed over time an extra 45 mins just to sign autographes and take pictures with everyone!! zac efron is such a SWEET man!
    thats why im in love with him!

  • Alex

    yay pictures! :D

  • rissa

    yay! finally we see zac. =) i can’t wait to watch his orson welles movie. =) i’ve been waiting SOOOOOO long to watch it. i’m excited. =) i hope this movie his shooting is going well, because we’ve hardly seen him. can’t wait to see more vanessa sightings. hopefully soon we get a zanessa sighting, but i’m glad they get time to themselves without the paps hounding them.

  • Elena Clayton

    He’s lookin all kinds of handsome and grown up. Love him!

  • me.

    i never really spazzed over zac pics, especially not in candids. but he looks soooo hot + cute + adorable.
    and i think it;s very sweet that he still really cares about his younger fans <33

  • Elly

    Wow his eyes just stand out aye? hes so gorgeouss!

  • Ashley

    I think this is my favorite of all his hairstyles.

  • Karen

    Apparently it was rumored that Vanessa was going to be at the Vogue event that Ashley was pictured going to. SO, many thought Vanessa was already in LA. But I have searched for pictures of her at this event and there are none at WireImage or Gettys although there are pictures of Ashley. And I would think if Vanessa was there then one of these sites would have pictures of Vanessa too.

  • ANNE

    yeaah! he looks soo hot <3

  • katie

    Awh he looks tired but still very very cute :D

  • lol


    I know normally admire your postings as you say what I am thinking. But today you seem as bad as the rest of the Zanessa Fans. Zac was SEEN last Sunday doing sone stuff on a boat so he DOES work weekends.He rehearses.

    Also for all anyone knows he could have been there (on set) extreamly early in the morning and that is why he finished or maybe he was going for dinner. Thing is nobody knows.

    I have great respect for both Zac and Vanessa and their work.But I find it ridiculous how half the people that comment on here do not seem to be able to comprend that while theymaybe a couple they DO have seperate lives and jobs.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    zac is adorable
    but still hoping that she can be with Vanessa this weekend in LA

  • istar

    i love his wink *sighs*
    its great how he takes time to be with his fans :)
    excited for MAOW + CSC :D

  • anna

    According to the girls who were there waiting for Zac on set, zac had to work until 2 a.m. Some of them get his autograph later in the day, after these photos were taken. And zac usually has the weekends free… I don´t remember anything about zac and a boat last sunday. Usually if he does something on weekends is the maintenance work out. In the past he sometimes had to do something related to work on saturday or sunday, but I think this was more when he was in preproduccion, and the work out was more intense, and he has the sailing training.

    Anyway… Zac was working until late last night, and vanessa has the neutrogena event at 3 pm today. She can be already in LA, or she can still be in Vancouver, and leave vancouver aerly in the morning, we don´t know. But I don´t think zac will go with her, it´s just a event for vanessa, and it´s just a quick trip for her, so I don´t se the need that he goes with her to LA.

    And after all this time, I can´t wait to see vanessa today!!

    Zac is looking really good in these pics!! So sweet for him to wave to the fans waiting there. Not everyone would have done the same.

  • teamhudgens

    omg =D..
    he’s so hot <3
    and good luck for vanessa at neutrogena fresh faces event :)
    Also miss zanessa <3

  • nicci

    i miss zac so much . i love you zac efron !

  • Tiptoes

    he looks good. and he is gracious and appreciative of his fans.

  • Naomi

    too hot for life!!!

    zac is definately the most talented young male actress.
    rob wldnt stand a chance

    zac has real abs too..:)

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    seems nothing more than rumors vanessa
    in teen vogue event yesterday
    how sad, was hoping to see more of Vanessa this weekend
    thought zac podesse be there too

  • tena

    Aww he looks so taired but i love how hard he is working :)

  • nicole

    ive missed zac <3

  • veronica


  • zanessafan4ever


  • zanessa4life

    ahh he’s so f-cking hot!!!

    Go Zanessa!

  • maria

    If anyone puts any merit in twitters, then it seems that Zac was supposed to film until 2 a.m. That interview of Zac’s co-star was from last week, and may not necessarily apply to last night! I’m not speculating, but it may be tough for Zac to head to LA today, after a late night filming, and it’s just an “appearance” for Vanessa. I don’t think she’s performing. Just one of those “things” she has to do, so he will probably skip it.

    He does look great though, doesn’t he???

  • vanessa fan

    Sooo hott…
    I so agree with anyone who says i thought he wuld be in LA with Vanessa….
    I was hoping to see them together, FINALLY, but i guess not…
    But who knows?
    Pictures of Vanessa arriving in LA haven’t been shown so zac MAY be with her?

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks amazing.

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