Corbin Bleu: Sign The Beautiful Life Petition!

Corbin Bleu: Sign The Beautiful Life Petition!

The Beautiful Life: TBL may be canceled, but the fans are still here and the stars are tweeting to save their show.

Corbin Bleu tweeted this to his fans: “I want to say thanks to all who were fans of and supported The Beautiful Life. I had a wonderful experience with a talented crew & cast! I look forward to other challenging opportunities that lay ahead and that will help me to continue to grow as an artist. God bless & Gdnite. To my fans, The Beautiful Life is just a part of my long journey that I hope you all will continue with me.”

Ashley Madekwe shared, “#TBL has been cancelled. Thanks for all the love everyone! Like I said yesterday: ‘so what. I’m still a rock star!’ No news on if they’ll air anymore episodes. I’ll keep you all posted. Don’t worry guys! Bigger and better things await :)”

If you want to save the show (like JJJ does), sign the petition to bring it back!

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  • saahirah

    @CORBIN BLEU hater!!!: why are you being mean?

  • amy

    I’ve signed the petition :)

  • niki

    i love this show, so lets sign the petition”’

  • gfhgfgf

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!! I love that show NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • naria

    i understand why its canceled. i really want to like it, but honestly the show sucks, its so boring.

  • Anna

    no offense but the show wasn’t even that great ..

  • taylor

    I’m sorry, but that show was terrible. It was smart of them to cancel it.

  • CS !


  • gold baybay

    The show was so bad. I actually watched both episodes trying to give it a chance. It wasn’t my piece of cake but they should’ve atleast given it three more episodes, Jesus.

  • EcK

    cancel it? after two episodes? give it a try! D= i like it…

  • alycia

    what the heck…i loveeeed that show.that is soooo stupid.

  • alycia

    what the heck…i loveeeed that show.that is soooo stupid.

  • istar

    the show was ok. its a bummer they had to cancel it after two episodes though… tbl never got a chance.

  • Haylie

    the show was terrible. i actually couldn’t even make it through the 1st ep

  • ivanka

    @istar: totally agree with you

  • pure-perfection

    The show was soooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mileyfan

    nooooooooooooooooooo! give it a chance !

  • sammy

    i hope it stays cancelled so nico tortorella can go back to make it or break it as razor :)

  • quinn damian spinelli

    OH MAN the only one soap in this whole season that i love. it’s so much better as 90210. ohhhh men what’s wrong with the cw.

    melrose place is nice. but TBL rocks my entire life ^^ i love misha burton in her great amazing story.

    and you corbin bleu are nice too. i want more of this show.

    and yeah sara paxton. my wish was a series/soap for her. and now. she have a series what’s going on ? they cancled by the network

    stupid whole world ^^

  • jo-li

    corbin give it up….the show was cancelled for a reason.becuz their werent many ppl watching. and the only ppl dat will sign the petition are ppl that were watching it b4(which obviously wasnt alot). dont get me wrong i LOVE corbin but i hate the show. i mean the life of supermodels. if i want to know wat dats like i would just watch americas next top model.

  • Zack mallory

    OH Man please stop this amazing show. i think it’s better as 90210. oh man what’s wrong with the cw

    i love all the characters and storylines. misha burtons story are my fav she is so amazing and awesome

    and you corbin bleu. your story is so fresh. you looks so great in this

    and my sara paxton. my wish was a show for her. and now. she have a series. and what’s now ? her show is cancled by the stupid network

    Guys save our show please. i want more of sara,misha,corbin and the rest of the cast

  • Sally

    great show. why is they over after 2 episodes ? What’s wrong with the cw

  • vanessa

    i signed the petion, i would like to see more from the show.

  • cutiepie32

    I only watched the first episode and was bored I didnt even bother watching the 2nd. It was a dumb show. Its too bad Corbin didnt get on a better show.

  • dcsinger

    I’m sorry for Corbin that the show was canceled… but from the 2 hours I saw, it was poorly written and in some cases extremely poorly acted: Misha Barton could use some lessons from Corbin!

  • jm

    Please Bring “The Beautiful Life” Back To Television

    View Current Signatures – Sign the Petition
    To: CBS Paramount Domestic Television, Katalyst Films, The CW network
    We, the fans and supporters of the CW network’s show, “The Beautiful Life: TBL”, are highly upset that on Friday, September 25, 2009, the show was cancelled after only two episodes have been aired. The news led to the show’s New York City production shutting down while cast and crew were in the middle of filming their seventh episode.

    Ashton Kutcher as the co-creator and Executive Producer of “The Beautiful Life” has done an exceptional job with the series and deserves the opportunity to allow his work to be seen by the general public. Although it has been reported that poor ratings led to the show’s demise, we believe that the show should be returned to the air immediately on the CW, or at the very least, the show should be picked up by another network (similar to what recently happened with the show “Medium” being cancelled by NBC and picked up this season by CBS).

    Mischa Barton also did an excellent job as her character Sonja Stone on the show.

    Corbin Bleu also broke away from his “High School Musical” image and showed depth and style in his role as Issac Taylor on the show.

    We, the fans, feel that the show was not given a fair chance and should be returned to television as soon as possible. It is seemingly
    impossible to judge a new television show in just two episodes and we feel the show deserves a second chance.


    The Undersigned

    View Current Signatures

    The Please Bring “The Beautiful Life” Back To Television Petition to CBS Paramount Domestic Television, Katalyst Films, The CW network was created by Fans supporting the return of the tv show “The Beautiful Life”, fans and supporters of Ashton Kutcher, Mischa Barton and Corbin Bleu and written by Joshua Morales ( This petition is hosted here at as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied, by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. For technical support please use our simple Petition Help form.
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  • Izzie

    JJJ, thank you for posting about the petition! Hopefully it will help bring it back. They won’t even air the episodes already filmed, which sucks so much.

  • Allie

    I think it’s a bump in the road for his career, nothing lasts forever and everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is opening up a new door for him, as much as i enjoyed the show I believe in letting things go as they do. I won’t sign it, but I did love the show.

  • will

    it’s really stupid to hear stuff like “the show wasn’t even that great.” how can you say that with just two episodes?! it was just starting to kick off! the 3rd episode was starting to get real interesting!

    GOSSIP GIRL had a very boring first two episodes and had lousy ratings (almost the same as TBL’s) and yet they still continued the show. GG eventually gained momentum and got a lot of viewers. they even had a good cultural impact.

    CW never gave TBL a chance.


  • tiffany

    I Like this show.Like why are they just gonna cancel it?If they give it a try maybe it will bring in more viewers & tons of new fans every week.Plus i like Corbin & He’s doing his own thing besides being known as that “Disney.HSM Star”. But i think they could get rid of like 2-3 Actors & Put fresh new faces in it,Like Misha: Needs to leave & Sara needs to work on her acting more & she’ll be better.
    -I Also Signed the Petition. =]

  • aaliyahakacbsgirl

    @jo-li: I don’t understand why you’re telling him to give it up….. he didn’t say anything lol. All he said was thank you to the loyal fans.

  • aaliyahakacbsgirl

    The Beautiful Life was canceled for a variety of things. It had bad ratings, in the same time slot as Glee and it had a little bit of promotion. The CW knew what they were doing. They did not have enough money to pick up the show in the first place but they wanted to pick it up because they loved it. They made an amatuer move when they put a new show that had no promotion what so ever in the same time slot as Glee. Instead of canceling the show they could’ve simply moved it to another time slot. I hate how people are being rude and hating the show when no one even got to really watch the show. It never got to take off the ground yet. That doesn’t happen for shows until atleast the 5th episode.

  • kelly

    Wants TBL back

>>>>>>> staging1