Joe Jonas: No Valentine's Day For Me

Joe Jonas: No Valentine's Day For Me

Taking a short break from filming Camp Rock 2, Joe Jonas makes a trip back to Beverly Hills to shop around for a new home on Saturday afternoon (September 26).

The 20-year-old musician/actor recently caught up with JJJ and exclusively revealed the mystery behind Valentine’s Day and whether he would be starring opposite Jennifer Garner and Taylor Lautner.

He shared, “I actually went for the audition and it was looking really good, but scheduling just wasn’t working out. They were filming in the summer and we [Jonas Brothers] were touring during the summer. We figured it out on our part but it was just difficult because they’re working with so many superstars, that scheduling is really hard to adjust than a normal film like if it was just me and a few other people.”

Joe continued, “It’s Anne Hathaway and all these other big stars that star in that movie and they have to shift schedules around. I think we’re going to try and do something for that, but it all depends on schedules.”

10+ pics inside of Joe Jonas hunting for a home…

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  • Veselka

    I Love him.He is my dream boy and my celebrity crush.
    Joe <3<3<3

  • shayylee

    i was JUST in beverlly hill’s for a holiday
    so cut right now :|

  • yenny

    new house? for joseph or all the family¿? it’s weird

  • tabitha

    OMG, is he moving out, or is he looking for a house for the whole family?
    Or maybe he is buying one for kevin and danielle as a present (what an awesome present!) LOL

  • eLLa

    MAJOR HOTNESS as always.. Why is he looking for a new house? I thought, they just bought a new house (not the one in Dallas). ;)

  • JONas

    ooh i was so excited to see joe on the big screen :(…oh well
    and omg is he really moving out?! or is it for the family?

    i looove joe he’s the hottest sweetest awesomest celeb ever! well so is nick and kevin of course :D

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    nick is the best jonas he is cool i dislike kevin and joe!!!

  • nwl

    he look so cute i really niss them so much =]

  • jelena love

    ahah i love him.
    ps: joe + selena = jelena secret love

  • Bradley Bobst

    Joe Jonas Looks Great.

  • Noona

    is it because taylor swift is in the movie ??? hmmmmmmmm …….

  • Jessica

    new house????? i thought Kevin was the one moving out…..

    hopefully Joe’s just looking on Kevin behalf because he had to stay in Canada filming.

  • Erica


    yeah and didnt they just baught a new house with the 3 of them?

  • Getlin

    Joe is getting a new home? I feel sad and surprised.
    Where did that come from?
    And I really hope he gets the part in the movie, I would love to see him on the big screen. I didn’t get to see the 3D movie cause it didn’t come out in my homeland.
    All the best to him and I hope he gets the part, cause if Swift is in it, he has got to be. (not rooting a Jaylor here)
    He deserves the spot in the movie.

  • Lauren

    Joe is just looking at houses not buying one

  • Sarah

    No…this isn’t for Kevin. Joe is buying himself a place for just him. He’s been thinking about it for a long time. Remember that he is an adult. When his parents were his age they had Kevin. They understand his need to be on his own.

  • Lauren


    I thought Joe loves his family?

  • Lauren


    Joe is looking at houses he is not buying one

  • Gina Jonas

    I love Joe soo much!!! <3

    Joe looks sooooo hot in these pics!!! :) <3

  • sam

    seriously.. he’s 20 years old, of course he is moving out. why would he look at houses and not BUY one? o_O it’s time he’s moving out!

  • Kristen

    I really want to see that movie reguardless, but it would be 5346564954735348 time more better if he was in it :D

  • Kristen
  • jerseygirl

    OMG Lauren. Just because Joe might be moving out, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his family! What kind of comment was that?

    Reality check, my dear – you can’t live with your parents forever.

  • stephyyyy

    i really wanted to joe to be on the big screen!!!
    wtf they would have gotten even more $$$ if he was on it
    b/c HELLO its joe jonas people!!!!
    maybe it will work out and he will get a part
    idc if its a small part atleast he’ll be in it

    i saw the preview for Valentines Day and it look
    friggin hilarious

  • Courtney

    Joe is gorgeous!


  • tara (mrs nick j)

    a new house??? weird…for who? him and his probably secret gf? or for him and the fam? he wouldnt be getting one for kev and dan….cuz that would be weird ;)

  • Lauren

    I think he is just looking for the family

  • cds

    omjj this boy is sooo finee!
    OH and hes all minee miinee miineee!
    iloveyou joseph adam♥

  • Siana

    That is great that joe jonas is looking for a house in LA.

    fastkayaker :)

  • ivanka

    leaving the house? why? problems? that’s weird.. guess he is the rebel

  • karen

    YES!!! Thank god he’s not going to be in it =D

  • mati


  • Lauren


    he is not a rebel

    u r stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caroline

    hopeeeee he is not movin …..PLZZZZZZZZ more details about it!!

  • carol


  • Sarah

    Lauren, I don’t think she’s the stupid one. Why do people have such a problem with this?? He’s an adult! He deserves to have his own home if he wants one.

    BTW, Lauren, he isn’t just looking. He has a realtor, which requires a contract. You have to be a serious buyer to do that. I get that you are VERY VERY young, so maybe you should keep quiet because you just make yourself look really stupid talking about things you don’t understand. When you grow up (in 10 years), you’ll want a place of your own, too. It’s normal and natural, and has nothing to do with his love for his family.

  • Natasha

    @Lauren: there’s no need for insulting

    well, he’s same age as I am, and I think that’s great. I wish I have little place just for me, I’m not including my room, of course, but flat or something… Good for him

  • Mrs.JoeJonas

    I dont really think it’s a house for him he might just be buying a house for kevin and danielle
    BTW…………..tara (mrs nick j): joe’s secret girl friend where the hell did that idea come from ??
    not in a rude way

    Joe is soo hot like every day :D love him ALOT

  • Mrs.JoeJonas

    I dont really think it’s a house for him he might just be buying a house for kevin and danielle
    BTW…………..tara (mrs nick j): joe’s secret girl friend where the hell did that idea come from ??
    not in a rude way

    Joe is soo hot like every day :D love him ALOT

  • IssaLovesJoe

    I love him so MUUUUUUUUUUCH!!! HE is THE CUTEST BOY IN THE WORLD.. <3 I know that Joe is going to have a nice valentine day. ;*

  • MP

    joe could just be looking for a bachelor pad, maybe just for him…or maybe a nice get away place for him and his brothers!! i mean these guys are on the road and constantly moving between one state and the other for most of the year so i doubt he will spend any large amounts of time at this place anyway. and joe does work with his family….he spends large amounts of time with them so even if he does move out he is still going to see them a lot…just like kevin when he moves out after he gets married. when you get older you just need a place you can call your own…it’s a part of growing up!!

  • MP

    joe’s wanting to move out is completely normal and apart of growing up!! i mean if you think about it, must people move away from their parent’s house for the first time at the age of 18 when they go away to college. so this definitely is a normal step and doesn’t mean he loves his family any less.

  • Jobrolover

    omg hes moving out!!! ahhhh
    wonder when kevins moving out?

  • JoeJonas’sWife :P

    OMG !!! Joe i’ll Be Your Valentine !!! XP XP

    i looooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • B.j.

    look here, its ridiculous, cows swept …
    joe will never look at any of you, he has already engaged!
    you are just fans who are sterile for him, so instead of losing is writing ridiculous comments saying that she loves him, follow the life of you, because he is totally committed.
    if any of you are so deluded as to say that he will marry, or that she loves him … poor things
    it is already fully committed, and can be sure that he will ever have eyes for any of you …

  • Echo_ecHO_crazier

    OMG i love Joe Jonas and i was really exited for watch him on
    Valentine’s Day, oh well, i’ll have to wait to Camp Rock 2.

    P.S. Im sorry for my english, but im mexican

  • taylor bieber jonas

    I love Joe so much. he’s my celebrity crush next to Justin Bieber! :P