Selena Gomez Rocks The Roxy

Selena Gomez Rocks The Roxy

Selena Gomez gives a gal pal a great big hug after her private show at The Roxy in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (September 26).

The 17-year-old starlet and her band played their first official concert today — how exciting!

Selena tweeted after the event, thanking her fans who came: “Thank you all SO much for the fans that came!! I hope yall had a great time! Thank you for making my 1st show ever one I’ll never forget!!! And to my beautiful family and friends that were there to support me! Thank you!”

The Scene also tweeted, “The show was amazing Selena & The Scene totally rocked! The atmosphere was great! Thank you to everyone who came & to 1,000 follwers woo!”

Some of her pals who showed their support: Debby Ryan, Jennifer Stone and Samantha Droke.

10+ pics inside of Selena Gomez at The Roxy…

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  • a.m./p.m.

    Jared, you forgot to mention Nicole Richie and Joel Madden attended her show as well and they LOVED it!! :D I read this on their twitters.

    And they were right, she did REALLY good. I’m so surprised at how great her stage presence was. She looked like she had alot of fun and the audience looked like they had alot of fun too! Selena rocks, literally!

  • LOL

    Wow, she actually did pretty well. The mic system sucks tho

  • Aqua

    how was it a private concert??

  • ferly

    Aww she’s so awesome!!! =)

  • Mr. Selena

    @a.m./p.m.: I know! I can’t believe Nicole Richie and Joel Madden actualy went to her show! And Joel even compimented on how well she did via twitter.

  • michael

    its obviously cel phone video so the quality sucks but its undeniable that Selena and her band were rockin’. Can’t wait to hear the whole disc.

  • caligurl25

    yea I know she did really well
    I’m really surprise she totally
    owned the stage

    and happy that she got support
    from Nicole and Joel cuz I love good charlotte :]

    Everybody that goes to
    and comment really bad things about her
    have no lives I swear people on their
    are really rude to her it get’s me so mad!!

    anyways like I said before
    She did really good :]

  • koolkat

    OMG! I was there! And I was really anxious and nervous for Selena because this was her first stage performance EVER! But she ended up doing great. She had high energy, she danced and interacted with us. But most of all, she sang LIVE and she was surprisingly really good. Of course, you can’t hear her voice in this video because of the crappy sound quality, but if you were there, you’d know how good she sounded. Yes, she doesn’t have a “powerful” voice, but she can sing. She sounded a bit shaky and out of breath in some parts though, but she was either really nervous or she was moving around a lot. But overall, she did a great job.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!


  • pouty

    there’s something about that girl that makes her so lovable! she sure got talent, she is spontaneous, genuine and so true to herself and her fans. and we do feel it when she’s performing…. she doesn’t need to act like a brat! talent says it all…

  • rissa

    yay! too bad the mic was too quiet. you can’t hear her too much. =(

  • Sarah

    I’m SO glad she sang live! It sounded good and I hate it when people lip synch. And LoBosworth also went to see Selena!

  • ashpha

    cant hear that much with the vocalization & the diction of what she’s singing. Maybe because of the video. She can sing live but for me her stage presence & dancing is not quite graceful. Too trying hard.

  • @ashpha

    @ashpha agree with u 100%,cant really judge her singing coz the video quality seems pretty bad n she really does seem like she’s trying tooo hard,she seems so wannabeish!!…its kinda icky…she should just let go n do her own thing!

  • Jena

    Sheesh! The mic is too low or the instuments are too loud! anyway, the band was AWESOME!!!! I wish i could go to one of their shows :( …..Selena sounded amazing, to what i can actually hear from this video…..And how cool was it that Joel Madden and Nicole Richie were there! I heard “Tell me something I don’t know” on youtube…..that was my favorite performance!!!!!

  • nina caplan

    omg, that sucked so bad….

  • demi

    does anyone know what brand her boots are?

  • saudia

    love her outfit .. great voice Selena!!

  • Emmaxo

    LOL her dancing is soo awkward.

  • Lucy

    well, i must be hearing something else because i think she sounds so crap! maybe it’s just the quality of the video tho!

  • angelie

    I heard a lot of people came to Selena’s private concert… they say it was awesome. Anyways, Here’s the better video:

  • nathalia

    she’s a sweetheart! i love her

  • jbr

    she sounds really good , so proud of her =)

  • Gossip Girl

    it would help if the mike was louder. That’s what sound checks are for. Then again. Not her fault. She should have performed “Falling Down”. PS:Looks like she borrowed a pair of shorts from her fellow co-star.

  • angel

    She did amazing, especially for her first concert ever. Her stage presence was really good, it really showed that she loves being on stage and interacting with the fans.
    Does The Scene have a twitter? I know they all have individual ones, but do they have one together?

  • Serena

    She was amazing! Suck that, haters. :)

  • KMX

    She was amazing i was there
    omg she is a good singer but i know she doesnt have a powerful voice but i was stunned at how great she did
    im not even kinding she was great
    stick that in ur jusic box haters :p
    dont be hating selena and the sence were amazing

  • Tinsley

    that is all i can say.
    goodddd dancing selena!
    take a lesson from miley please!

  • milky chick

    selena i can barley hear your voice that concert sucked i would say that concert was a booooo

  • Monica

    loved it i wish i could have gone to her 1st concert : )
    but you rocked selena love you hope you can perform again and i could go
    i love her boots and your song falling down

  • kim

    She forgot to take off the price ticket from her boots =)

  • Maddison

    She has no stage presence at all.
    She and her band need ALOT more practice.
    They did not do well at all.

  • yenny

    @caligurl25: people in oceanup is all miley cyrus fans, sooo what we waiting for? obviously bad things about sel, they are so jealous

  • yenny

    @angelie: i loved as a blonde too, i love when she plays with joey’s hair soooo awww

  • caligurl25

    @yenny: I think even the people that run oceanup are all about Miley also!

  • lol

    SHE CAN SING PEOPLE :) go selena.

  • flawless flaw

    wow look at all the 12-16 music experts! fail! she cant sing and the only reason she has a cd is because it’s in her contract simple truth.

  • mileyselenademiRUle!!!

    u kno wt i’m wondering y peeple on perezhilton critisize miley 4 wearing shorts when she sings but they love selena 4 doing it aren’t they both amazing singers!!!!????:D

  • Sam

    Wow, I never knew she that she could actually own the stage. But she did great! Especially for her first show ever. I’m impressed.

  • Patty

    @ashpha: She wasn’t awkward. Would you be able to pull it off like she did if this was your first concert ever? I think she did fantastic.

  • Jason

    @Maddison: Duh, it’s their first show. ANd I think they did great. Everyone who went loved it!

  • Zekemaster

    Wow, she’s actually…good! O.o

  • july

    really… i don`t like, i can`t hear her voice


    Sel did an absolutely amazing performance!!! I am Speechless I love the part when she sings KISS&TELL ROCKS

  • annie

    Selana is amazing, SHE IS MY FAVOURITE!!!!

  • asph


    a performer needs no excuse whether its her first or last performance. The thing is, you are showing the people your best as entertainer. What you’ve got and should not hold on into something else. Her nervousness cant be hide either. Dont worry girl. I am a fan of hers. I just saying what I saw on the video.

  • kstewfan

    her dance moves are like Demi’s and shorts like Miley?
    Selena is in shorts that’s not a problem??


    hahah she is such a wannabe only ashley and demi wear those glasses and only miley wears short pants when its cold and she moves like miley at her concert GIRL STICK TO ACTING YOUR NOT DEMI OR MILEY

  • Ali

    @caligurl25: u will say anything 2 defend selena even if u have NO IDEA what you’re talking about! almost all of the articles on oceanup about miley are negative!

  • amber lily

    Everything Selena does, she does well. This concert was no exception and she was amazing! She has an excellent pop/rock voice, her lyrics are fun, and her band is very talented- not just a bunch of pretty boys. Thanks Selena for the awesome concert u r the best !!! =)