Vanessa Hudgens: I Can Deadlift 155!

Vanessa Hudgens: I Can Deadlift 155!

Vanessa Hudgens and gal pal Hayden Panettiere check out all the Neutrogena loot at the Fresh Faces of Music Event held at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (September 26).

The 20-year-old actress dished to exclusively at the event that she can now lift 155 pounds — thanks to Sucker Punch training.

Vanessa shared, “We don’t really bench, we do dead lifts. I’m at 155 lbs. Jamie [Chung] came into training a little bit later than I did, so there’s no real comparison on who can do more.”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Camilla and Marc dress.

Check back soon for more of Vanessa‘s interview from Neutrogena. 10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Jordan Strauss/Michael Buckner/WireImage
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  • simplylovely

    yay vanessa!!!!

  • daniella

    haven’t seen her in the press that much lately. looks stunning as always

  • simplylovely

    the best part is that she’s wearing the ring that zac gave her….awwwww go zanessa!!!!!

  • Dee

    She is looking gorgeous as always!!

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    omg havent seen her in ages!! she looks soooooooooo gorgeous

  • salpi

    I got a chance to attend this event. The event was pretty fun.

  • sara12
  • Lee

    OMG she is so beautiful *-* can’t wait for sucker punch

  • Katty

    Geez. That’s a lot. Can’t wait for the movie. It seems good, can’t wait for set pix, if we ever get them. I miss V and Zanessa pix! come on!

  • marie

    love her, she’s so beautiful <3

  • Jess!


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    gorgeous! Vanessa is hot

  • Jordan

    WOW she looks so good :) Now all those people saying she looks fat can shut up :)

    Love you Vanessa……But I still need some Zanessa pictures :)

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    Vanessa looks HOT!

  • Lee

    I miss her so much

  • Allie

    Well considering this is a vanessa post…I think she looks beautiful in the photos you got Jared. The others she looks really ‘pressy’. Hope the event was fun, my friend won tickets i can’t wait to hear how it went.

  • blairr

    STUNNING. she has this natural glow its amazing.
    thankkk ya jared!
    i missed her.

  • mykamicks

    Sexy, Gorgeous & Talented ladies.

    Look at those legs of Vanessa, I am really jealous. SEXY as ever!

  • mamamamamamamam

    Freaking love her. Wish she was out & about more though & in more posts. Yah I cant wait to see if there will be any on the set pics of Sucker Punch. :DD

  • Andrea

    She looks amazing as usual! Glad to see her again :D

  • rissa

    man…that’s a lot. doing dead lifts hurts too. anyways, she’s looking absolutely gorgeous as usual, and it’s really cool that’s she’s wearing the kuuipo ring too. =)

  • Monica

    i got a chance to go to his event thank you very much just jared jr : )
    she looked beautiful aswell as hayden and jordin
    so many cool products love them all
    she even said hi to me ahhh made my day

  • Anna

    she looks AMAZINGG (:

  • Jordan

    Congratulations to you guys that won :) and got to meet her

    And I hate you ;) just joking :)

  • atsgmcdl

    she looks gud..

  • vanessa fan

    Love her dress!
    So cute!
    But i also love Hayden’s shoes!
    Their both soo pretty!
    And i missed vanessa sooo much!
    I was so hoping for zac to be there with her or at least fly back to LA with her but oh well…
    I guess he had to continue filming his movie…

  • birdie53

    She looks Stunning. She’s so tiny to lift that weight, that’s impressive.
    Cute pictures of Vanessa and Hayden , awesome for the fans who got to meet them.

  • LG

    She looks so beautiful!

  • intan

    OMG love her so much,she looks good,and it will be perfect when she together with zac…miss zanessa..

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    Baby V look sOOO Gorgeous!!! shE’s Sexy!!!

    I love Her!!

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    vanessa!!!! :)

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    I miss Her sO much!!! OMG!! she looks aMazing!! :D

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    she’s very gorgeous as ever!!! :)

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    I don’t know if its possible,, but I think she got even more fit and even more beautiful/gorgeous. :D Lurves Baby V. Gawd, her and Hayden are totally beautiful. Mmm,, 155. VERY impressive for a girl like her. Haha.

  • jazmin

    Simply gorgeous!!! OMG she looks amazing….

    Thanks for posting JJjr can’t wait for the rest of the interview.

  • mykamicks

    Lifting 155 is very impressive at her height & weight. Her Pilates and constant workouts made her physique a real good foundation on a strainuous heavy liftings. Her body nows is more firmer. Love it! She really amazed her fans every now & then.

    JJJr. thanks again for featuring Vanessa.

  • Meghan

    Beautiful, as always. <3

  • Lisa


  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    most gorgeous girl in the world !!! i miss her and i like hayden too !!! in the 3rd pic aww she is so sweet !!! lol now she is so much stronger than before!!! YAY CANT WAIT BEASTLY SUCKER PUNCH AND THE NEXT EVENT

  • anniese

    Finally some vanessa pictures. i hope you guys have more pictures or an interview with her. She looks soooo beautiful.

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    Great to see her!! I miss Zanessa!!

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    vanessa is one of the most beautiful girls alivee
    she’s so gorgeousss!!!

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    she looks so beautiful ;*

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    What’s so important about that so it’s JJJ’s Top Pick?! Seriously!

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    Sooooooo pretty!!!Love nessa!!!!
    She looks amazing all the time!!!
    Can’t wait for beastly and sucker punch!!!!
    Thanks jjj!!!!!!!!!1

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    I Haven’t seen her in a long time, i missed her
    She looked gorgeous as allways
    I miss Zanessa though

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    Ya, she’s been on TOP PICK! Why? Even just a picture of hers ALLURE MAG or Ecko Red pos,t JJJr, doesnt forget her – obviously the HITS she got is over hundreths.. Thats is why She still on top picks!

    So why are here? Does it makes you freak anyway? Go back to your post to guard your favorite celebrities… They need your repeated praises & admirations to make them on the top pick even just once in awhile..

    She is so important to us, That is why JJJr always just been fair to all celebrities. It shows only how many hits, how many supporters, how many fans do stick on Vanessa’s thread. If I were you should make join force with the other fans of your other favorite Celebs for them to be on TOP PICK/S.

    Jealousy makes you kill always… Dont ask JJJr, ask yourself why you love to attack this thread always!

  • justme

    She keeps getting better and better. And,jared…I heard V will have another movie on progress after suckerpunch but I dunno what is the name of her two new movies.