Logan Lerman: Percy Jackson Is One Of the Coolest Movies Ever

Logan Lerman: Percy Jackson Is One Of the Coolest Movies Ever

Logan Lerman recently sat down with Movieline to chat about his upcoming movie, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and why it’s one of the coolest movies ever. Check out what the 17-year-old had to say:

On working with an all-star cast as Greek Gods: “The most nerve-wracking thing about this movie was ‘Are we gonna get a great cast or not?’ I was signed on before everybody else, and what really attracted me to the movie was getting to work with Chris Columbus, because he’s one of the most awesome filmmakers ever. He made the first two Harry Potters, he wrote The Goonies…he’s just contributed so much to what makes me want to be in this business.”

On Uma Thurman as Medusa: “she came in and she was so excited to do this role, and I was dying to work with her. She gives such a chilling performance in this movie. The way she looks, she has this really long leathery outfit with crazy snakes coming out all over her head, hissing. I’m horrible at explaining it, but that’s because it’s like nothing I’ve seen before.”

On what you can look forward to in the film: “I’m gonna try to not give that much away, and I’m really bad at that. [Laughs] For me, the thing about this film is that it brings back the feeling of Back to the Future, for me. The feeling, the tone of that movie, is what this is for me. It’s full of iconic action sequences, great actors, it has all the elements and technique put together to be an amazing film. I’ve seen a lot of cut-together footage and a lot of sample effects, and it’s just mind-blowing, this movie. If you want something to look forward to, there’s this insane aerial battle in New York City with Zeus’s lightning bolts, pretty much end-of-the-world stuff, and it’s just the coolest battle scene ever. All I have to say about Percy Jackson is that, from what I’ve seen, is it’s really one of the coolest movies ever. It’s going to blow people away, and not many people know about it just yet.”

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief hits theaters on February 12, 2010. Check out the trailer!

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  • Jenn

    God, I love him :)
    I miss the Meet Bill days though… when he was unknown

  • Riyana d.

    Ik right! I miss that too. After this movie, everyone will know him & be in love with him. :( I mean, it’ll be good for him. :D

    <3 him, though!

  • sophie

    I love him!!

  • zena

    Count me in as a Percy Jackson fan, a Logan Lerman supporter, and one who is excited to see what a movie adaptation will be like. Interesting what Logan said about CC, because I never really saw him that way, but he does get major props for finding DR, RG, and EW.

  • Mamic

    love logan!!! just not ready for him to be “FAMOUS”

  • christine


    the messed up on the girl (annabeth) ! >:O the actor (the girl in the picture) is like 22 years old ! & her character is even younger than logan, wtfff. ANDDD, she’s supposed to be blonde.
    but the special effects seem okayyy….we’ll see

  • Bella

    Love him!!!!!!!

  • rb

    My lawd :L
    Logan was so amazing in Meet Bill. Yeah a lot of Logan’s fan that have supported him before Percy Jackson will probably be pissed cause everyone will go all crazy all over him once the movies hit the cinema. Kinda sad but yeah if he becomes more famous they’ll probably update his website. ;D

  • Mandy

    Logan is so beautiful ! I love Percy Jackson books too ! Loagan 4 EVER !!!!!!!

  • sylvia

    @Jenn: right girl!! i miss those days too. i fell like he’s def gonna skyrocket after this film not that he doesnt deserve it though. we know it wont go to his head ;]

  • kristen :)

    omg i luv logan!!!!!!!! im gunna b so sad wen evry1 figures out how hot he is :( lol hahah hes sooooo funny in meet bill!!! luv u logan! :D

  • Ki-Ana

    man ive loved logan lerman all my life now ppl are starting to reconize him and i think i liked him better when he was unknown…i cant wait for this movie to come out the book series percy jackson are my favorite of course i was ecstatic when i herd my favorite actor and my favorite book were coming to together….YAYAYAYAY i cant wait!

  • http://yahoo Percabeth

    OMG! my buds and I are gonna watch the movie asap! he is SO cute!

  • http://yahoo Percabeth

    Annabeth (you can see her in the pic) is SO off cuz she has gray eyes and BLONDE hair also Percy is supposed to have Green eyes but close enough!
    P.S Grover (the guy with the goatee) look NOTHING like i thought!

  • hayley

    so sad logan is going to be SO overexposed after this. i wish it wouldnt premiere in my country so people wouldnt know him at all. ive had a crush on him since he was like 7, its going to be harsh to see how other kids think they are true fans when theyre not.

  • Lizzy

    OMG!!!!! He is so H…O…T !!!

  • ds7101

    I met Logan at the premiere in NYC!! He was so nice and I got his autograph, too!

  • Rosie

    I wish I’ve known him for longer….I didn’t realize when he got in the Percy Jackson movie. Like Hayley said, I probably will never be a true fan. :(

  • Amber

    wow, you “true Logan fans” are sure nice. don’t be jealous of other people loving him. and if you were true Logan fans, you’d want him to be happy, and achieve his dream. pssh, hayley sounds like Logan will just walk in her hands. yeah, you’re a “true Logan fan”.

  • stephanie

    i really want logan to follow his dreams cause hes super hott i luv him and i am a true logan lerman fan my wallpaper is the lightning theif wall paper and annabeth is fine

  • stephanie

    ive been his fan since he started hes my role modle and hayley its so sad your not a true fan

  • Jocelyn


  • riisiitos!!

    wow!! la peli esta increible, una amigas y yo estamos locas x logan lerman esta guapisimo!!!! ya quiero k salga la proxima peli me muero de ganas de verla. besos

>>>>>>> staging1