Selena Gomez: Under Pressure, Episode 2

Selena Gomez: Under Pressure, Episode 2

Selena Gomez lays down the base work for one of her tracks on her upcoming album, Kiss & Tell, in the brand-new episode of “Under Pressure.”

The 17-year-old actress/singer takes you inside the studio to see what she went through to complete her debut album.

Selena shared with her fans, “I didn’t want this record to be too serious. What I was thinking when I was listening to the songs were: ‘Can my fans relate to this?’ ‘Can I relate to this?’ ‘Is it appropriate?’ ‘Is it fun?’ ‘Is it empowering?’ That’s basically what I want to put out there: fun stuff.”

Kiss & Tell hits shelves TOMORROW, September 29th!

Selena Gomez – Under Pressure, Episode 2
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  • Gossip Girl

    This girl’s record sales are already in Jepardy ! Wal-Mart has already released the album on Sunday! And Plus, she is competing with PARAMORE and MARIAH CAREY . Good luck with this album Sel.

  • http://deleted Jolie_No1

    I really loved her album,all the songs were great specially more,naturally and the way i loved you….

  • chuchi

    woah., selena did good on i promise you ;) i will be definetly be buying this tomoroww :)

  • janice

    buying this album, she is amazing!

  • Vhudsupporter

    She is an amazing singer!!! So buying 15 copys tomorrow :)

  • BlaireB

    Selena sang really well after she did the jumping jacks! lol!
    I didn’t know she could hit those notes, very impressive. :)

  • hannadevonne

    i wish her all the best :] x

  • mandy09

    yayyy her album rocks….

  • Chanel

    “More, more more” The last more doesn’t sound good.

  • Jon

    I can’t believe it but I’m actually gonna pick up her album tomorrow. It’s actually REALLY good. Who knew lol

  • Meagan

    Buying it! I already heard all of the songs. The album turned out to be much better than I thought. I’m actually gonna give her a chance in music, the girl’s pretty good.

  • Genne

    good but not impresive, i meant she’s okey but she is not really amazing

  • LEX

    WOW, she actually doesn’t sound that much different from the cd version. I take back all of my nasty comments about her voice being too editted. Forgive me Selena.

  • yo

    not gonna buy it i listened to it didnt like but i hope she doesnt flop.

  • patty

    The album is AWESOME! It’s my most favorite dance album since last year’s “The Fame” album from Lady Gaga.

  • Joity

    uggh she sounds horrible defiantly not buying this… hahahah


    love it!!!!!!!! i am excited to have the cd in My hands sel rocks

  • Blair

    omg i love her song
    1. naturally
    2. i promise
    3.stop and erase
    4. more
    and i love the way i loved you the most

  • dcstarinthemaking

    she sounds horrible

  • mandy09

    yayyy this album definitely rocks…. sel is so great….

  • Julia

    the more more more part was terrible…

  • http://katherineandashley katherine

    heyy whats up selena i been caling u and u dont pick the fone up why call me at 2125681682

  • http://katherineandashley katherine

    heyy whats up i love your shows and stoff that u do i hope i see u in a consert

  • mandy

    Why are they all so happy? Selena sounds like crap! Can’t sing a note!

  • bibi

    well, she sounds good on the record, but…

  • Sam

    good luck selena but the songs are not the best for you

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