Sofia Vassilieva is Very Teen Vogue

Sofia Vassilieva is Very Teen Vogue

Sofia Vassilieva gives a great big smile to photographers as she arrives at the 2009 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party held at MILK Studios in Los Angeles on Friday night (September 25).

The 16-year-old Medium actress will next be seen in Hurt, a new horror drama.

Hurt is about a recently widowed family who is forced to move into their uncle’s salvage yard, and soon after the arrival of a mysterious foster child, a family secret starts to threaten their lives.

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Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty Images
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  • H.

    Jackson Rathbone is also in that movie, Hurt. I love the show Medium this girl is in. Great show.

  • ha

    too bad more 16 year olds in the spot light aren’t as professional as her. people like her deserve a little more attention and some of those getting it now (for barely wearing clothes or dancing on stripper poles) really need to get less attention. *sigh*

  • Babyp

    I love this girl, she’s so good at acting

  • none

    This girl is fake. No girls boobs are that perky. Too much make up.

  • Mech

    None: if ur jealous, just keep ur mouth clooose! shut up!
    This girl is sooo beautiful, and she’s a great actress altought. She makes a really great job on Medium every week, and she’s awesome in My Sister’s keeper.


  • Brittany

    shes sweet

  • Gina

    Looking like 12, with the lips and boobs of a grown (gorgeous) woman… This girl definitely has her own beauty! I bet she’ll land plenty of roles for being both pretty and “unusual-looking” (in a good way)… I wish her good luck in her career!

  • none

    @Mech: I am not jealous. I am just telling the truth. No girl looks that good unless she has had a boob job and btw I am a guy so why would I be jealous.

  • blackberry

    Her boobs are too perky?
    Too much makeup?
    Have you ever been to a high school??

  • none

    @blackberry: She is Fake. She looks like a hooker who has had plastic surgery and a boob job. She doesn’t look real.

  • dundies

    none, must have confused this for a miley post

  • none

    @dundies: Dundies it amazes me that when an actress looks normal like Jennifer Stone you guys attack her and call her fat and ugly but let someone Call Sofia Vassilieva fake and say that she has had plastic surgery and a boob job I’m the bad guy. Well let me just say this Jennifer Stone is more sexy and beautiful than Sofia Vassilieva . Sofia Vassilieva is fake. Her boobs are fake and at lease the Disney Stars like Miley and Jennifer aren’t fake like Sofia Vassilieva . I am just expressing my belief and I am sure that Sofia Vassilieva has had a few jobs done cause no normal teenage girl looks that good or has boobs that big.

  • joboots


    Sounds like you need rehab after this bashing,JMO!!!!

  • none

    @joboots: Wow you want to put me down and say I need rehab and am bashing for stating my opinion. Whatever. I still think she is fake and that there is nothing real on her. The truth is that normal teenage girls don’t look like that and Jennifer Stone is more natural than Sofia Vassilieva . Go on attaching me but the truth is most Hollywood actresses have fake boobs, tummy tucks, and plastic surgery. This girl is fake. But if bashing me makes you feel better go right ahead and bash away. She is fake and real girls have to put up with the image because that is the way Hollywood is. However I will take a naurally looking girl like Jennifer Stone any day over Sofia Vassilieva. At lease Jennifer’s boob’s are real.

  • joboots



  • pearl :3

    who cares!?!?!?!
    she could be wearing a push up bra!
    and have you seen half of the stars? she is wearing a little make up compared to others.

    who cares?

  • yourfriends

    eh are you guys arguing about boobs ??

    this girl might just be one of those lucky girl out there who is gifted with a gorgeous body since their childhood….. :-)

  • none

    @yourfriends: Ya Right. They’re fake.

  • blackberry

    Seriously, I know tons of girls her age with even bigger boobs than that (and like pearl :3 said, she could be wearing a push up bra), and I know tons of girls her age who wear waaay more makeup than that on a daily basis.

  • yourfriends


    hi none, i dunno what your problems are….. but attacking a 16 year old girl in an online site is immature…… calling her fake and get a plastic surgery ?? that’s completely inappropriate….
    Now you said you prefer Jennifer Stone. I love Jennifer, she is nice and yes, gorgeous.
    Don’t you know that sometimes you can have too much and other times, too little ?
    Out there, there are many people who can’t choose what their body looks like.. but even more important, what the heck is so IMPORTANT with boobs of a celeb that you dislike ?

  • keN

    . . . . Sofia’s gettin rock’n vibe at 16 jus for be’in her.
    Go get it girl….. Work hard and live it up being you

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @blackberry: True, but I understand none’s reaction to her makeup. Seriously, her lipstick is a little too dark. On the other hand if she had got a boob-job, she would’ve been ripped-off.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @blackberry: True, but I understand none’s reaction to her makeup. Seriously, her lipstick is a little too dark. On the other hand if she had got a boob-job, she would’ve been ripped-off, because her boobs don’t look big enough. So on that note, none is wrong.

  • none

    I stated my opinion and that is what I think. I’ve never met a 16 that looks that perfect. Believe what you guys want to believe but don’t be surprised when you learn that she has had plastic surgery and a boob job. No girl that I know looks like that. She is fake I believe and I stick by that statement and again I would take Jennifer Stone over her anyday cause Jennifer looks natural and she doesn’t.

  • phoebe

    is it me or doesn’t sofia look like a teen version of shiloh pitt. I mean just look at her and you’ll see shiloh

  • Diana

    @none: alot of girls that are her age having bigger boobs than she does. i know a girl thats younger than her with bigger boobs. and how is she fake?? do u personally know her? i dont think its legal for a 16 yr old girl to have plastic surgery shes just wearing a push-up bra. and people are just jealous. they’ll hate on evrybody from jennifer stone to sofia. they are both beautiful girls.

  • none

    @Diana: Just stating what I believe and not hating on anyone and for the record it isn’t illegal to get plastic surgery. Girls and Boys as young as 13 are having it done. Look it up Diana. So ya she is fake cause teens get boob jobs and have plastic surgery done all the time.

  • blackberry

    Again, it is very possible for a 16 year old to have even bigger boobs than that, and you have absolutely no proof that she is “fake” and has had plastic surgery.

    Are there any other reasons you have to support your claim, or is that it?

  • none

    @blackberry: Whatever!

  • diana

    @none: i just wanna know how do u know that she got plastic surgery?? did she go up and tell u ”hey i got plastic surgery” or do u live with her???

  • blackberry

    Exactly, you are merely speculating on something that is highly unlikely and that you have no proof of.

  • none

    I know what I’m talking about.

  • none

    I know what I am talking about. Believe whatever you want.

  • amy

    Here is a thought. Maybe the pitcher has been air brushed to make her boobs look biger and her face to look beautiful. They do that to celeberties.

  • Diana

    @none: but you have no proof

  • blackberry

    Yes, exactly what proof do you have?
    How do you know what you’re talking about?

  • none

    This is the last time I will say it. She is fake. You can look at her and see that she if fake. Beleve whatever you want it won’t change my mind.

  • Lo

    @none: i know that i’m really late, but i’m just adding a couple more comments. noone needs to reply (i probably won’t ever look at this website again) but she doesn’t look fake at all to me. first of all, her boobs aren’t even that big..she looks like an “A” cup..or MAYBE a “B” cup. for someone who is 16 and almost done with puberty, thats not that big…my friend wore a 34D by 7th grade!
    as far as her face- her eyebrows look bearly waxed, if even that..which is usually the first thing girls alter about themselves other than shaving their legs.
    and makeup? I don’t see any caked-on foundation/concealer or any fake eyelashes. she’s not even wearing bottom eyeliner! i’m sure she has some face powder on to block any shine that might reflect off of her face from the flash of the cameras…but other than that, she looks about as natural as any modern 16 year old will ever be…she’s even wearing a messy bun!(which looks good on her)

    the only thing that stands out to me is her red lipstick…which, when put on lips as naturally plump as hers, is obvioulsly going to make a big impression. if you are going to use the argument that she got lip implants or any injections, i’m guessing that you never saw the movie Eloise..she was 10 years old in that movie, and already had those lovley full lips that many women envy to have.

    so BASICALLY, you are calling a girl fake because she is 16 years old & wearing a dress, heels, and red lipstick……nice.

  • alex_rocks_your_faceoff


  • Sheeni

    I wish none would just shut it! If she had plastic surgery it would probably be in a magazine. I don’t really care what you say I still love her and she’s a great role model. I haven’t seen anyone as pretty as her and that’s no lie. But if you just ignore all those haters they will leave us alone so THERE!!!! XD All us “real fans” will probably be fans til we are in wheelchairs XD

  • Parkranger

    Whoever all you people are, this girl is fantastically gorgeous and too young to be fake, so for you guys saying different, you’re insane, and to those who agree, you are awesome :) Sofia if you ever read this, ignore the fools and keep being amazing!

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