Lucas Grabeel & Drew Seeley Are Singing Vampires

Lucas Grabeel & Drew Seeley Are Singing Vampires

Check out the full-length trailer of Lucas Grabeel‘s newest project, I Kissed A Vampire!

In the musical web series, Dylan (Grabeel) is terrified when a nasty bat bite transforms him into one of the living dead. His world is turned upside down, and he has to figure out how to balance his budding romance with Sara (newcomer Adrian Slade), the girl next door, and the bloodthirsty desires his magnetic vampire mentor Trey (Drew Seeley) is constantly urging him to give in to.

Lucas, Drew and Adrian will all be at the Apple Store in Soho, NYC on Tuesday, October 13th to premiere the series on iTunes and chat about what it took to make the rock musical.

Be sure to check out I Kissed A Vampire on Facebook and YouTube!

15+ stills inside…

“I Kissed A Vampire” Official Trailer

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lucas grabeel singing vampire 01
lucas grabeel singing vampire 02
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lucas grabeel singing vampire 04
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  • nina caplan

    haha, i want to see this =)

  • amanda

    this can’t be for real….

  • isla

    this looks hysterically funny. of course vampires would sing and dance about their problems. of course they would! i can’t wait.

  • mileyfan

    cant wait !

  • kim

    only lucas and drew would do something so… nerd-y lol
    love it

  • Gabriela Aroca

    OMGOOOD ! Drew Seeley is a vampire ? WOOOW ! =P
    I can’t wait !

    Dreeew ♥ Luuucas ♥

  • listen to mayday parade

    omg this looks rediculous. i wish they had found a better leading lady…

  • katie

    Not, it’s not for real, and it’s meant to look ridiculous, people! It’s a musical! To quote Drew: ‘just FYI, I Kissed A Vampire is SUPPOSED to be campy and fun. I mean, it’s a MUSICAL! Please don’t think we’re trying to bite Twilight, etc.’

    I love them both, they’re extremely talented young men :)

  • ikav_love

    @listen to mayday parade:
    the girl looks great shes so pretty! i love her voice im def buying her song. mayday parade person, how about u see it before judging… i mean really.

  • Bradorama

    I Kissed a Vampire rocks!

  • pink sugar

    This too silly and funny.

    Really, how can you take it seriously.

  • bekkah

    Its horrible!!! sorry but this looks really bad…. going alittle ok ALOT overboard with the vampire stuff….don’t get me wrong i love twilight and vampire diaries……but this is really really stupid.

  • jessica

    they killed the concept of vampires, likeohmuhgoshh.

  • 2bedatcool

    this gonna be sick i can tell

  • stephanie rose

    its like glee and twilight put together! hhahaha!

  • charlene

    awsomme what time will they be at the apple store?

  • omg!!!!

    is this a joke ? realy

  • Karla

    Awesome ! and please to those who say they ruined the concept and then mention Twilight in the same sentence ..
    Are YOU for reals ?? I mean in the cheese department NOTHING beats sparkling vampires.

    This looks like fun. And at least these two dudes can act unlike some other people i could mention

  • deveny

    But I still wanna watch it. XD

  • Lily

    Can’t wait !

  • soda

    lol wtf? this is so funny. sorry, but it is just lame. and who is that girl? she is horrible! cant sing or act and isnt pretty. lol lol lol is all i can say

  • katie

    @Karla: THANK YOU!

    Twilight didn’t exactly keep with the real concept of vampires now, did it?! SPARKLES!

  • hey

    hey! what’s wrong with it?
    it looks great!

>>>>>>> staging1