Selena Gomez & The Scene: Kiss & Tell Out TODAY!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: Kiss & Tell Out TODAY!


Selena Gomez & The Scene’s debut record, Kiss & Tell is out TODAY!

The 17-year-old tweeted late last night, thanking the East side of the country for their support: “Thank you East coast and Central time for support me and The Scene’s new album. You are all the greatest!!!!!!”

Sel‘s costar David Henrie is excited to grab his copy as well. He tweeted, “album is 7 on itunes top 10…. that’s right behind, oh, JAY-Z!”

Congrats, Selena & The Scene!

Also check out, episode 3 of Sel’s “Under Pressure” web series below!

Selena Gomez – “Under Pressure,” Episode 3
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  • Viviane sEna

    OMG she is sooo wonderful on this CD !!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked ! Follow me everyone HAHAHA @ViviSenna !! Thanks for make ours lifes soooooooo much better SELENAAAA !! ur r the BEST!!!

  • nwl


  • hol

    i dont know when it comes out in the uk, first? i dont know i dnt care I LOVE SELENA AND THE SCENE

  • yessy

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! selena rocks!

  • Angela

    BUY BUY BUY !! really worth your money :)

  • Selly

    I have my one already!!!Very Good, Love SELENA

  • http://justjared jo

    not many good songs on there, but shes amazing and has a unique voice :) hope you does well :B.

  • amanda

    omg omg omg can’t wait to have the cd in my hands! :) selena i love you!!!

  • ale

    I already got my copy. Love it, she has a very unique soft voice. She’s going to do great in music.

  • keN

    . . . the harder you work at sounding natural,
    the more natural you’ll end up sounding.
    Stay passionate and the ‘nature’ will come

  • mandy09

    yayyy finally is 29, her album gonna rocks….. sel is the best…. love you so much,…

  • amy

    going to get the CD tonight – can’t wait.

  • Sherika

    lol she sucks

  • kstewfan

    I’m sorry for her,she trying though.I just don’t understand how good is on the record and live is not…they computerized her voice which is not good…

  • xoxo

    Just Jared, you’re silly…
    Today is clearly all about Paramore and “3″. ;)

    1,2,3 Peter, Paul, and Mary….

    But I hope Selena’s album does well. Sadly, I don’t think it will do that amazing, considering the AMAZING music coming out today.

  • florence

    her voice is fake .. she’s not good in music but good in acting so.. i wont buy her cd

  • Lucy

    seriously? 7 on itunes? she’s not even that good!! it’s cool she’s trying, but… OMG, WHAT HAS HAPPENED 2 THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. sorry if i offended selena fans, it’s my opinion!! xxx

  • Savannah Walker

    It’s not playing past the 10 second mark. It’s just stopping. Why is it doing that???

  • jo

    Her songs are ok, a couple are good and her voice is pretty ordinary. As an actress,I like her though.

  • in love with selena gomez

    Dang, she has a good voice. She is way better than Miley and Demi. This CD is freaking fantastic!

  • vanessa

    i love selena!!!!! i haven’t bought her cd yet ,though im sure its gonna rock! i love u selena!

  • vanessa

    i love selena!!!! i haven’t bought her cd yet, though im sure its gonna rock! i love u selena!


    her music is horrible
    NO WAY will i ever buy one of her CD’s
    Demi Lovato’s CD is worth it! every single song on Here We Go Again is AMAZING! Demi has true talent, unlike selena

  • lauren

    @in love with selena gomez: omg. i cant believe what you say.. seriously do you think that selena’s voice is better than de miley and demi’s ?.. youre so worng but whatever .. paramore is going to kick her ass.

  • lauren


  • Myla


    Well, I think she’s better than Miley and Demi.
    I buy her album and I love it.

  • lauren

    @Myla: sorry but i don’t think that selena is better.. she is so computarized and demi’s voice is powerful and awesome with all the sense of the word and miley write beautiful songs and sing it with all her heart.. and selena um her voice is overedited, i mean she’s beautiful and very good actress but her singing really sucks, demi and miley are the most talented girls on disney.. you know everybody has their opinion but i just don’t know how people can love selena’s voice.. i just like it on the send it on one.. but naturally or falling down her voice really REALLY sucks.

  • gold baybay

    Wasting my money on that shiz? Yeah, how about no? I used my weekly allowance to buy a Michael Jackson ticket, more worthwhile in my opinion. But I honestly wish her the best, if I had a sister/cousin under 12′s birthday soon, I’d buy him/her that cd. Well not the guys…

  • florence

    OMG can she be more ordinary?? why cant she sing opera or somethin’ maaan her voice is snothin but ordinary its fake and boring plz selena just stop tryin so hard to be likeable or another way of makin money.. the best actress of our times is EMMA WATSON she isn’t fake and pathetic like usa teen actresses she is A ROLE MODEL .. sorry selena fans but its the truth someday you’ll understand and stop saying nonsensical things

  • florence

    she sings with her beauty not her soul like demi or miley.. i dont like her

  • zena

    Although I’m not a fan of this album (listened to it on her website), I still give Selena props for trying. However, any implication or statement that Selena’s is a better VOCALIST than either Demi or Miley is outrageous. Those two girls depend on their natural, un-edited voices to make their records and credit should be given to them for owning to their talent, and not taking the computerized option.

    If Selena’s songs sound better, it’s only due to the excellent production quality of this album.

  • ashley

    Love her! <3

  • amy

    I don’t know why this has to be a comparison game. I think Selena’s CD is good! # 29 – since when is it a crime to want to be liked or to work hard for more money? I give Selena credit – she was not born into a show biz family & all she has achieved has been from hard work. She takes her work seriously. Maybe that is why she is winning so many awards lately – hard work & a humble attitude.

  • Gossip Girl

    Selena, NEVER again attempt to do this again. You’ll be SAVING MILLIONS of EARS.

  • kevin


  • lauren

    @kevin: that’s all! paramore rocks !

  • iluvrobpattz


    YEAH! GO PARAMORE@lauren:

    SAME 4 US but there # 2 + 3

  • Adam

    God the haters are really pathetic. >:(

    Selena did a pretty good job for her first album. Demi sings better than her but you cannot deny that Selena has a pretty good voice. Plus, she’s worked really hard on that album. Stop overexaggerating that it’s really bad because it’s not. If you don’t have anything nice just STFU and GTFO. No one needs your negativity.

  • iluvrobpattz

    @lauren: @kevin: YEAH!!!!! GO PARAMORE! =]

  • iluvrobpattz

    well all im saying is that paramore kicked her ass……


  • Adam

    Selena’s DWTS performance:

  • janelle

    that’s exactly how my choir teacher is to us

  • Annie


  • Cassandra

    @lauren: U should really respect other people’s opinons.I prefer listening to her . I’m not a big fan of Demi’s music

  • Alex

    I ordered it, but sadly it has not shipped yet. :( I might not get it until next week.

  • Lucy

    what’s with her voice? she’s forces it soooooo much!!

  • Lucy

    what’s with her voice? she’s forces it soooooo much!!

  • Awinter4

    I bought at wal mart the 1st day it came out At around 8pm We love you SELENA @(^_^)@


    Let me tell you the CD its great, AWESOME, I am truly surprised LOVE IT AND YES I HAVE THE CD PLAYING OVER AND OVER LOL~~~~~SEL ROCKs HONESTLY great

  • http://WWW.TWITTER.COM/LAURENXOXO12 selenaFAN456

    OMG BOUGHT MY COPY LOVE AS A BLONDE SEL U ROCK dont listen to lauren ohhh BTW my names lauren!!!u rock!

>>>>>>> staging1